Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I wrote a bloooooggg :P

Looks like I'll be getting some sleep after posting this :D My new site is up and running and starting one day this week, I'll be posting blogs over there as well as here. Not the same blog, mind you, although they'll most likely be related somehow. My mind wanders where it will and that's what I'll write about. The blogs I try to force are the ones that come out as the most unintersting.

I have so much writing on the horizon that I'm doubly glad I got over the stress blockers! I have so much to do!

Which reminds me, I have a serial to polish and send off! Now I have to remember what my CP tweeted me about it...only something minor so no biggie. he he.

My brain should feel fried. You know how hard I worked on editing today? hard! but it was worth it! IN the course of my writing career, I've gone from too much back story to not enough details except when I like to throw the double adjectives in :D Mostly, it can work in the thriller genre, but I also write fantasy. It will NOT work there. I'll have to work on it.

I'm thinking that before I had to put my life on pause during my daughter's recent illness, I'd thought of having a special day of the week dedicated to writing mechanics. Is there enough to fill a day aweek? possible. I shall try :D

For now, I'm going to go get that sleep I'm craving! You think about back story and exposition because I do believer that's what we're going to tackle first in a very open forum! I'll also have the grand opening of my website very soon!! Stay tuned for details!b

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