Saturday, July 13, 2013

SJ Thomas Naughty Nursery Rhyme

Hi all!

I have the lovely SJ Thomas's Naughty Nursery Rhyme today :)

As you know if you follow my blog, I have one as well. *dances* SJ's is Haye Deborah Diddle and the cover is fantastic. It may be my favorite cover in the Naughty Nursery Rhyme line!!

Want to see it? Of course you do. Pics are fun, and covers are the bomb.

When Deborah Diddle leaves her quiet village to escape a forced marriage, she soon comes across Haye, the most seductive and mysterious male she has ever seen.

Haye offers to teach her about the desire she craves, but he is not of the mortal world, and to know his touch Deborah must face the challenges of his forest; a world of bizarre and fantastic creatures, seductive temptations, and dangerous enemies.

Will Deborah succeed and win Haye? Or will she succumb and lose both herself and the male who stirs her body and soul...

That sounds exciting! A definite keeper in the Naughty Nursery Rhymes!!!

This is release weekend, so be sure to say hi, and go get it! If you go here you can see the whole line of them. We're up to eleven now with this wonderful addition.

If you love a little spice in your life, and you like things tantalizing, you'll want to own all of them! If you're looking for a little taste, Haye Deborah Diddle is a good place to start.

Buy info for her book specifically is here.

If you've been lucky enough to have picked up and read it already, I'd love to hear what you think in the comments. :)

Thanks SJ for a great addition to our fun line.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Dianne Hartsock and Breathless Press Round Robin

So hey! Thanks Leona for hosting me on your lovely blog again. Welcome everyone to my last stop in this fun filled Breathless Press Round Robin! The hop continues without me for another week, but I'm stepping off the merry-go-round. Hope you're enjoying the ride as much as I am.

I've learned a little bit more about the fabulous authors at Breathless Press and got to read some super-hot excerpts of their books.  If you've missed any days, use the hashtag #BProundrobin on Twitter to find some of them listed. The rest you can find on Breathless Press' Facebook page:!/groups/415561531812860/

I write sweet, hot m/m erotic romances for the simple fact that I find men delicious, and how else can I make love with several of these gorgeous creatures without getting into trouble?  *glances over shoulder* I tell my husband that he doesn't need to be jealous of the men in my books. After all, they're gay and would have no interest in a girl like me.

What I don't tell him is that in my somewhat naughty imagination, every day rules don't always apply. *wink, wink*

I've also gotten a little braver this year and have a story with Breathless Press coming out later this summer where I've taken the plunge into the volatile erotic world of m/m/m.  Yes, I went there! I'll give out more details when I have a release date and cover art.

In the meantime, I'd like to leave you with a snippet from my Free Read, DAMON'S TOUCH. If you'd like, pick up a copy for yourself. Thanks so much for stopping in!


Damon's Touch

Damon's hunger gnaws at him. He needs to feed soon before desire overrides caution and he enters the village.

For Lacey, the sight of Damon drinking from his brother's throat should repulse him. Instead, he's oddly aroused. Damon is all his fantasies come true. Lovely and dangerous.

As Damon's prisoner, Lacey's love for his beautiful captor grows, but will love be enough to set them both free?


“God can’t find you here.”

Lacey stumbled back as a figure detached from the door where he’d leaned unnoticed. Lacey’s blood raced as his body responded to the unique beauty of the face and form of the man.

Heat flushed his skin as his sudden erection pushed against the thin material of the sleeping garment he wore, blatant, aching to be touched.

The lovely vision stopped before him and eyes dark as coals looked him over. The tip of a pink tongue licked full lips as the man’s gaze lingered on the unmistakable bulge at his groin and then slid upwards. Lacey forced his body to stillness as the man’s slim fingers undid the laces of his tunic and exposed his chest.

“That’s better.”

Lacey swooned as the melodic tones of the man’s voice wound through his head. “Who are you?” he asked, desperate for some hold on reality. His mind screamed in warning, but his body reacted as if they’d been long time lovers. He ached for the stranger’s touch. He wanted those luscious lips on his body. Oh God.

His gaze lowered to the floor and he saw the shackles tying him to Caleb’s bed. “Are we prisoners?’

A finger under his chin brought his head up and he met the hot desire in the man’s dark eyes. “Only until I’m sure of you, my love,” the man murmured and touched their lips together. “I’m Damon.”

Shock ran through Lacey, swift hunger. Damon slid his hands inside his tunic and Lacey moaned as his nipples were fondled, pinched. He hadn’t known the pricks of pleasure that could give him. Fear slammed into him when Damon’s hands slid over his ass and under the garment, to come around and caress his balls.

He pulled away and Damon lifted his hands. “You don’t desire my touch, Lacey?”

Lacey’s thoughts were a sea of confusion and lust. He should be repelled and outraged by the man. Instead he stood captivated and wanting. Shame burned him and he had no answer.

With a hiss and sudden movement, Damon climbed on the bed and straddled Caleb’s prone body. Lacey watched with jealous eyes as Damon caressed Caleb’s breast and threaded his fingers in the golden hair spread on the pillows. He kissed each closed lid and touched their lips together. Passionate kisses trailed across his cheek then Damon buried his face against Caleb’s neck. Realization broke Lacey from his spell. “No! Oh, please…”

Helpless tears stung his eyes and he held out pleading hands as Damon continued to suck at his brother’s throat. “Please, Damon. I’ll do anything…”

Damon lifted his head and Lacey’s drew a harsh breath. The man’s eyes gleamed, wide and wanton. Blood stained his lips. He was the most beautiful creature Lacey had ever seen. Uttering a low growl, Damon crawled across Caleb’s still form and took Lacey’s mouth in a brutal kiss. Without pause, he climbed from the bed and pushed Lacey down on the soft furs and twined their bodies. He kissed and touched and sucked Lacey everywhere until he became tangled in the passionate dance.