Saturday, December 22, 2012

Naughty Blog Hop

Well, I'm supposed to write about something Naughty... *big grin* oh but there's so much to write and so little time to write it lol

Ever done something a "little" naughty? Made out in a car at a rest stop, tell your kids you're going to the store, but you're really going to the coffee shop (well it's technically true ;P), or maybe it was skip a college class to go watch Phantom of the Opera in the theatres. *Hey, it was drama class I skipped, so it's not really that bad.*

In a romance book, it's always the good who win. But isn't it the good person who can actually be a little naughty--in bed or out--who actually thrills as? Something I noticed, especially in HEA romance, is we sometimes expect our heroes and heroines to be TOO perfect, allowing little to no human foibles. One fun thing of writing erotica, we're able to push the boundaries of what's naughty, and make them loveable for them being a little or a lot naughty.

Also, a strong woman, in her life and in her sensuality, has become more "common" and in my mind, makes them much more interesting to read about. Isn't it more satisfying to go through hell with a character and be with them as they marched out, head held high, the devil at their feet, the man at their side? No matter what it took, they did what had to be done. But they need a little weakness, and there's the hard part. You can't have them breaking down at important times. And for me, internal weakness that a character hides, or is able to get past to accomplish what needs to be done, is more heartbreaking than one who can't do what needs to be done because they allow it to overcome them. I have a harder time having sympathy for them.

Any Doctor Who fans out there? Ever seen the two part Santaran Episodes with Donna as the main companion and a reprisal of Martha? Donna doing what needed to be done, despite her lack of faith in herself, was a real moment of truth and strength. She overcame her weakness.

Has there ever been something exciting you wanted to do, but were too much of a coward? Did you overcome it then? Next time? Ever? I've missed out on a couple good things cuz I didn't go with my instincts. I learned my lesson-mostly-lol. Sometimes I still overthink instead of going with my instinct.

And this post is rambling into the three thousand posts I made in my mind but was  unable to finish and do what I wanted done. Sigh.

The big question is, what kind of naughty have you been? The good or the bad? :D and, feel free to share all and any deets you want. lol The one who shares the best naughty story will win a copy of The Captain's Christmas :) If we get enough lovely stories, I may have to give away Ravaged where I introduce the werebears in a teaser meant to make you want more.

And yes, I'm writing the full lenght story to go with the teaser. LOL it's just not next... ;-)

Also, Don't forget Breathless Press is having a wonderful blog hop with a great grand prize :) Don't forget to see all the hoppers and share a little holiday cheer!


  1. i am one of those really nice with REALLY naughty thoughts! :)))

  2. Leona,

    I agree with you--there is nothing like a strong heroine who is able to overcome the weaknesses that hold her back from what she wants in life. Strong women=the bomb!

    As for a naughty story about myself...I usually don't do naughty things...*wink wink* lol, but here is something that I feel I can divulge... My friends and I used frequent a gay bar where they have men known as *dick dancers*. All of these men are gloriously perfect and in immaculate shape. And I would be lying if I didn't admit to kissing (and yes I promise only kissing)...a few of them, haha. I can't help that I have a weakness for sexy men in tiny little underwear. ;-)*blushes with embarrassment* Have I said too much? ;-)


  3. I've been the good naughty (I hope) lol
    The story I have I won't go into too many details let's just say it was me, a guy, and a loading dock lol Odd but naughty at the same time ;)
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  4. The word naughty has so many definition for the mot part I'm a good girl however i think we all have a naughty bone in us all. Makes me think of the time i was a job corps in San Fransico, Ca while i was a attending advanced culinary arts. All of us had our secret spots to have some funny with our boyfriends or friends with benefits. the gazebo, stairs, under pinic tables, behind tennis courts, a hidden path, cement stone creatures, the beach and finally in play ground equipment the top base of the slide . I almost forget getting fingered on a train good thing i was wearing my overalls that were big on me. I think all of us have been naughty at one time or another. I did all these things when i dated my ex husband and it was fun


  5. I have always wanted to get 'naughty' in an elevator. my naughty was i dated brothers once (until they found out...)

  6. When I was in high school I skipped my last hour class a lot, couldn't stand the teacher. That may be why I know so little Spanish. The naughtiness comes in when I dated her son and loved to watch her grind her teeth when we would come to her house "evil laugh".

  7. ha! Love your post. I had a Phantom Naughty too! And it was in my post! That sultry voiced, masked wonder...he makes good girls go bad.

  8. Hum, naughty story... The naughtiest thing I remember doing was sneaking into the bars with my friends when we were 16'ish. Yeah, that was a LONG time ago when 18 was legal drinking age! LOL!

  9. Oh I have been super naughty! All Santa has to do is check my kindle!


  10. My hubby would say, naughty is my middle name, and that's one of the reasons he loves me ;-)

  11. Fun post, Leona! Have a very merry Christmas!

  12. Lilly Marie/Samantha I think has to be our winner for the Naughtiest! She win's the Captain's Christmas. Let me know your preferred format. I think it's been a swell turn out--and it's Christmas!! So, with a random number generator (as always, a member of my family :) Commenter Ivy Bateman wins her choice of Ravaged, The Captain's Christmas, or Rick Sexed Up the Doc! Thank you all for playing What's My Naughty :D