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Whew! quite the Christmas weekend! For winners, see my last comment on the Naughty Blog Hop post :D Now, we're going to change up the pace a little and meet an author. Her name is Téa cooper. She did a wonderful interview of me earlier and is a very gracious and wonderful new peeps I'm fortunate to have met through our work as a Breathless Press author.

Now, it was her birthday yesterday. So here's the deal. IF, my wonderful blog readers give her plenty of lovin', ie birthday wishes, comments on excerpt/blurb/cover, etc, then I'll allow her to give away one of her coveted author copies of her ebook Tree Change at 10 different commenters. If we hit fifteen+ then my gift to her will be to sweeten the pot and give away a copy of one of my last two releases as a bonus. So, who wants an early boxing day gift? Or could you use a free book?

Now, draw up a chair, grab your favorite holiday drink and relax as we get to know Téa Cooper.

Quick sketch of her: 

Téa Cooper is an Australian contemporary and historical romance author.

Originally from England Téa came to Australia via India and a few other places in between. She has lived in Sydney, on the NSW Central Coast and now lives in the time-warp village of Wollombi near Cessnock.

To find out more about Téa, or to check out what projects she's working on right now, you can visit her website http://www.teacooperauthor.com
A little more, if you please:


Lurking in the back of Téa’s brain somewhere was the knowledge that one day she would write a novel. It probably started with a rather risqué story in the back of an exercise book at boarding school featuring the long suffering school gardener - not really the stuff romantic heroes were made of but it was before she knew any better.

Life and few heroes of her own showed her the error of her ways and with a baby under one arm, a husband and a half built house she entered a Mills and Boon competition. To her absolute earth shattering amazement she won second place – the prize was a bottle of perfume! Next time she determined she would do better.

But it was still the stuff of fantasy and her family, a herd of alpacas, a protea farm and teaching intervened until one day she decided it was time to do or die. No more procrastination. The characters and plots that had lived in her head for so long were clamoring to escape.

In August 2011 she got serious and joined Romance Writers Australia, entered the Harlequin Mills & Boon New Voices competition and to her horror discovered she hadn’t been – discovered that is. Not even a bottle of perfume this time. But in reality she had won. Procrastination was conquered and determination set in. It was time to get serious.

Tree Change is her first contemporary romance novel and is available now. Her second, a historical novel Lily’s Leap - set in Wollombi, the time-warp village she now calls home – was accepted by Lyrical Press and will be published in mid 2013. She has recently completed her second Australian historical novel Matilda’s Madness - inspired by some of the fascinating characters haunting the local museum.

Want to stalk become a new fan of hers? Then go find her ;-) *note, clicking on the name of the social platform will give you the correct internet addy*

When Téa is not haunting the Wollombi museum she can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads or you can email her at teacooperauthor@gmail.com. 

Now, *rubs hands together in glee* we have the juicy details of her new release Tree Change!

ABOUT TREE CHANGE… Set on the NSW Central Coast and in Sydney Téa Cooper’s debut romantic novel is now available as an e-book from Amazon,Kobo,All Romance, Bol.comand Bookstrand
Contemporary Australian Romance
Release date: 30 November 2012
Publisher: Breathless Press
Word count: 40,000

Forced to choose between the world she wants and the man she loves Cassia opts for fame and fortune. But it’s not enough - one taste and she’s hooked again…


Despite her success in the Sydney art world Cassia yearns for the idyllic life she once lead with Jake in their shack over looking the Pacific Ocean. Seeking closure she falls, like a recovering addict, straight back into his arms, and out again equally quickly.  Not only has he his taken up with his brother's wife but it seems they have a child. 

Truth is Jake is living a lie, sworn to secrecy and hamstrung by a promise. Cassia’s fey, artistic character and magical body possess his imagination and his heart. Can he convince her to trust him long enough to save the crumbling remains of their relationship?


She dismissed his words with a wave of her hand, but her eyes betrayed her. He knew her too well. The burn of hurt behind their velvety depths had nothing to do with the here and now, but everything to do with the past. His fault? Lyle's fault? No one's fault? Just circumstance.

                "I need answers, and I need them now. I can't go on like this. Either we are together or we are not. You have to make a choice: Madeleine or me. I can't be a convenience you can pick up and put down as the mood takes you."

               "My feelings for you, Cass, are a million things but convenience isn't one of them." He shook his head in sorrowful disbelief. How could she not recognize the bond they had?

               "Madeleine?" Her raised eyebrows challenged him.

               "Right now I can't explain what happened with Madeleine, but her safety is paramount."

                Her body shuddered as if she was trying to lift a great weight. What was he doing to her? Madeleine, Madeleine, always Madeleine. "I can't do this again, Jake. I need to go home." Jake slipped her cardigan over her frail shoulders and then stepped back to allow her to lead the way past the bar and up the narrow stairs to street level.

               He unlocked the car door and held it open. Her skirt caught on the ribbons of her espadrille. As he leaned down to untangle them, she flinched. Closing her door with exaggerated care he walked around to the driver's door and let himself in. He clicked his seat belt into its clasp before he twisted the key in the ignition. The engine sprang to life, and he pulled out into the darkened street.

              "You have to trust me, Cass. I know it is difficult, but you just have to trust me and wait. Everything will be sorted out soon."

               Her sigh filled the car. "Jake, I can't. How can I? I've tried and look where we've ended up. Me in Sydney, and you living with your brother's girlfriend."

               "Wife," he corrected, regretting the word the moment it left his lips.



"....wonderful novel for beach or fireside...."5 stars Manic Readers http://www.manicreaders.com/index.cfm?disp=reviews&bookid=31636

“A fabulous tale of love lost and found with a decent dash of mystery to keep the heart pounding.”

“…one thing I really liked about 'Tree Change' is the message about the sacrifices we make in life, that seem large at the time but are ultimately small in the wider scheme of things.” 5 stars

“…Fabulous Australian settings, great beach scenery, excellent background knowledge of the art scene and believable characters who came alive on the page for me.” 5 stars http://www.amazon.com/Tree-Change-ebook/product-reviews/B00AFX2UIM/ref=cm_cr_dp_see_all_btm?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=1&sortBy=bySubmissionDateDescending

“…Imagine the movie version with the panorama of Sydney Harbour and its surrounds and a clean, uncluttered beach and that’s not to mention the wonderful sculptures.” 5 stars

Lovely reviews for a hot new girl on the scene! Happy Birthday Téa!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Naughty Blog Hop

Well, I'm supposed to write about something Naughty... *big grin* oh but there's so much to write and so little time to write it lol

Ever done something a "little" naughty? Made out in a car at a rest stop, tell your kids you're going to the store, but you're really going to the coffee shop (well it's technically true ;P), or maybe it was skip a college class to go watch Phantom of the Opera in the theatres. *Hey, it was drama class I skipped, so it's not really that bad.*

In a romance book, it's always the good who win. But isn't it the good person who can actually be a little naughty--in bed or out--who actually thrills as? Something I noticed, especially in HEA romance, is we sometimes expect our heroes and heroines to be TOO perfect, allowing little to no human foibles. One fun thing of writing erotica, we're able to push the boundaries of what's naughty, and make them loveable for them being a little or a lot naughty.

Also, a strong woman, in her life and in her sensuality, has become more "common" and in my mind, makes them much more interesting to read about. Isn't it more satisfying to go through hell with a character and be with them as they marched out, head held high, the devil at their feet, the man at their side? No matter what it took, they did what had to be done. But they need a little weakness, and there's the hard part. You can't have them breaking down at important times. And for me, internal weakness that a character hides, or is able to get past to accomplish what needs to be done, is more heartbreaking than one who can't do what needs to be done because they allow it to overcome them. I have a harder time having sympathy for them.

Any Doctor Who fans out there? Ever seen the two part Santaran Episodes with Donna as the main companion and a reprisal of Martha? Donna doing what needed to be done, despite her lack of faith in herself, was a real moment of truth and strength. She overcame her weakness.

Has there ever been something exciting you wanted to do, but were too much of a coward? Did you overcome it then? Next time? Ever? I've missed out on a couple good things cuz I didn't go with my instincts. I learned my lesson-mostly-lol. Sometimes I still overthink instead of going with my instinct.

And this post is rambling into the three thousand posts I made in my mind but was  unable to finish and do what I wanted done. Sigh.

The big question is, what kind of naughty have you been? The good or the bad? :D and, feel free to share all and any deets you want. lol The one who shares the best naughty story will win a copy of The Captain's Christmas :) If we get enough lovely stories, I may have to give away Ravaged where I introduce the werebears in a teaser meant to make you want more.

And yes, I'm writing the full lenght story to go with the teaser. LOL it's just not next... ;-)

Also, Don't forget Breathless Press is having a wonderful blog hop with a great grand prize :) Don't forget to see all the hoppers and share a little holiday cheer!

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Guest post, Raven MCALLAN

I have a great guest post :) It's a little different than the other Christmas promos, but a lot of fun! Please welcome the savvy and very prolific Scottish author, Raven McAllan, one of my fav new peeps I've met this year since becoming a published author at one of the houses she publishes through.
Oh what a lovely year.


Or—ohhhh…ooohhh…hoooo, Merry Christmas


And a very happy all year!


Because boy has it been a very happy year for me. I started the year with one book under my belt and will end it with…*drum roll*…*ducks rotten veg and ignores catcalls of greedy. I agree sorry but hey ho*… 17 stand alones, 7 anthos, 3 print, 3 free reads, and numerous flashes. (and 6 YA and a print under a different hat.)


Now before you all leave the blog, let me say how bloody lucky I feel. I never ever thought I'd get one book published let alone all these. They aren't all full length; in fact a lot are between 15-30k. A nice quick fill an hour read, something I enjoy.


It's not been easy, and there has been times I've wondered why the hell I was putting myself through it. But do you know? There is no way I couldn't. I have to write, and once I get to know my characters, that's it. I have to tell their story. Often I have no idea what it is until I start, and even then it can be nothing like I envisaged. The joys of being a pantster.


Take Stephen in The Perfect Gift. Did I know he was what he was? Did I heck. I thought his and Judith's story was a sweet romance. Ha, ha, ha. Once I began I realized it was no such thing, but oh boy I enjoyed writing it. It seems my Ladies of London (La Bella Isabella. The Best Man's Bridesmaid, and The Perfect Gift) are not so sweet and innocent as they seem.


Holly in Deck Mac Hall, is unsure of what she wants, or will accept but she knows the only person who can help her decide is Mac. If only he'd stop procrastinating (sounds like me on an oh-I'm-stuck day) and get on with it.


And once Christmas is over, I've a story in a very special book. Wine & Nine which is published on 28th December. This book was conceived (sounds rude, I assure you it isn't—well not too rude anyway) around my kitchen table, way back in April when my lovely crit group met up. Over a very boozy few hours we decided to write an anthology, set in a pub in rural Scotland. Eight women on Magic Mac and his Mystery Tour's coach.  Because we all lead such busy lives, It's taken until now to sort it all out, but look for it on Amazon then. The cover is by a new very talented cover artist called Nicole Calder. I foresee we'll hear a lot more about her in the future. (www.nicolecalder.com )


Looking at my books and their blurbs, I seem to like feisty take no prisoner heroines. And hot, hot, hot, dominant men. I wonder if it has something to do with where I live? The land of brave warriors and not at all helpless lassies.


I live on the edge of a Scottish forest, in an area full of fairy stories and romantic novels. There's ony DH and me left at home, the children are off forging their own lives. Well we do have two cats, whose ambition in life is to kill the lap top and regain my lap.


I love all things Christmas. In fact I was considered a bit of an oddity… no agreeing thank you, in that I always asked for the tree to be put up before my December birthday. Then it was a tree for me as well as Christmas. I never minded waiting for a 'big' joint present on Christmas Day. We weren't well off and it was a way for me to get a bike, record player (yeah, that's how old I am) or watch.


Nowadays I'm lucky, I get two special days within a few weeks. And yes, I'm very thankful for all I get. I love presents but its not the cost, it's the fact they are made and or given with love.


However, the most important part of Christmas, is family. Sadly we can't always all be together, but I cherish any moments I have… (okay enough of the maudlin, or I'll be crying in the gin, and I was told that can't be the best part of Christmas…the gin not the crying.)


We have our traditions, and even the year all the kids were in various places around the world DH and I kept to them.


Dressing the tree with carols playing and a glass of Fizz in my hand…well nearby anyway. I do a wee bit of decorating each day for a week, until every room is decked in some Christmas finery. Yeah okay, overload, but hey it's Christmas.


Then on the day…

Fire lit, fairy lights on, Christmas music playing as we open our presents, turn and turn about. Then Bucks Fizz and smoked salmon for brunch. Dinner when I've cooked it. A chill-out count my blessings day.


(Okay I'll tell you a secret, I usually disappear for a few minutes and have a wee cry for my mum and dad who are no longer with us, and any friends and family I miss as well. It's my way of remembering them. Darn it I'm welling up as I type this …sorry)


And then it's boxing day, leftovers and hopefully a walk in the forest to make room for more…


Wherever you are who ever you're with or miss, peace and love to you all.

And I always remember the late, great comedian Dave Allen, who signed off with…


"May your gods go with you." Very Apt


Love R x


Oops Leona asked for a list of books out this month… feel free to talk amongst yourselves


I've started this list on 29th November, because my free Christmas read from Evernight Publishing came out then… and there are so many due to all the delays and pitfalls the best planned publication dates can fall foul of…


Where There's A Will 29th November (free read, Evernight Publishing


The Best Man's Bridesmaid 30th November (Breathless Press)


Vanilla Free Christmas (anthology) 3rd December (Evernight Publishing)


The Perfect Gift 7th December (Breathless Press)


Deck Mac Hall 21st December (Breathless Press)


Teaching Teacher 28th December (Breathless Press)


Wine and Nine 28th December (The Nuthouse Scribblers, available on Amazon)


That's it folks…







Thanks Raven!

Lovely woman, even better writer. Here's her author page for Breathless Press :)






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Christmas guest, Aurelia B Rowl

I have my next Christmas guest, Aurelia B Rowl visiting with us today. I've even captured her so you can see her just there.

I asked her to tell me something she loves about Christmas and this is what she shared:
As a mother, Leona, you can probably guess what I'm about to say...yes...Christmas is all about the kids. My first Christmas as a mother will forever be burned in my memory, and, somehow. they keep getting better. My children are now 5 & 3 (in fact they're just weeks off being 6 & 4) and they now 'get' Christmas; they fervently believe in Father Christmas and the joy and excitement on their faces on Christmas morning cannot be matched. This year it looks like my Christmas wish has come true as well. A year ahead of schedule, my debut release is out... just in time for Christmas...and of course, it just HAD to be a Christmas story. The magic of Christmas is alive and well, and long may it continue!
As you can see, she's a woman after my own heart :) You can read her official bio, but don't forget to keep scrolling for a look at her beautiful cover and a teaser about her Christmas story, Christmas is Cancelled.
Aurelia B Rowl is a contemporary romance author but you can also find her masquerading as Allie A Burrow, her raunchier alter-ego.


She lives on the edge of the Peak District in the UK with her very understanding husband and their two fantastic children aged 5 and 3, along with their mad rescue mutt who doesn’t mind being used as a sounding post and source of inspiration. They are all used to her getting too caught up with her latest writing project... or five!... and she is guiltily counting down the months until she has both kids at school full-time.  


To find out more about Aurelia, or to check out what projects she's working on right now, you can visit her website www.aureliabrowl.com


You can also find her hanging out on:


Blog – blogspot.aureliabrowl.com

Facebook – www.facebook.com/aurelia.b.rowl

Twitter – @AureliaBRowl

Google+ – +AureliaBRowl

Pinterest – www.pinterest.com/aureliabrowl

Now, onto this very special Christmas book... (we had some real winners at Breathless Press!!! Different lengths, genres, etc. you can't go wrong picking up the slew of them :)
Christmas is Cancelled

First, I gotta show you the cover:


Matilda 'Tilly' Carter didn't think her day could get any worse, but even Christmas had just been cancelled.

The one girl Dean Watson has sworn never to have—never even expected to see again—just flared back into his life and into his home—his sanctuary—like she belonged there. Christmas would certainly be more bearable with Tilly around though…

As the chinks in Dean's armor appear, Tilly seizes the chance to win her knight once and for all. She's not about to take no for answer—not this time—but Dean must resist, even as his heart rebels and temptation threatens to undermine his resolve.

Win or lose? Love or honor? Which will Dean choose? Assuming he gets a choice…
Sounds like a great read :) Who wants an excerpt? *grins* I know, we all do and here it is:
Tears welled in her eyes, clouding her vision. She turned and wandered blindly toward the exit as the first tear escaped, forging a track down her cheek for the rest to follow. Tilly took in a lungful of air and then another. Having made a spectacle of herself once already, she really didn't want to be the cause of yet another scene.
The crowds swarmed around her, with students and family members heading home for the holidays only adding to the usual rush-hour melee of commuters. They jostled past, threatening to swallow her whole, as they rushed en mass in the opposite direction, using their briefcases and suitcases as a battering ram.
It was suffocating. She had to get out of there. Breaking into a run, broken heel or not, she raced through the doors and out into the biting December chill. Her waterlogged eyes struggled to adjust to the dark, dreary sky after the bright station lights, but she didn't dare slow down, desperate to escape the throng of festivities and merriment.
Carol singers assembled outside burst into a jovial rendition of "We Wish You a Merry Christmas," full of joy and happiness. Didn't they know Christmas had just been cancelled?
"Ooof!" Tilly smacked her shin against the edge of a low bench, too dark to see as she tried to dodge the growing audience. She ended up sprawled across the bench, dropping the handle of her suitcase with a loud clatter.
At least the pain shooting down her leg gave her an excuse to be crying. Unfortunately, it meant she had to stop running too. Not good. Whenever things got too tough, too intimate, or too confrontational, you could rely on her to make a run for it. Running away was what she did best...
A tall figure loomed in the edge of her vision, something vaguely familiar about the man's loping gait. In an effort to see him more clearly, she wiped her eyes with the back of her hands, then cringed inwardly at the black streaks now etched all over them. Great. She could add impersonating a panda to her day from hell as well then.
The mascara stung her eyes, rendering her unable to focus properly. She blinked furiously as the man strode past her, talking into a mobile phone in a deep voice that resonated throughout her body and made the fine hairs on the back of her neck stand on end. A surge of adrenaline rushed to her legs, numbing the pain as her subconscious told her to run. Now!
The cloaked figure stopped mid-stride as if he'd heard her gasp. "Mike, I've gotta go," he barked into the phone, hanging up instantly. He backtracked until he was standing right in front of her, his tone changing from a growl to one of surprise. "Basmati?"
Great. She hadn't heard the nickname for years—nine years, four months and...sixteen days, to be exact—and even then, only one person had ever actually used it. She screwed her eyes tightly shut, shaking her head from side to side. No. No way. There was absolutely no way this could be happening to her. Not now. Not today of all days... Talk about kicking a girl when she was down.
Buy links:
Breathless Press (Pre-order now, download from 21 December 2012)
Goodreads - http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/16284007-christmas-is-cancelled
Thank you Aurelia for being a guest on my blog and sharing your fabulous story with us!

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Dianne Hartsock and Shelton's Christmas

Hi there :) The first victim guest for my Christmas/Holiday madness is Dianne Hartsock. A lovely person in her own right, I think you'll fall in love with her character Shelton. Go here to see where the fun all starts. She's giving one (yes, you can choose-the first to get started or the next one in line)away to a lucky commenter who tells her their favorite holiday music : )

The cover is lovely, as always at Breathless Press, and well worth the lookie-lou here:

But, before you get to read the excerpt, I've asked Dianne to share something special, something of a favorite for the holidays, and this is what she shared with us.

Christmas Eve, My Favorite Part of Christmas

You know that song with the line 'the most wonderful time of the year'? Hands down, Christmas Eve is my very favorite day. At our house, December is the month of Birthdays and Christmas parties galore. Which are fun! Make no mistake. But Christmas Eve is the day to take a deep breath of crisp, pine scented air, enjoy the Christmas lights. Then breath out, relax, and live in the moment.

We always gather at my mother-in-law's house for dinner and presents and fun. The whole family is usually there! She makes clam chowder and these super yummy poppers for dinner. Oh, and homemade fudge and caramel corn for desert. Sigh…

This year will be extra-special for me. Both my children have moved away from home (boo) to go to college (yea!), but this Christmas Eve they'll both be at dinner, then spend the night at home and have Christmas morning with us. Presents from Santa and hot cinnamon rolls and all the rest.

So, I guess what this all comes down to is, having a day of delicious food and fun and time with family exchanging gifts of love is the best part of Christmas for me.

Merry Christmas!!

Thank you for sharing. What a lovely story. :D See? I told you she was great. And finally, I'll quite teasing you guys and let you get on with it. Here's the excerpt from her latest.
Merry Christmas, Shelton

m/m erotic holiday





Can Shelton and Nevil overcome the obstacles of a blizzard, a baby, and one hot redhead and find their way to a merry Christmas? 


Shelton and Nevil have rented a cozy cabin in the mountains in which to spend the Christmas holiday. Tree is lit. Presents sparkle. Shelton anticipates a very merry Christmas indeed. But then a blizzard springs up, landing a sexy redhead on their doorstep looking like trouble in a pretty package.


Tommy brings a message for Nevil, but when he first hits on Shelton in the shower, then offers to drive Nevil to his sister's side while she has her baby, Shelton begins to wonder just how this mixed up Christmas is going to end.




Shelton snuggled into the soft quilts, safe and warm while the wind howled against the thick walls of the cabin. A stray gust blew down the chimney, causing the flames to dance and crackle behind the screen. Firelight flickered on the ceiling and Shelton watched it mingle with the blue and green reflections from the Christmas tree in the corner.


The clock on the mantle chimed midnight and he smiled. Christmas Eve. Nevil snorted and moved restlessly and Shelton rolled to his side, spooning up against the sleek body that even after two and a half years together could still drive him crazy with need. His darling sighed and settled back into sleep, and Shelton nuzzled his neck, pleasantly sore and sated from their earlier lovemaking.


His face heated as he recalled the things his lover had done with him. Shelton pressed his forehead into his darling's shoulder blade, slightly embarrassed even though Nevil slept and didn't see him. They'd spent the day cross-country skiing, then returned to the cabin and warmed up in the shower. Afterward, they sipped a bottle of wine in front of the fireplace.


Nevil had stolen a candy cane from the tree. "Desert," he explained, settling into the quilts with an arm across Shelton's bare shoulders. Shelton watched the red and white stripes disappear between his lover's perfect lips and his dick thickened. Nevil caught his rapt gaze, leaned over, and gave him a peppermint kiss.


"Taste?" he asked and held the candy to Shelton's lips. Shelton caught the cane between his teeth and his darling gasped slightly as he sucked with purpose on the sweet end. "Oh, lord," Nevil said, sounding breathless, and pushed Shelton down and straddled him. His hard cock pushed against Shelton's stomach when he stretched across him and licked at the cane still caught in his lips.


Removing the candy, Nevil gave him a deep, lingering kiss, then pulled back, a gleam of mischief in his eyes. "I know somewhere else I'd like to stick this," he confessed and gave the candy a provocative lick.

Shelton blinked, though he shouldn't have been surprised by anything Nevil's wicked imagination suggested. "I'm not sure..."


His sweetheart chuckled, but his voice was a caress when he bent to Shelton's ear and whispered, "Let me pleasure you, love."


Dianne Hartsock



Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmas is coming and see what I have!

I love Christmas! Lots of traditions galore. I've had a rough few months with my health, so I've not been writing or posting like I'd want to be. I have been editing like a crazy woman though!! This is going to be the first of many Christmas book related blogs :) I'm starting with mine that's already available for preorder and available on sale! $2.24, The Captain's Christmas is an exciting sci-fi adventure.

And, if you buy direct from the publisher, they have special sales happening for a limited time :) The more you spend, the more you save! It's really an awesome deal.

And the captain is a really awesome character :) Come and meet her! (blurb and excerpt on pub site)

I'm giving away a copy to a lucky commenter! The more the merrier. Tell me, what's your favorite and least favorite part of the holidays?