Monday, July 25, 2016

Ballad of Grief

Thunder grumbles, lightening shrieks, rain surrounds me, the ocean laps at my feet.
Offering comfort, crying with me, darkness soothing as it hides the tears.
Pain, mine and more, tumbles through me, lancing my heart, causing retreat.
Energy pulses and streaks to the skies. Loneliness claws, grief slowly encroaches,
Threatening joy, tearing at walls. Each new learning, a wave crashing against the sand,
shrinking the peace, my heart, and reminding how I am so small.
But tall I will stand, bending, not breaking, until their grief is tamed, .
Until my sadness has passed into the bleak corridor of death, alive no more.
When the griefs borne before have settled, and solace is mine to behold.
Spilling of love with a whole soul, beholding of my blemished heart.
Friends and affection overcoming a lifetime of scorn and rejection.
Gentle return of love, of soft touches and whispered kisses.
But until then, I shall stand in the ocean's waves, loving her embrace.
Resting under Thor's force, apart but surrounded, the night holding sway.
My lips chilled, my cheeks heated with my tears, my eyes lost in the storm.
Crying hold me, feel me, see me, show me a way back to the warmth.