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The Sapphire Storm

Leona Bushman - Guest Post: Every author has their first book/story. What motivated you to create your first book?


Actually, my first book came out of nowhere. I was always motivated to put my thoughts down on paper, though. Even when I was a child, when I really wanted to get an emotion across I would turn to a journal and just start writing until my fingers fell off.


Inspiration, I believe, can hit you when you least expect it. And when I was thirteen-years-old, I lost one of the most important people in the world to me; my grandfather, Joseph Carrier. This man was the person who literally made life fun. He knew every story; he knew all about history; he knew facts about locations around the world and the back-stories behind each one—he was a walking library of humor and information.


When he left this earth it was difficult for me, and I turned to two young characters that had a way to actually ‘see’ him when I couldn’t. I wrote all about this duo as I grew up, and they eventually became the characters in my YA series, ‘The Angel Chronicles.’ That series went exceedingly well, even though there was a part of me that believed it was nothing more than a thirteen-year-old who was still rambling. (LOL) Thankfully, education, learning, and spreading my own wings to meet my own adventures head-on as I grew up, helped me become a better writer. And I was lucky enough to begin in the editorial realm when I was just nineteen, working my way up to Editor-in-Chief.


I love the ability to mix historical fact with fiction. My mother, being a career librarian, always taught me that research into the past was a great deal of fun, and I haven’t stopped since. This is a skill that really comes in handy where the ‘Tallent & Lowery’ series is concerned. The oddest things will motivate me to build a new puzzle/adventure for this duo. And these things can come from something as simple as a fact brought up during a very mundane conversation. (You never know where that golden nugget will come from for your next book).


So, in essence, my grandfather was the original motivation to begin writing, but the motivation to continue really has come from readers, my mother, my incredible daughter, and that girl inside me who cannot stop putting her emotions on paper. God willing, she’ll never have to.


Until Next Time, Everybody,

Happy Holidays!

Amy Lignor


Purchase Links for the print & digital versions of Tallent & Lowery:



Barnes & Noble:



Author Links:

Twitter: @HelloWritersAmy


Thank you so much for having me on today! Happy Holidays to both you and your fans!!




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It's me. No really, it is

Hi *waves madly* has this past year and a bit been nuts. I've not been good at blogging, but honestly, I had to cut back somewhere. As my general health improved, I tried to add guest blogs to help keep me active. I had about a month where I was not ill then came down with this current thing. Prior, I had about a month and a half (pushed it to two out of denial lol) in the spring time. Otherwise, I've pretty much been ill, with different things, aggravated by my asthma, since the fall of 2012. It's one of the reasons I've not blogged much.

But, have I been sitting idly by? No. Although I've slowed way down, I managed to become an editor, and now a managing editor at the publisher that took a chance on me for The Ulfric's Mate. As I may have stated before, that series now has two out, The Midwife's Moon being the second, and a contract for FIFTEEN MORE. I am not kidding :D five freebies and 10 full lengths (50k+) and whatever else happens. *makes note to write tonight*

So, in the last year and a half, I've released:

The Ulfric's Mate July 2012, book 1, The War of the Weres
Ravaged anthology, Volume 1 August 2012, (Barely There, a prequel to The War of the Weres)
Rick Sexed Up the Doc, November 2012, Naughty Nursery Rhymes
The Captain's Christmas, December 2012, Holiday
Crimson anthology, Volume 1, March 2013 (Daryn's Slayer)
Serviced anthology, Volume 1, March 2013 (Over a Dead Body)
The Midwife's Moon, August 2013, book 2, The War of the Weres
Slow Burn, October 2013, Dead Man Walking line
Mayhem in Mexico: Zombie Infestation October 2013, A Serena Rouge Novel
And, coming in January 2013, Ravaged anthology, volume 2, (Witchy Wolf)

I seriously became ill in September of 2012. Imagine if I were healthy? I've also edited a number of works that have since been published and are still coming out pretty regularly.

My family has grown so much. The kids by leaps and bounds as always. I made a half hearted attempt to do NaNoWriMo, but had family emergencies get in the way. So, I'm thinking of doing my own in January, but make it two weeks long. That's only 4k a day, with a day off even, which I'm more than capable of. NaNo is when I usually really buckle down on my writing. But, sometimes, the family stuff really isn't something that can be put off. Anyone else who wants to make up for NaNo or just wants to do a run with me, I'm planning on Friday the 10th of January through the 27th (giving myself the three weekends). So it's actually what? little under 3k a day, if I take no time off.

I've really neat hard core sci fi in the works that I've been asked for a full for (I mean, Robert Heinlein, hard core), and there's a nice romance built in to the intrigue and science, and it's set on Mars.) I'm just over halfway through with Book 3 of The War of the Weres, and somewhere have notes and few bits for books 4 & 5, and 3 of the freebies. Hopefully, I can find them again. Grrrrrrr time to clean out the docs, I think. I've also been asked to rewrite and resubmit a YA that I sent in that's 88k! So need to get on that.

I've been writing, but I let my editing take over my life, so have to seek out that balance I had before.

Christmas is coming, and for my family, that means gift making and baking. I've made a few gifts for my daughter and my new grandbaby, and her husband even gets something. I'm waiting on a paycheck to mail off a few of them that I have to go out. But first, must wrap them lol Have also been making hats and mitts for the kids still living at home (back up to 4 now lol) . Looking at trying my hand at making a kitten stuffed animal for the youngest that loves them so much. Possibly a pillow or something for the older kids. We'll see. Have to dig out my sewing machine and see what else I can come up with. It's going to be a lean Christmas this year. But at least, my son is home and safe. He wasn't safe for a while, so that worry is over. Thankful to have them all here this year.

I'll try and remember to take pictures before I send things out of what I've been up to. Course, some of the gifts will have to wait until after Christmas in case they look. :) No peeking, now...

I also did get a chance to do a little painting, finally. A cat commission I'm doing to trade for this awesome crochet blanket (yes, I could have made one myself, but I loved the pattern my friend had and she loves her cats. Good trade, methinks!) for my granddaughter. I also finished one I started years ago that I found while going through my canvases. I had to finish the faces...which I still suck at. grrrr. I would like to take another class for that.

Anyway, there's tons more, but here's the generality of my life for the past bits (Did you catch I'm grandma now? *grins*). Hope your family is doing well. I love to hear from people in the comments. Feel free to say hi and tell me how your family is celebrating the winter holidays.

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The Hunter's Assessment

Hi !!
For those who are looking for the tour from yesterday...my internet decided it didn't want to work. No pics, no videos, no downloading of said items either. Since last Friday. Still having issues off and on, but found a window! :D So welcome to the tour and thanks for your patience!

Title: Hunter’s Assessment


Series: Arcturian Bloodlines


Author: Karyn Pearson


Genre: Paranormal YA



Formats Available In: Digital


Release Date: TBA


Blurb: After years of training, they should have been ready for this. It was supposed to be a simple mission: eliminate the vampires and acquire the intel they’re guarding.


Shane Kantor figured that this hunter’s assessment would be like every other test the Hunter’s Society had thrown at him and his squad. But he was wrong. Now Shane might just lose everything: his life, his legacy, and worst of all, her.




“Hi,” she said, extending a hand. “You’re Shane?”


            “Yeah,” he nodded woodenly, swallowing a lump in his throat as he shook her hand. “So you’re Sophie. My Predictor.”


            “Yep, that’s me.”


            “It’s an honor to have you on my squad.”


            Sophie looked shyly away from him, laughing lightly. “No,” she murmured, shaking her head. “The honor’s all mine. I didn’t know you were the Grandmaster’s son. I feel lucky to have been chosen to be part of your squad.”


            “Yeah, I figure the Grandmaster wouldn’t want to leave her own kid stuck with just anybody,” Troy, the Marksman, agreed. “If it was me, I’d want to have someone like you well-protected. Wouldn’t want the Grandmaster’s son accidentally getting killed from having incompetent squad mates, now would we?”


            Shane frowned. “Let me just make one thing clear, alright?”


            “By all means, go ahead, oh righteous leader,” Troy drawled.


            “Forget that I’m the Grandmaster’s son. I don’t want preferential treatment. I don’t want you all to look at me and see Shane Kantor, son of Nadia Kantor, the Grandmaster and leader of the Hunter’s Society. I just want you to see me as your friend, your comrade. Nothing more, nothing less. We’re all equals here. Understood?”


            “Yes, I understand,” Sophie replied.


            Shane looked to Troy, waiting for his answer.


            The Marksman sighed, nodding reluctantly. “Alright,” he muttered, throwing his hands up in a gesture of half-surrender, half-compliance. “No favorites?”


            “No favorites.” Shane confirmed.


            Troy grinned. “So, Mister Not-the-Grandmaster’s-son, how good are you in a fight?”


            The Dancer’s eyes lit up with amusement as he regarded his new comrade. “Wouldn’t you like to know?”



About Karyn Pearson:


Karyn Pearson is the author of Spark (Hellfire Trilogy #1) and full-time pet parent of her two dogs Nikki and Jamie. She has a B.A. in Anthropology and has explored dozens of cultures in her studies, but has imagined countless more. Karyn enjoys reading, playing action RPGs, and plotting the next adventure for her characters when she has a spare moment free of the dreaded and undefeated “puppy dog eyes attack.”


Her current projects include Inferno (Hellfire Trilogy #2) and the first novel of the upcoming vampire series, Arcturian Bloodlines. When she’s not writing, Karyn can be found playing with her puppies or Googling various dangerous topics for novel research that make her constantly question why federal agents haven’t yet knocked down her front door.



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The Blacksmith's Son ~

Create your passion and explore!

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The Wolf on the Run by Jorja Lovett book spotlight

Many thanks for sharing my new release, The Wolf on the Run. This is book two in my series, The Wild Irish Wolves.

The Wolf on the Run – Jorja Lovett

Short Blurb:

Alpha Rory is determined to protect his pack, including feisty Naomi. How can he get close when she's intent on facing her demons alone?

Long Blurb:

As a police officer and Alpha of the Olcan Hills' pack, being a protector is in Rory Blake's DNA.

When Naomi Duffy turned up heavily pregnant and alone, Rory's natural instinct was to look after her. However, her fierce need for independence over the years has ensured they've never been anything more than friends.

Naomi has spent too long trying to keep her daughter safe to jeopardise everything for a fling. But, when her past threatens to catch up with her, Rory is the only person she trusts with her life.

Thrown together, the couple finally succumb to their passion and it's all too easy to forget the danger lurking in the hills.

Do Rory and Naomi have a future together, or will secrets from the past tear them apart?



 “I don’t know what they put in the drink around here, but I think I like it.” Rory positioned himself between her legs and bent down to kiss her.

With moves worthy of an American wrestler, she wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him closer. Caught off balance, he fell forward and landed flat out on top of Naomi.

Her dress rode up her thighs to give him a peek of lacy black stocking tops. His cock responded appropriately. “Are you trying to seduce me, Ms Duffy?”

“Is it working?” She shoved her hands down the back of his trousers and grabbed his backside, making it crystal clear what she wanted.

At his hesitation, Naomi renewed the kiss, dipping her tongue into his mouth to create a spark that set him on a one way path. The base nature of his position, his hard-on pressed against the soft mound of her pussy, called directly to the wild side of him already on the prowl tonight.

“Are you sure?” He waited for the green light before he raced out of the trap.

“Have you got any protection?” The first flicker of doubt crossed Naomi’s face.

At times like this he was glad he’d been a boy scout. He took time out from their dry humping to pull a condom from his wallet. “With you, I’m always ready.”

Naomi snatched the foil packet from his grasp and ripped it open.

“Get ‘em off,” she ordered before popping the rubber in her ‘O’ shaped mouth. He couldn’t drop his trousers fast enough.

Naomi slipped off the car to crouch before him on the ground. In one slow, exquisite motion, she sheathed him with her mouth. His legs quivered at such an intimate, erotic interaction. When she stood up and assumed her horizontal position back on the boot, she winked.

That did it. He pulled her legs towards him until her arse was on the edge of the car and ripped her panties off. He took hold of his cock and plunged it into her pussy. The sudden coupling gave him instant satisfaction, but he wanted more. He wanted all of her. He hooked Naomi’s knee to lift her leg higher, plunge deeper.

The cold night became a distant memory as her tight heat wrapped around his dick. The raw pleasure of being inside her was only surpassed by pride at her moans of satisfaction. Driven by her escalating cries, Rory thrust into her with zeal. He clenched his buttocks and struck at her core. Who said lightning couldn’t hit the same place twice? According to Naomi’s cries he’d hit it with astounding accuracy time and time again.

Her obvious enjoyment brought out the savage beast in him and all he wanted to do was claim his mate completely. He buried himself deep inside her, knotting them together so tight he never wanted to let go. Only her wrapping reminded him they were still in their human form. The abrasion of her stockings against his skin as their bodies rubbed together, built up the static charge between them. Until he was at the point where one more brush of lace would send sparks flying.


Available from TotallyBound, Amazon, All Romance, Bookstrand

Author Bio:

Jorja Lovett is a British author with both Irish and Scottish roots, which makes for a very dry sense of humour. Writing since she was old enough to wield a pen, it wasn't until she joined her crit group, UCW, that she pursued her passion seriously.

Now, with Joe Manganiello as her permanent muse, if she can leave the pause button on her Magic Mike dvd long enough, she hopes to spend the rest of her days writing steamy romances.


Author Links: Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Website

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Shadow of Samhain Review

Hi everyone *waves*

First off, I'm not a professional reviewer, nor even an amateur. I am a professional reader, if there is such a thing LOL I've been reading for many years. I devour books like they're chocolate. I agreed, for my part of the tour, to do a review. So here goes my opinion as a reader.

Shadow of Samhain, by Dawn Colclasure has a great premise. Love the base plot and story line. Druids particularly fascinate me. As I've recently traced my ancestry back to there, there's been a renewal pushing me back toward the extreme obsession I used to have.

An ancient evil, one that's come through the centuries to carry out a curse that kills some and takes over others. Love the base horror concept. What is scarier than an evil being that can take over your body and make you do things you don't wish to, as well as holds magic and power beyond what this world has seen in a millennia?

The main character is likeable, although it took me a long time to warm up to her. On a scale from 1-5, I give it a 3. The pacing was off for me, too much explanation at times, and not enough at others. I wish there had been more of the ancient times, or a stronger delving into the life of Druids sooner.

All in all, it was a fine read, even though I may have wished for better characterization, and tighter tension. The potential for some on your seat scary was there, but the story fell slightly short of the mark. I do mean slightly. And partly why I feel this could have been tighter and more intense is because there were flashes in the prose that showed the author was capable of it.

If given the chance, I would read more of this author's writing.

If you like the Druids, and ancient stuff filtering into modern life (which I do!) this is the read for you. Here is one link to Shadow of Samhain: http://www.bookstrand.com/shadow-of-samhain

Have any of you read it? If so, what did you think? What did you find as the strongest characteristic? The weakest?

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NaNoWriMo Classic top ten

Buy now, if you've followed me for very long, you know I'm a bit of a NaNo enthusiast. My first year, it literally saved my sanity. Now, it may very well stretch it, but I digress. NaNo pros and cons can be seen everywhere. quickly, before I post my top ten list, I'd like to give you a reason. If you're a writer, published or not, the only way you'll make it is to develop good writing habits. Every year, by the time NaNo rolls around, my habits have deteriorated to the point of hellacious, despite writing partners, contracts, etc. (Oh, didn't you hear, I have a 15 book contract for War of the Weres. Go me! :D So excited. But *ahem*)

This helps me get back into the rhythm of writing every day or goal per week. *More on that in the top ten* and it keeps me on track! Now some people can get all fancy shmancy and use those word counters. I haven't figured it out yet. Heck, it took me two years to figure out how to use bloggers easy interface traffic counter. I love watching my little green bar rise to tell me I'm hitting a goal. For no other reason, this makes NaNoWriMo a terrific tool for me. Okay, that's enough about me. What about you? Okay, so there will be more about me, but it's to benefit you. Here is my list of top ten things for NaNo, and more importantly, WHY they're in the top ten.

1) Turn off your inner editor. I know. sucks. Make notes. Word commenter system worked wonders for me (one of the things I learned my first year:)

2) Breathe. This may seem obvious, but think of the stress you get under pressure. This is the worst kind of pressure-the pressure to create. An intimate act that you are doing that you hope will eventually be printed by strangers and loved the world over. Or at least by enough people to keep you in ink and pepsi. (Uh, no Pepsi doesn't pay me for product placement. I live on the rez. Some stereotypes hold true.)

3) Find a rhythm. A pattern. Whatever your pattern is. It helps me to twitter/blog and get my brain going. It gives my kids a chance to remember all that, oh yeah mom, I forgot to tell you stuff, and I'm hungry whines, and get it all out of the way. Then, when writing is underway, I can say with total assurance, I took care of this or that. That was my pattern. It helped. You may need to stay off the internet and use it as a reward. You know yourself. If you don't, you have a week to figure it out.

4) Quit freaking out about the word goal. It's not really that high. You may need to push yourself out of that comfort zone you've been in, but just do it. (Nike's not paying me either. Maybe I should apply?)

5) Make your daily word count based on weekdays or in other words, a 5 day week. That does two things. One, you have two days off if you succeed and you can look forward to that. It allows for birthday parties, school functions, what ever you need those two days for. Two, it gives you those days to make up something you missed because you got a flat tire on the way to a write-in (I had three flat tires during my short stay in Texas...they're ALWAYS doing roadwork) or your kids' teacher calls and wanted to know why they thought Duct tape was an awesome disciplinary tool.

6) Prep meals and TREATS ahead of time as much as possible. Freeze cookie dough, muffins, whatever it is that you and your family like, particularly if you or your family have a food allergy/preference (gluten/vegan comes to mind). They will feel less like you've abandoned them. I wasn't prepared my first year (yikes! Still not this year!), so the first week sucked, but I'm a quick learner. I spent one day prepping as many meals as I could for the next week. That included grocery shopping, and portioning out things in preparation. My first year was a real challenge because I had no oven or microwave-stove top only. A gas stove top. I'd never used a gas stove top before. I also had literally, 800/month for rent, power, and food for a family of six. Challenges. I've had them.

7) If you are having problems with the plot, or a chapter, write what you want to happen. I did this and before I knew it, I was writing again to the story. Granted, I had to edit out things later, but it kept my word count going and my stress level stopping. (Can you keep something stopping??? LOL)

8) Let no bad happen. If you can help it. I don't mean in your story. If you are writing horror. Write things as bad as you like. I mean, don't over stress the little things. Further, farther? OMG which is it? My story will suck now cuz I can't remember. Worst, worse? Everyone will think I'm an idiot. Okay, get the picture? QUIT IT. When this is over, I will steal a few wonderful language sites from edittorrent's grammar site and post them here so that you can fix it-LATER.

9) Keep networking. Keep talking to those people who have been your support all this time. It will relieve stress, give you companionship, and keep it all in good fun, which leads to my last rule.

10) Have fun. We're writers. Writing is fun. Yes it's hard work. Yes, it can tear us apart emotionally when things aren't loved by everybody and their dog PB. But over the top, it's fun. Why else would we do it? Half the time we are fighting sterotyping (that's not a REAL job & You're not Published? then you're not a REAL writer) and our families to buy the time we need. Not to mention jobs, illness, life's foibles. Why not have fun?

There you have it! I hope this helps you to a successful, enjoyable NaNoWriMo.

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Killer on the Road ~ Charles O'Keefe

Halloween and masks


Halloween is a great time of year; kids get to dress up and go around looking for treats. Adults (with children) get to bring them around the neighbourhood and relive their own trick or treating memories and of course, there’s Halloween parties and horror films. When I was out trick or treating (which I’ll admit was over 25 years ago) people were trusted a lot more. There used to be someone down the street who made homemade candy apples, my parent’s didn’t even question it, I took it home and ate it. There was no checking candy, no worries about allergies, no having my parents close by. I just filled up a pillowcase of candy and then came back for another if it was a nice night. I lived in (still do) a small town and I guess people just knew their neighbours. I wore the same crappy costumes as anyone else but we always had fun. Enough of my reminiscing, let’s talk about masks.


Masks are used for all sorts of reasons, whether it’s a doctor wearing a surgical one or a bank robber wearing a ski-mask, they are practical and the reason for their uses are obvious. Masks, as we know, can be used for a lot of other occasions though. Here in Newfoundland we have a tradition called mummering and of course masks are often part of costumes used at Halloween parties, conventions or masquerade balls.  For me personally I have always been fascinated with them, some masks are meant to scare, others to amuse, some are just to hide your identity, some are meant for certain occasions, their variety and uses are vast and are important part of our society. I think it’s amazing how someone you know is instantly hidden by a mask, for me you get this uneasy feeling when you don’t know who someone is. I’m not even sure why I feel this way, I just do.


So of course in books my vampires do find occasions to wear masks. In book 2 “Killer on the Road” Cassandra, the main female character, decides to take justice in her own hands. While she doesn’t wish to be caught, she does have a sense of style (and is starting to be a little geeky in her own way). Cassandra decides to wear a Catwoman mask as she likes the character and finds the mask at a comic book store. I loved the masks from the Roman era and as such one of the villains in my book, the Emperor Commodus, also loves to wear this mask:



           Yes I know it wasn’t the emperor who wore it in the movie, that’s the benefit of being a writer, I can have whatever I like in my world. So what masks do you love? What’s your favourite Halloween costume? Have a happy Halloween everyone, get some candy, wear a mask and don’t lose the fun and wonder that this unique day has to offer.

Title: Killer On The Road


Series: The Newfoundland Vampire


Author: Charles O’Keefe


Genre: Horror / Paranormal / Romance / Vampire



Formats Available In: All eBook formats and Print


Release Date: January, 2011


Blurb: Joseph O’Reily is still adjusting to the lifestyle and the dangers that come with being a new vampire. He and Cassandra recently fought to the death with Cassandra’s estranged husband John Snow, and now Joseph has experienced his first ménage a trios, as only a vampire can. As if all of this was not complicated enough, he and Cassandra have been tasked with hunting down and killing a rogue vampire, Donald Rathmore.

Another of John Snow’s creations, Donald is an evil misogynistic killer in his own right. Donald has no interest in avenging his creator’s death, but killing Cassandra is at the top of his list.

While Donald continues his murderous spree, Joseph and Cassandra always seem to be one step behind him. The chase is further complicated as they encounter other vampires and learn more about the mysterious nature of the Vampire Council and the coming war between good and evil.

Joseph is only now beginning to trust Cassandra, and this trust will be shaken when he discovers she has even more secrets than he imagined. Her idea of justice and morality is at complete odds with his own. Despite all his powers and growing skill, Joseph is tested physically as a vampire and emotionally by Cassandra. This time the answers and challenges may be too much for the young vampire to handle.





About Charles O’Keefe:


Charles O’Keefe lives in the beautiful province of Newfoundland, Canada, with his wife and two feline ‘children,’ Jude and Esther. He works as an I.T. support guy and enjoys many hobbies and activities that include writing, reading, watching fantasy/science-fiction movies and television shows, gaming, poker, walking, acting, martial arts and of course fantasizing about vampires.

He currently has two novels out, books 1 and 2 of "The Newfoundland Vampire" series.



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Love Reawakened--Zombies!!!!

Please welcome Shelli Rosewarne to the blog ;) She's hear talking a bit about her book and being part of the zombie Dead Man Walking for the month at Breathless Press. If you follow me on Facebook, you've seen some zombie pick up lines. Here is hers:

Hi Leona,


Thanks so much for letting me visit today. In case some of you don't know, Leona is also my editor at BP – so I better watch my spelling on this! (and oops, have started with the overload of exclamation points already!) I do have an excuse though, as my zombie-themed romance 'Love Reawakened' was just released on Friday so I'm very excited!

Zombies are officially invading over at Breathless Press this month as part of the Dead Man Walking event. To be honest, I'm more surprised than anyone to be a part of it. As some of you may know, I'm not a zombie or a horror fan – I'm usually the one hiding behind the sofa when there's a scary movie on (and by scary I'm meaning Disney villains!) But as other authors may know these pesky characters seem to have minds of their own – so not only were Emma and Garret insisting on their story being told (and who am I to argue with a necromancer and a witch?) but now it seems like some the secondary characters want in on the act. Looks like I might be stuck with the zombies for a while yet!

Anyway, I really hope you read and enjoy :)




Emma needs to find an escaped zombie! With lives on the line, the only person who can help is the man who broke her heart.


Emma Strachan is a professional witch and quite frankly a zombie raising should be all in day's work. Now, though, something has gone horribly wrong and with lives on the line Emma is forced to turn for help to the one person she never wanted to see again.

When Emma Strachan shows up on Garret's doorstep he knows she must be in trouble – after all nothing else would bring her to his door. Still, he never imagined a zombie gone rogue, or that the blazing attraction between them would be as strong as ever.

As Emma and Garret risk their lives to track down the missing zombie can they put aside past insecurities and trust in each other – before it's too late.




Shocked gasps came from behind her, but the vibrations were already running through the ground. Quickly she smeared the blood around the edges of the circle. The energy was rising now; waves spreading out as she could feel the hairs on her arms standing up and tiny tremors through the soles of her shoes. She drew a final symbol in the blood on the gravestone itself, the rough stone grazing her fingers and making the lines awkward.

"Patrick Connell rise. Come from your grave at my command, rise from your sleep at my bidding."

The earth in front of her practically bubbled now, and then it parted and a tall figure emerged. Neil almost shrieked behind her but her attention stayed focused on the corpse in front of her. He was newly dead and so perfectly preserved. In fact, gazing at him, you would barely know the difference if you saw him walking down the street. She was quite proud. She didn't do this spell much, but this was a damn good raising!

"Patrick Connell, you have been raised at my command. You will do as I say and nothing more, bound to me by blood and magic. Do you understand and obey?"

The corpse looked at her, surprising clarity in his deep blue eyes. She didn't think she'd ever raised one this 'new' before and it was actually a little disconcerting how alive he looked. He'd obviously been a handsome man, tall with broad shoulders, thick dark hair, strong jaw, and quite startling eyes. Then he opened his mouth and said a single word.





Shelli Rosewarne had always had a dream in the back of her head about wanting to be a writer, from the time she was handing in ten page stories at primary school and driving her teachers crazy. However, like with so many things, life and paying the bills got in the way and she worked in various jobs from call centers to shops to offices. She eventually realized that life is too short not to try and follow your dreams, and has since had her first stand alone novella published with Breathless Press, along with several submissions in anthologies, another novel contracted for later in the year and various works in progress in the pipeline. Yup, she's having to pinch herself as well! She currently lives in Edinburgh with her long-suffering fiancé and slightly psycho cat. When not writing she loves reading, music and photography.


You can follow her at:

Twitter - @shellirosewarne




Just leave a comment and you'll be entered into my Rafflecopter giveaway. Prizes include a zombie themed mini book bag, a spooky halloween phone cover and a witchy (and lavender scented) keyring – who said scary can't be cute! I'm also giving away a free copy of Love Reawakened in the ebook format of your choice. Good luck :)




Buy Links


Breathless Press