Saturday, April 28, 2012

Days 26&27 almost done

Well, I have to admit, that Blogger's new look has made it hard to WANT to post or blog about anything :S I hatez it precious. Yes, I still do. I've hated every step of Google's changes and I don't understand why they took something that WAS so easy and made it difficult!!

The challenges now are Black and White and Somewhere you went. I'm going to use photos I took this month, just not today. :) I was thinking.... LOL Actually, I took new pics of my painting, Multnomah Falls and put it on Etsy early this AM. Or late last PM but either way, it'll count :) as for Black and white... I did that one a while ago. Thought of doing another one and maybe by the time this post is finished, I will :)

Except for very last one, these are all pics of the painting I did. I went there on the way to and from Cannon Beach last year after a very stressful April/May. Had a lovely time, took some lovlier pics, and now have started painting some of them. :) (So obviously, the somewhere I went) (And this painting is for sale! Comment here if you're interested or email :D

The last one is a study I did in charcoal of Picasso's Two Children. I sometimes look at my sketchbook in awe. This is one of those times. Whatever it is about Robert Fisher, he brings out skills I don't know I have. I sure miss art classes.

I'm currently editing Ulfric's Mate, have written a bit on The Midwife's Moon, but mostly, I'm just playing, networking and enjoying my boys... :) This week has been a rough one, but it ended much better than it started ;) I'm happy and content in my family I claim, which includes many "non blood" family members! I wish I'd written a few thousand more words... I don't think I'm getting my amount done in next 4 days. Sigh. It was a nice thought though.

Plus, the goal made it so I did get another one finished. Right now, I feel the pressure of about 80k words that I HAVE to finish and that's not counting the new shinies.

Hope you all have a splendid weekend. I shan't be posting tomorrow night as I need to finish edits by tomorrow night... See you Sunday ;)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Days 24&25 catch up if you please

Days 24&25... Something you're grateful for and looking down. I'm thankful for the internet and my friends I've found through the internet, so took pic of my satellite interpreter thingy LOL  The second pic is me looking down on my necklace I'm working which I'll explain about in post.

Well, y'all have a nutshell of what last few days have been like.

But yesterday, I put my energies into something creative. I crocheted with wire for the first time. It's the first part of a necklace I'm planning out. I intended to keep it for myself, but may have to sell it when it's done. Sigh. But it's coming out very cool. I took pic of small bit of it. I'm excited. I found some leftover trim from making costumes for some melodrama or another to put with the beaded wire crochet piece. I'll whipstitch the wire piece onto the trim with embroidery floss to keep the shiny pretty thing happening. LOL Then I'll put the crown piece I posted pics of yesterday in the center bottom so it hangs from the lower edge of trim. Going to be very cool when I'm finished :)

Writing update: I haven't done much writing even though I'm at a fight scene and have had the perfect emotions to throw into it, because I was having issues with the way I thought I "should" go into it and the way I wanted to. After lengthy discussion with hubby, I realized the way I wanted to go was the right way and some additional info came out which I hadn't conciously thought of but had added to my unease in how I thought I "should" do it. But now, woohoo ready to go on the scene. Come over to computer and the damn thing had froze up on the internet. :P lol so I logged off and logged back on and started writing, then this is this, and that is that, and then I remembered today's photos, and now I'm writing the blog...I think I have over a hundred. This is one of those days I would have foregone the blog if not for the photo a day challenge.

I.HAVE.GOT.TO.GET.TO.THE.OTHER.EDITS. I'm just worn out. I have been on thyroid meds and feel better in general but I had a lot of work to catch up on/do and emotionally have been wrung through the wringer so have needed to do crafting to fill that up again :) Hopefully, I'll feel more alert soon. Mentally, edits take more from me than writing does. Writing is ideas. Editing is rules. It's so much easier to have an idea then to remember the rules! LOL I want to write so many stories... Anyways, I've been in touch for the Editor (yes w/ capital E!) of Ulfric's Mate and those will be coming down the pipeline soon! this will be like the 3rd? from her, not counting my pre-edits. LOL Will still need line items etc. but it's getting close! I'm so excited!!

How are you all doing?

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Days 22&23

I know, I know were at day 25. I've been trying to avoid my blog.

We hatez the new google look. We hatez it precious.

But I knew the pics I was going to take. The same day it said plant a veg, I had planted lettuce in pot for indoors. The night before it said last t hing you bought, I'd actually bought something purty, instead of food.

 I earned a little money from Mary Kay. Most went to food and gas, but I did pull some out for beading needles I needed to finish a couple projects, then these items were clearanced out! The earrings I made, but the fleur de lis parts I bought with the other items, did a little bead drop, put them on fish hooks and voila! LOL I'll wear them for author photos. I keep calling them author photos cuz I need them for everything for official bios, etc. :) The crown piece I'm trying to make into a necklace with metal crochet & beads and stuff. I'm not so sure about it. We'll see what it looks like when done. I may have to start over.

The last three are from my lettuce I've planted in a pot indoors. I really like these photos. In fact, may have to paint them...with what money, I don't know. I don't need them for my writing...unless I get a commission for them? LOL

But part of why I like them is they were a gift. The other part, is they are life. I love seeing spring burst forth from the ground. I love growing things. Love even more the growing of things that will provide sustenance for my family. My yard is AWESOME. Compared to last year when I was uber busy elsewhere during this time, it's a freaking show place LOL I have little gardens all over the place, but mostly in front and back of the short ends of our double wide mobil home :D
I have lettuce/peas, etc in place that is shaded from afternoon sun and corn and toms where they'll get the afternoon sun.

Also, our fence is more than halfway done!! Well, length wise. I think we're going to have a little bit of a snafu when we put the driveway gate in. I know we need to buy hinges. or something LOL But it looks so good! I planted a couple beef steak toms and a corn stalk in one corner and will add a few other edible items as well. Trying to make that corner pleasing to the eye. We aren't going to have money to landscape much, but I'm trying to keep the weeds down and raise food for canning, etc.

As for writing, I finished my sort of secret project and am awaiting, biting nails, for the result. And did I mention I finished first round edits on the anthology submission for Breathless Press? I'm pretty sure I did, but just in case :)

I've had a VERY bad weekend. I had a bait and switch type thing pulled on me. A couple of people I know that were/are friends of my elder children came over. One asked to use the bathroom. I said no (he lives about a block away). He asked if Patrick (10yo) was here, I said no. Then he left suppsoedly to go to the bathroom at his house and the girl talked to me. About 15 min later she gets calls from male and leaves. Nate comes home less than 5 min after they leave. Told me he had said hi to them ( had pictured drive by hi's, turned out they were in the guy's yard and Nate said hi, after he said he was leaving to get pop, they hightail it to my house? Ask to use the bathroom? What the F ever) A couple hours later go to use the xbox and controllers and all our games are gone. My husband had set the controllers up when he put on his shoes to leave. This guy is still trying to deny it? Seriously? We went to pawn shops and through some miscommunication on my and Nate's part didn't get the sheriff's report filed. Which is fine, cuz we've discovered movies missing out of back bedroom where he likely climbed in the window, then out the back door which had previously been locked but was onlocked later despite our not using it. (there are no steps--another thing we need to build--so it rarely gets used by us.) Be better to have the list complete. I can't remember which movies had been out and which ones were on the same shelf as the games or were mixed in with the games or in Patrick's room where he watches movies sometimes. So hopefully, we've got a closer list now and can take it to police.

Then some other personal family stuff has come up and I'm tired of people accusing me of the things they spent their lifetime doing to me. So, I've had to let a couple family members go. The one doing it and the ones believing it. Honestly, if they knew me at all, they would know better. I am who I am. I don't pretend to be someone else in front of people. I yell, I bitch, I curse, I defend myself, I don't care who's around. I mean, I do use some discretion. I don't walk into a library and start yelling, or visit a church and start cursing, but that's called respect and decorum.

But, if someone's in my house, or I'm in a store, and my child is disrescpectful, she's going to get called on it. And the people who know me, should know, I don't play BS games. I don't do the manipulation cards, etc. If they don't see that by now, I can spend no more energy on them.

I'm writing (yay!) gardening, and soon, will paint more. On top of that, I have 3 boys still at home who need my attention and not to be sending it out to people who are like that anyway. I love my boys and they bring smiles to my face even as I'm exasperated. All this happened at a really bad time as today is the 2nd anniversary of my brother's death. Maybe that's why I'm ready to let go of people who are willing to treat me bad? Maybe.

So, focusing on happier, healthier things, and spring cleaning in all areas of life! I miss my Timmy Luke, but he taught me to live life to the fullest. I plan on doing just that!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Day 21

Holy cow. I sat down to do this and got completely distracted by my short MS. Shees. course, I AM trying to get it finished tonight so I can edit tomorrow and send it in. Since I've done some edits as I went, like always, it shouldn't be too bad.

I edit whatever I did the day before to help me find the rhythm and to check for typos, etc. It helps a lot with continuity as well. Sometimes, I just make notes for when I'm doing the major edits, like make sure this thread it finished, this plot point taken care of, etc. Either way, it helps me.

But, I did do Day 21's pic. The theme is Bottle.

A bottle we found doing yard work... anyone have any idea what year it might be from? Circa 1950? LOL Idk. this place is only 30 years old, but the land was here forever. So? Would be interested to find out. and the quilt in the back ground is a halloween quilt I've never finished. Sigh. Maybe this year?

And, good news, I found a sketchbook I've been looking fore... or rather the sketch in it. This is the pic I wanted to take of something I drew:

It is the first time I used watercolor colored pencils. I applied water to the colored pencils and parts of the charcoal to give it different textures. I love it. (Obviously, this is from LOTR!)

Anyways, I have to get back to writing. I'm getting tired. But I want this dang thing finished. Tonight!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Day 19 & 20

So yesterday, er, well two days ago now as I spent forever looking for my sketchbook. I didn't find it, either :( I found different ones, but there was on particular one...Oops. I didn't finish that first thought. So, whenever it was, the 19th, I crashed and burned. I had vertigo like I've never had and the only way I can think to explain is, the world was constantly tilting on its axis anytime I moved my head. As the day wore on, I was able to lift my body up without the spins so I didn't have to literally be lying flat on my back, but intitially, I could not even turn over from side to back without my head feeling like it was in a tilt-a-whirl at the fair.

At one point, I got up for an hour because I had to cook for my kids. It wasn't a pretty site. I made homemade hamburger soup, and in the process learned that Russian roulette when cutting potatoes is not a good game for my thumb. In other words, I was seeing in multiples because of the dizzyness and I guess wrong as to which thumb was the real one. Not fun. did not feel too good either. I was not walking so well and it could have been used as a comedy routine for the very drunk, I'm sure.

That hour is the only time I was up except to use the restroom. It was very disconcerting and I've not been in bed like that for years. Not since my last kid was born. It meant no writing (can't really read or write well!) or reading. I did manage a little bit on twitter and FB but it was hard. If I hadn't been so bored, probably would not have managed even that much.

So today, I did two days of photo a day April. The tasks were something orange and something you drew. Technically, I could have used one for both, but since I have literally sketchbook-s-as in plural- I thought it would be cheating.

I choose to think of the barrels as "burnt orange" going back to the old crayola boxes :D And the other picture is of an elf posed to fight. The barrels I did on the 4th of July last year, and the dates on the elf lol

Hope y'all had a good few days. I'm going to go because I'm exhausted and will catch peeps up later on what all went on.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Day 18

So, I didn't do so hot advertising yesterday's post. :( *bad Leona. No doughnut!*

Today's assignment is hair. Well, that's easy. But I wondered as to how it would look, but I like the one. I happen to be wearing a headband today. An awesome I love and would cry if I lost it head band.

I love that headband. Sigh.

Anyway, today we did housework, but my back is killing me from the copius amount of yardwork I did yesterday, so the going was slow. Then when I did get outside, I found about six inches of pea gravel in the area I wanted to till up. So I shoveled more rock today.

Then, when I finally decide to start the first round of tilling, I could get the damn thing started, but not run very long. My  back nearly killed me in protest. Grrr. So I gave in for the night, went to Michaels and got chocolate, bead needles and some clearanced prettyies which I'm going to make into jewelry for my author photos. Yep, you read that right :) I found my jewlery. I found some fleur de lis stuff, and real silver to boot... *sings* I'm so excited!

My poor husband's rolling his eyes. But I had a Mary Kay sale out of my stock and I told him I was selling it so we could have money for my clothes, jewelry, & make up cuz we don't have money in the household budget. I gave him 40 bucks for milk, eggs, sour cream, and snacks...and a mocha in the morning :)

So, things lightened up a little bit around here. they're still tight as tight can be, but at least I found my jewelry for author photos!! I'm nearly ready. I would like some nice jeans, crochet cardigan, and a bold shirt. I'm going to make the cardigan (In my spare time, right? LOL) and I'm still watching for jeans. I have cowboy boots, thinking of doing a cowboy hat too :D I did find jumper dresses which I'll do a couple of the head shots in. Crazy. LOL But, I need new photos for my avatars, so here I go :D

As for writing, I'm about a third of the way through my edits-on-paper-input-to-computer step. And I'm ready for the day! Er, night... LOL I work the third shift. And the second. And the latter half of the first... Well, I'm a writer AND a mom... it's not like I get any time off! My run to Michaels? First time I've been there in weeks!!!!

Oh, right, back to the writing. I have gotten my meds and it's taken a week to get anywhere useful, but getting there I am! As I've said, I'm in editing process for the short for the Ravaged anthology for Breathless Presss (insert loud cheers and clapping here! These guys are AWESOME) and I'm trying to get some other writing done to turn into them and pray they lurv it :D

So on Midwife's Moon, I'm kinda stalled at 17,055 cuz of my meds & edits, but watchout boys, here she comes. On the "secret short" I'm working on, I did get a bit done cuz I'm allowed to work on it when not editing. I'm at 8,169. Remember, I started both of these stories after March 25. And I've written on other short and printed out and started edits on a novel I have 55k+ on for Splintered Lands so... I need to quit being so hard on myself. Not so much on here, but at home. I'm very critical of how much writing/cleaning/gardening I get done. Sometimes I forget to take into account how much there is to do! LOLOL

Well, this got REALLY long... so, good night :D

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day 17 suck.

Things I don't like. This one was really hard. I don't like housework of any kind, there are ragweeds growing to beat the band that I'm deathly allergic to, I have one lone large tomato plant in the area I've planted seeds that looked...sad, when sitting there in the pot. In the ground, it looks more hopeful, and more like a mother chick encouraging it's peeps to grow. Lonliness is hard.

The neighbors dogs...definite dislike. They tore up my fertilizer bags in about 2 hours after I dropped them off yesterday. Also, in past years, they have dug up my garden. So, yeah, not on my favorite lists.

But, I think, I'm going to post the pic of my 3yo, who took his pants off, put a pillow down on his little dresser, climbed up, pulled the blanket over his head (it's used as curtain to keep weather out) and watched his daddy out the window. It was so cute. But since we had put his pants on so he could go outside, he had given up when he took them off. He thought we weren't going out with dad. But he was getting as close as he could to being where he wanted to be.

My 3yo

He's very small for his age, due in part to his Down Syndrome. But he's smart and strong. I hate disappointing him and not being able to get him to understand. He needed clothes on and to eat. He only likes wearing flannel and fleece, so spends a lot of his time naked or in pajamas. He'll wear anything we put on him to leave and play outside. But he won't keep it on to play in the house.

It wasn't long after this that we all were outside, but in the meantime, he got as close to his wish as possible.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Day 16

I know. Where's 15. Lord knows. LOL The 15th was sunset day and I STILL HAVEN'T GOT A SUNSET even though I thought that day was like DAYS ago LOL Just to prove I have taken a picture of a sunset, which is kind of an entry ritual into becoming even an amateur photogropher, I'm posting an old one:

Ocean Shores, WA

 My husband and I went to Mercer Island for a work thing for me and we decided, hey, let's go to Ocean Shores...we arrived just about sunset. It was beautiful. I don't have all of the pics I took then posted here. A couple I don't plan on selling as prints, but may end up painting. We'll see. I offer one of the other one's for sale from my Etsy shop. Which reminds me, I'd better check if it's still listed. :/

A painting by me.

Well, today's assignment was a flower. So I took a pic of the first O'keefe inspired painting I ever did. :D We had just finished a section which included O'keefe in art class. That was when I made a big jump in my art skills. She speaks to me. Apparently it was noticeable, since my professor asked, "So, how long you been channeling Georgia?" LOL He'd taught me off and on over the years as I could afford the class. I'd like to take another class from him. Indepnedent Study. Le sigh.

Anyway, I love this style of painting. I'm not sure why, but I do. This was done with a pallette knife exclusively. My first for that as well. I'd used it in bits and pieces before this. But not exclusively. Tomorrow's assignment is easy--too easy. There's going to be too many choices and I'll end up freezing not sure what to choose.

I'm writing. *thunderous applause* yay!! got over my uncertainty, then lost my rhythm, but found my rythym again!! Yay!! so, between yardwork and backpain, I'll be plugging away and getting not only edits, but writing done!! Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. :D I love finding my writing groove!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Day 14...the mood...

LOL I know. I'm posting after midnight. today's assignment? How you feel. do I feel? I'm still trying to catch up on my thyroid so I'm feeling pretty damn mercurial. So, I finally had an idea. And yes, these photos represent how I feel in different ways, and I'll leave it to the audience for interpretation :D

:D As for the writing. *hangs head in shame* I did not get as much done as I should have. Spent too much time playing words with least I'm studying words right? What's that? You're not buying? Sigh. Me either. LOL But I did make progress, even if small. Got a bigger load of rocks this time (my back is killing me!) and played a little with my boys, had some good laughs with my husband.

At least the day wasn't wasted! I'm writing now...sort of LOL No I am, just slow.

Plus, answering questions regarding the biz. Questions I kinda know the answer to, but not really. And for goodness sake, I'm freaking freezing and it JUST NOW occurred to me that I have not turned the heat back on. No freaking wonder right? Spring and fall. Heat on. Heat off. Heat on. Heat off. Wax on. Wax off. Wax on...oh sidetracked. See how easy it is?? :D

Anyways, you have a good one and I'll try to actually get a pic of the sunset tomorrow (I think tomorrow's the right day) lol

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Day 13

LOL yeah, I know. I started to blog but didn't finish it. Got distracted with editing. My "real" job lol

I Haven't written anything on midnight moon, but I have on the other short. I'm so excited. It's nearly halfway done. I also finished my first round paper edits on the short for the Ravaged anthology. I have to input them on the computer as well as watch for things I made note of at the end. But it's a huge deal I focused long enough for them yesterday!

So, the picture was something you found.... How many of you know of my curse/blessing relationship with caffeine? *battens down the hatches as a hurricane develops from flurry of arms going up* Well, it's in scarce commodity here these days, and will be for another two weeks. So I took a picture of my pop cop. At 7:30 pm Friday the 13th, I found my caffeine!!!!!!!

Now, if I'd found my keys, I might have taken a picture of those...but they're still missing. I could have taken a picture of my glasses too but it probably would have been out of focus. Or I could have taken a pic get the idea! LOL this one was almost too easy. The hardest part was choosing which lost and found thing to take a pic of!!

On April 13th last year, my daughter nearly died. (part of the whole #effoffApril) This year, she was evacuated from her apartment early in the am. Perhaps she should find herself a bubble and sleep through April the 13th from now on! Thought of telling her that, but don't want to add to her list of paranoid things. If the 25th comes around and something happens to my family, I may be putting my whole damn family, including the exte

Beautiful sunny day here. Will have to go outside for a bit. I want to garden, but I have rocks to get today and tomorrow and my back is already protesting. My carpool tunnel and tendinitis are also speaking up. Loudly. I can't find my wrist thingies either. :S Could be an issue. Sigh.

I am determined to get all the rocks this weekend and finish the short I'm hoping to have included in a special line (keep your fingers crossed. It's not paranormal so I'm struggling with the flavor if you know what I mean) before I go to bed Sunday night! And if I can, get my garden area plowed under.

Big plans, I know. Will require a bit of discipline on my part and a whole lot of luck on the universes, but I'll aim for it and see what get's finished.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Day 12 Stairs

I have one itsy bitsy set of stairs, so I had some specially built by the masters for this photo. Also was charged 12.99...think I'll take it out of his allowance!

:D actually I was trying to think of something since I HATE my stairs and I don't think there's the slightest bit of artistic potential in them... so... I was kabitsing about it and my DH says why don't you make some out of legos??? LOLOL so, I had one of my boys do it and this is what  he made for them. Thank you Edward!

Did I mention I have my thyroid meds? It's a good thing! I moved another load of rocks today with the help of Patrick, and, *whimpers* my poor back. I have A LOT more to go. With little money, I'll be haunting Craigslist for free/cheap/bartered goods for the yard and  home as much as possible. I've got some beautiful plans. I hope I can get them done this summer. If not, I'll have a good start.

I did get some writing done, though I'll admit, not much. Every time I sat down to write I was interrupted. Also, the internet guy was here and using my computer cuz the company said there was still a problem (thankfully I opted to spend the 10.99 on the insurance for the fixing of the stuff!) and so they replaced my radio thingy (I know soooo technical, I am!) and made things right. So yeah!! lol I did get a delicious dinner made and homemade rolls. And I confirmed that the sexual position I wanted to write about was indeed feasible (aka research AND NO IT WAS NOT HANDS ON RESEARCH LOL) so feel much more comfortable writing it out.

I did do some good networking today and someone discovered me on FB who has offered to let me put info re book releases etc on their page :D Imagination Station? Anyways, maybe this weekend I'll post the links for the FB stuff so y'all can like it :D

Sadly, I did not paint, sketch, draw, color, or any other artistic endeavor. In fact, if I hadn't had to take this pic, I would have done exactly zero creative things today. hmmm maybe this was better than a good idea!

Day?? lol

I TRIED to post this last night, I swear. Even had witty things to say about how much of a dork I am. See, the sunset photo? yeah, not up yet. So, I'm posting pics of the cold and the place I ate breakfast, and try to do today's later. Guess where I at breakfast at yesterday?

My poor keyboard needs a good dusting! I found a crochet pattern for an keyboard duster I'm going to try! (as if I needed ANYTHING else to do!)

I did get some writing done, but mostly on the project that's for working on when main MS is not flowing or I'm missing something. LOL let's see I'm at 17054 on Midwife's Moon (what's that? 150 words LOL) and 4598 on The short. (I think that's a little more respectable at 1700ish? Wasn't I around 2700 before? I really should go look at my last blog lol.)

I spent a good portion of my early evening getting a small load (just the start) of river and red rock. Free if you haul! so, I'm getting it... lol Yardwork and housework and work, (writing) and kids...BUSY days ahead!

How are your days coming?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Day 10 photo

Well, yesterday was supposed to be younger you and today I missed the even little bits of one. So, I'll give you one of a younger me...okay, two LOL these are not my pics, but ones taken of me my senior year.

I'm the girl with the cheeky grin on her face and curly hair. The guy giving bunny ears to one of my fav teachers, was also one of my fav boys at the time, James Martin. He was boy cheerleader. He's now a chef. My parents were sure he must be gay... LOL (he wasn't and isn't) I had the biggest crush on him. I must have known even then he'd turn out to be a damn good chef. He made some delicious pastry thingies (if he reads this he's probably going to roll his eyes that I don't know the names! lol) cuz it seems most of the guys I dated seriously were either good cooks/chefs or firemen or both...apparently I like things hot in and out of the kitchen!!  Anyways, my smile was all for him that day! He was also in my french convenient... :D:D (I was a little outspoken then as well...)

By graduation, I'd all but forgot about ol' what's his name lol (jk James, you're a terrific guy...well, for a boy cheerleader ;p) Was I ever glad to graduate. I loved school but my senior year was a rough one! Even if I was voted teacher's pet after not having been in public school for three years...

I'm the one about to walk out of the picture in this one. Seventeen years old and feeling like forty. If only I'd known how I'd feel by the time I was nearly forty... would you look at those dos! Who can guess what year I graduated?

On a side note, I was able to get my thyroid meds today, so focus should slowly come back for me over next few days/week. Watch out!! My house, my writing, and my art are going to squeak in fear of my wrath and my rag! LOL I'm at 16,900 ish on Midwife's Moon (not sure where I was last night, with more time ahead. I didn't get much done last night. I went to bed hoping to get up early with fresh eyes. Well, instead, I laid awake all night. Sigh. One my other short, which I think I'll call Hickory, Rick, and the Doc, I also wrote a bit on and am at 3200. (yes, it's an Erotica).

I also picked up first round of edits from the shifter anthology, my story being Barely There. Good things I got my meds!!! Tomorrow, is probably going to be spent doing more cleaning than anything because I need my space back! I was nearly finished with main living areas (still need to do bedrooms) when all the boys got sick and I crashed. It took the last of my energy. I started cleaning again and painting. It was awesome. But I'm having trouble focusing on cleaning. Since I'd started spring cleaning, I'm not just in a do chore spot. I have to THINK and organize. Especially if doc's right about Edward being High Functioning Autistic because it'll need to stay as much the same as possible...

So how are the rest of y'all?

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Day 9 photo-sunset

Well, we didn't have much of a sunset and my hands wouldn't quit shaking and the thing I was standing on so I could see the sky, well, it was shaking too! LOL here it is, this evenings sunset (you REALLY have to look for the little itsy bitsy piece of pink in between the cloud lines. I know it looks kinda blue in the twilight, but that's not sky. It's clouds. Sigh.

LOL it looks like blus sky...maybe I'm wrong...maybe the pink was the clouds that were left...earlier it was mostly clouds... :P grrr

I painted two paintings today, Passion Restrained or Restrained Passion. I keep going back and forth! lol

With a close up of the flower:

And I don't  have title for this one, but it's done from a photo I took while on the way to or from Cannon Beach at Multnoma Falls. It's gorgeous, if I do say so myself :P LOL It just came together like it's supposed to! If only this chapter I'm writing would do the same!

I can prove I've been writing cuz when I took my day off, I had 12,600ish and now I'm at 15, 400ish. Just slow going today!!! I finished the chapter after the difficult one but it feels sort of stilted. I'm hoping the painting will have released the rest of my inhibitions to go deep and now I can dive in again!! I posted a small blurb of the last chapter on my FB page. It's not as striking as the others, but it's a pivotal moment. The heroine, Lisa, has been pushed to face her past, not hide from it and is getting  help from a roommate/patient/friend staying at her house. I'm hoping to push her a little more in the rewrite. Now, back to poor Lance...

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Day 8 photo

Now, I've looked at exactly one other person's blog with the hashtag. I've tried to look at others (ie find them via hashtag) but whenever I want a hashtag, it's apparently a cue for my internet to say obscenities to me and laugh it's arse off, then freeze. Apparently too much laughter is not good for electronics.

However, the one I saw was doctored, and if it wasn't, well, I WANT HER CAMERA. I'm posting raw photos here. For me, I'm challenging myself to do it right the first time so to speak LOL I mentioned in an earlier post how I've grown so used to cheating w/ scrapbooking and painting htings out of the picture, I've become lazy. So, even if it's not cheating to photoshop, I'm not going to do it. I think. May have to sunset day LOL

Today's photo was the inside of your wallet. If I'd done it before we left for the picnic in the park, there would only have been cards & receipts, but since it was after... :D

Ha!! Bet you thought there'd be candy.... :D

I put some quick makeup on in the car to questions like why are you wearing that we're just going to park, etc. Same questions I got when I said I needed to do my face routine when we were getting ready. I said, "Sunscreen, and BTW get some on the kiddo there." (3yo) and went back to what I was doing. LOL I don't where much make up on those kind of days, but I found I get out of the habit if I don't wear something. My hair and teeth are paying for it :P So back to the routine, even if it's basic eyeliner and tinted lipbalm with a touch of mascara.

ANYWAYS, I started this forever ago, made us something to eat and now I'm finishing it. I hope. :P

I did write about 700 words yesterday despite being unable to focus well. Another 300 so far today with more to come tonight! I really need to get it done. I want to get it done. It's frustrating to be unable to focus.

But, my time will come... LOL How was everyone's Easter holiday weekend? Hope it went well. We had a beautiful day at the park even if I did forget my camera. I did get a few pics on my tablet, but it's not the same as a decent camera. Not bad, but *shrug*

Tomorrow, it's back to the drawing board.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Day 7 Photo a Day April, and other stuff

Today's photo took a little more thought on my part. I mean, shadow? really? That could mean so many things. I had visions that would include me having to draw something that I'd then take a picture of, but in some ways, that would be too easy. I'm doing this challenge partly to, well, challenge myself. Increase my eye for composition, color, mood, etc. Not make it up on paper, but use the world around me. Now, off on a rabit trail, that really isn't a rabit trail. You'll see...

We were going to have a *bleep* poor Easter this year. No worries. I had my kids' life to be thankful for (and NO, that wasn't sarcasm. Since my daughter was recovering from having stents put in cuz of mayoturners, which led to discovery of blood clot in her brain that nearly killed her, being thankful I'm not having to worry about my daughter in hospital while home with younger sons is a truth to be grateful for) and they had things to be thankful for. Might have gone down as the worst Easter Evah, but still, they were all alive.

Well, a family friend who knows our situation, brought the boys premade baskets, eggs, & dye kit. So what started out as probable suck turned into fun fun fun LOL Alhough, my 11 yo, got kinda tired of it quickly, my 8yo and I had a blast to the end. Here are some pictures of that:

LOL Sorry about the cracker in mouth, snot nosed kid pic (smeared from cheek to cheek from trying to wipe it while he fights us!), but it's too cute :D He's still got a bit of the runny nose, obviously, but feeling all kinds better! My 3yo actually tried to eat the egg when I first tried to help him LOL why the heck would we put perfectly good eggs anywhere else, right? :D My kids are adorable. (I hear snickers & eye rolls, but I'm the mom, I'm allowed ;-)

So, after the 3yo is safely ensconsed with Daddyo, and 8yo is doing eggs while I take pics (ended up with 80!!!!) I saw the pattern on the ceiling from our chandelier. (Any bells ringing?) I love the pattern and the glow and while admiring it, MY BELLS STARTED RINGING. lol So, I did get a few, I have two favorites. I did one in B&W & one in Sepia (something I learned about the Camera just today after having it nearly a YEAR!) Thank you Photo A Day :P

First one:

I like this one, but it doesn't say shadow to me, so the second one:

Is the one I'm doing for my shadow photo today.

Not much writing yet, will do more tonight, I hope. Had guests all day, dinner, etc. and now have to prep Easter tomorrow, make deviled eggs, potato salad and bread for tomorrow. We are going to the park for a picnic for Easter. However, I'm hoping to sneak words in tonight anyway.

Wish me Luck! Happy Easter!
(Passover, etc. LOL)