Saturday, April 7, 2012

Day 7 Photo a Day April, and other stuff

Today's photo took a little more thought on my part. I mean, shadow? really? That could mean so many things. I had visions that would include me having to draw something that I'd then take a picture of, but in some ways, that would be too easy. I'm doing this challenge partly to, well, challenge myself. Increase my eye for composition, color, mood, etc. Not make it up on paper, but use the world around me. Now, off on a rabit trail, that really isn't a rabit trail. You'll see...

We were going to have a *bleep* poor Easter this year. No worries. I had my kids' life to be thankful for (and NO, that wasn't sarcasm. Since my daughter was recovering from having stents put in cuz of mayoturners, which led to discovery of blood clot in her brain that nearly killed her, being thankful I'm not having to worry about my daughter in hospital while home with younger sons is a truth to be grateful for) and they had things to be thankful for. Might have gone down as the worst Easter Evah, but still, they were all alive.

Well, a family friend who knows our situation, brought the boys premade baskets, eggs, & dye kit. So what started out as probable suck turned into fun fun fun LOL Alhough, my 11 yo, got kinda tired of it quickly, my 8yo and I had a blast to the end. Here are some pictures of that:

LOL Sorry about the cracker in mouth, snot nosed kid pic (smeared from cheek to cheek from trying to wipe it while he fights us!), but it's too cute :D He's still got a bit of the runny nose, obviously, but feeling all kinds better! My 3yo actually tried to eat the egg when I first tried to help him LOL why the heck would we put perfectly good eggs anywhere else, right? :D My kids are adorable. (I hear snickers & eye rolls, but I'm the mom, I'm allowed ;-)

So, after the 3yo is safely ensconsed with Daddyo, and 8yo is doing eggs while I take pics (ended up with 80!!!!) I saw the pattern on the ceiling from our chandelier. (Any bells ringing?) I love the pattern and the glow and while admiring it, MY BELLS STARTED RINGING. lol So, I did get a few, I have two favorites. I did one in B&W & one in Sepia (something I learned about the Camera just today after having it nearly a YEAR!) Thank you Photo A Day :P

First one:

I like this one, but it doesn't say shadow to me, so the second one:

Is the one I'm doing for my shadow photo today.

Not much writing yet, will do more tonight, I hope. Had guests all day, dinner, etc. and now have to prep Easter tomorrow, make deviled eggs, potato salad and bread for tomorrow. We are going to the park for a picnic for Easter. However, I'm hoping to sneak words in tonight anyway.

Wish me Luck! Happy Easter!
(Passover, etc. LOL)

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