Thursday, April 5, 2012

New Art & Day 5

I posted a new item on Etsy tonight.

Different in color, tone and style than most of my work. Very Abstract.

I also took my picture for Photo a Day April.

Todays assignment: Tiny

In case you're not a crafter, those are miniature eyelets and seed beads. Very small ones LOL

As for writing, I did do over 3k last night, but not much today. I'm mentally exhausted from the sex/murder scene. It's hard to do. I painted a little, but I'm going to need to paint more to put more positive energy back into my soul.

I'm exhausted from not sleeping well or long. At least some of my twitterai have carried me through the last few nights/mornings :D

My writer friends, how do you recover from an emotionally exhausting scene?

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