Saturday, April 28, 2012

Days 26&27 almost done

Well, I have to admit, that Blogger's new look has made it hard to WANT to post or blog about anything :S I hatez it precious. Yes, I still do. I've hated every step of Google's changes and I don't understand why they took something that WAS so easy and made it difficult!!

The challenges now are Black and White and Somewhere you went. I'm going to use photos I took this month, just not today. :) I was thinking.... LOL Actually, I took new pics of my painting, Multnomah Falls and put it on Etsy early this AM. Or late last PM but either way, it'll count :) as for Black and white... I did that one a while ago. Thought of doing another one and maybe by the time this post is finished, I will :)

Except for very last one, these are all pics of the painting I did. I went there on the way to and from Cannon Beach last year after a very stressful April/May. Had a lovely time, took some lovlier pics, and now have started painting some of them. :) (So obviously, the somewhere I went) (And this painting is for sale! Comment here if you're interested or email :D

The last one is a study I did in charcoal of Picasso's Two Children. I sometimes look at my sketchbook in awe. This is one of those times. Whatever it is about Robert Fisher, he brings out skills I don't know I have. I sure miss art classes.

I'm currently editing Ulfric's Mate, have written a bit on The Midwife's Moon, but mostly, I'm just playing, networking and enjoying my boys... :) This week has been a rough one, but it ended much better than it started ;) I'm happy and content in my family I claim, which includes many "non blood" family members! I wish I'd written a few thousand more words... I don't think I'm getting my amount done in next 4 days. Sigh. It was a nice thought though.

Plus, the goal made it so I did get another one finished. Right now, I feel the pressure of about 80k words that I HAVE to finish and that's not counting the new shinies.

Hope you all have a splendid weekend. I shan't be posting tomorrow night as I need to finish edits by tomorrow night... See you Sunday ;)

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