Thursday, April 12, 2012

Day?? lol

I TRIED to post this last night, I swear. Even had witty things to say about how much of a dork I am. See, the sunset photo? yeah, not up yet. So, I'm posting pics of the cold and the place I ate breakfast, and try to do today's later. Guess where I at breakfast at yesterday?

My poor keyboard needs a good dusting! I found a crochet pattern for an keyboard duster I'm going to try! (as if I needed ANYTHING else to do!)

I did get some writing done, but mostly on the project that's for working on when main MS is not flowing or I'm missing something. LOL let's see I'm at 17054 on Midwife's Moon (what's that? 150 words LOL) and 4598 on The short. (I think that's a little more respectable at 1700ish? Wasn't I around 2700 before? I really should go look at my last blog lol.)

I spent a good portion of my early evening getting a small load (just the start) of river and red rock. Free if you haul! so, I'm getting it... lol Yardwork and housework and work, (writing) and kids...BUSY days ahead!

How are your days coming?

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