Thursday, April 26, 2012

Days 24&25 catch up if you please

Days 24&25... Something you're grateful for and looking down. I'm thankful for the internet and my friends I've found through the internet, so took pic of my satellite interpreter thingy LOL  The second pic is me looking down on my necklace I'm working which I'll explain about in post.

Well, y'all have a nutshell of what last few days have been like.

But yesterday, I put my energies into something creative. I crocheted with wire for the first time. It's the first part of a necklace I'm planning out. I intended to keep it for myself, but may have to sell it when it's done. Sigh. But it's coming out very cool. I took pic of small bit of it. I'm excited. I found some leftover trim from making costumes for some melodrama or another to put with the beaded wire crochet piece. I'll whipstitch the wire piece onto the trim with embroidery floss to keep the shiny pretty thing happening. LOL Then I'll put the crown piece I posted pics of yesterday in the center bottom so it hangs from the lower edge of trim. Going to be very cool when I'm finished :)

Writing update: I haven't done much writing even though I'm at a fight scene and have had the perfect emotions to throw into it, because I was having issues with the way I thought I "should" go into it and the way I wanted to. After lengthy discussion with hubby, I realized the way I wanted to go was the right way and some additional info came out which I hadn't conciously thought of but had added to my unease in how I thought I "should" do it. But now, woohoo ready to go on the scene. Come over to computer and the damn thing had froze up on the internet. :P lol so I logged off and logged back on and started writing, then this is this, and that is that, and then I remembered today's photos, and now I'm writing the blog...I think I have over a hundred. This is one of those days I would have foregone the blog if not for the photo a day challenge.

I.HAVE.GOT.TO.GET.TO.THE.OTHER.EDITS. I'm just worn out. I have been on thyroid meds and feel better in general but I had a lot of work to catch up on/do and emotionally have been wrung through the wringer so have needed to do crafting to fill that up again :) Hopefully, I'll feel more alert soon. Mentally, edits take more from me than writing does. Writing is ideas. Editing is rules. It's so much easier to have an idea then to remember the rules! LOL I want to write so many stories... Anyways, I've been in touch for the Editor (yes w/ capital E!) of Ulfric's Mate and those will be coming down the pipeline soon! this will be like the 3rd? from her, not counting my pre-edits. LOL Will still need line items etc. but it's getting close! I'm so excited!!

How are you all doing?

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