Sunday, April 8, 2012

Day 8 photo

Now, I've looked at exactly one other person's blog with the hashtag. I've tried to look at others (ie find them via hashtag) but whenever I want a hashtag, it's apparently a cue for my internet to say obscenities to me and laugh it's arse off, then freeze. Apparently too much laughter is not good for electronics.

However, the one I saw was doctored, and if it wasn't, well, I WANT HER CAMERA. I'm posting raw photos here. For me, I'm challenging myself to do it right the first time so to speak LOL I mentioned in an earlier post how I've grown so used to cheating w/ scrapbooking and painting htings out of the picture, I've become lazy. So, even if it's not cheating to photoshop, I'm not going to do it. I think. May have to sunset day LOL

Today's photo was the inside of your wallet. If I'd done it before we left for the picnic in the park, there would only have been cards & receipts, but since it was after... :D

Ha!! Bet you thought there'd be candy.... :D

I put some quick makeup on in the car to questions like why are you wearing that we're just going to park, etc. Same questions I got when I said I needed to do my face routine when we were getting ready. I said, "Sunscreen, and BTW get some on the kiddo there." (3yo) and went back to what I was doing. LOL I don't where much make up on those kind of days, but I found I get out of the habit if I don't wear something. My hair and teeth are paying for it :P So back to the routine, even if it's basic eyeliner and tinted lipbalm with a touch of mascara.

ANYWAYS, I started this forever ago, made us something to eat and now I'm finishing it. I hope. :P

I did write about 700 words yesterday despite being unable to focus well. Another 300 so far today with more to come tonight! I really need to get it done. I want to get it done. It's frustrating to be unable to focus.

But, my time will come... LOL How was everyone's Easter holiday weekend? Hope it went well. We had a beautiful day at the park even if I did forget my camera. I did get a few pics on my tablet, but it's not the same as a decent camera. Not bad, but *shrug*

Tomorrow, it's back to the drawing board.

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