Thursday, April 19, 2012

Day 18

So, I didn't do so hot advertising yesterday's post. :( *bad Leona. No doughnut!*

Today's assignment is hair. Well, that's easy. But I wondered as to how it would look, but I like the one. I happen to be wearing a headband today. An awesome I love and would cry if I lost it head band.

I love that headband. Sigh.

Anyway, today we did housework, but my back is killing me from the copius amount of yardwork I did yesterday, so the going was slow. Then when I did get outside, I found about six inches of pea gravel in the area I wanted to till up. So I shoveled more rock today.

Then, when I finally decide to start the first round of tilling, I could get the damn thing started, but not run very long. My  back nearly killed me in protest. Grrr. So I gave in for the night, went to Michaels and got chocolate, bead needles and some clearanced prettyies which I'm going to make into jewelry for my author photos. Yep, you read that right :) I found my jewlery. I found some fleur de lis stuff, and real silver to boot... *sings* I'm so excited!

My poor husband's rolling his eyes. But I had a Mary Kay sale out of my stock and I told him I was selling it so we could have money for my clothes, jewelry, & make up cuz we don't have money in the household budget. I gave him 40 bucks for milk, eggs, sour cream, and snacks...and a mocha in the morning :)

So, things lightened up a little bit around here. they're still tight as tight can be, but at least I found my jewelry for author photos!! I'm nearly ready. I would like some nice jeans, crochet cardigan, and a bold shirt. I'm going to make the cardigan (In my spare time, right? LOL) and I'm still watching for jeans. I have cowboy boots, thinking of doing a cowboy hat too :D I did find jumper dresses which I'll do a couple of the head shots in. Crazy. LOL But, I need new photos for my avatars, so here I go :D

As for writing, I'm about a third of the way through my edits-on-paper-input-to-computer step. And I'm ready for the day! Er, night... LOL I work the third shift. And the second. And the latter half of the first... Well, I'm a writer AND a mom... it's not like I get any time off! My run to Michaels? First time I've been there in weeks!!!!

Oh, right, back to the writing. I have gotten my meds and it's taken a week to get anywhere useful, but getting there I am! As I've said, I'm in editing process for the short for the Ravaged anthology for Breathless Presss (insert loud cheers and clapping here! These guys are AWESOME) and I'm trying to get some other writing done to turn into them and pray they lurv it :D

So on Midwife's Moon, I'm kinda stalled at 17,055 cuz of my meds & edits, but watchout boys, here she comes. On the "secret short" I'm working on, I did get a bit done cuz I'm allowed to work on it when not editing. I'm at 8,169. Remember, I started both of these stories after March 25. And I've written on other short and printed out and started edits on a novel I have 55k+ on for Splintered Lands so... I need to quit being so hard on myself. Not so much on here, but at home. I'm very critical of how much writing/cleaning/gardening I get done. Sometimes I forget to take into account how much there is to do! LOLOL

Well, this got REALLY long... so, good night :D

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