Monday, August 30, 2010

Back to School

My kids go back to school Wednesday. It's so late compared to the rest of the valley. A week later than almost everyone. Weird. Anyway, this past week has seen me grow a year older. Has wisdom come with that? We shall see. I'm having problems with my 19 year old daughter who seems to think she can be a disrespectful bully and then come and go as she pleases.

When I sent a box of things with grandma she was staying with a got a lot of cuss words with the obligatory, "I appreciate the gesture" thrown in so she can say she said it. But, when its interspersed with WTF and S*&&& and so on about how I'm just going to piss her off if I rush her in getting her stuff out, it loses it's impact of being grateful.

She left calling me names and being disrespectful. She walked out because she didn't want to stop her tantrum that I wasn't doing things her way. Fine, just not going to be here and act that way. So, rather than get herself under control, she hit things and screamed and walked out. (She has bipolar, and needs help. Alas, since she was over 18 before anyone took me seriously about it, I can do nothing about it.) She has since talked to me after disowning two of her brothers and me.

But it's been a falseness. A, "I'm the martyr because I'm still talking to you," attitude. When in reality, she should be asking for forgiveness. She also seems to think I have to leave her room the way it is until she decides to come get her stuff. Um, no. You left. I have stuff coming out of storage and a refriderator and freezer that I need to make room for.

Oh, but she has a plan. And I'm just going to piss her off if I try to rush her. Those were her exact words. Why does she think it matters to me? Nearly all of our fights are becasue I don't bow down to her bullying me to do something the way she wants me to or let her do something the way she wants. I realized last week that was exactly what she was doing--being a bully. Sigh. It's hard having a child with bipolar.

The good news is that since she's left, the level of stress in my household has dropped exponetionally. Now, instead of boys constantly fighting each other and me, I have "normal levels" of grumpy and "I don't want to" when faced with boredom or chores.

They are saying please again, excuse me, etc. I was able to take a nap with no yelling and fighting (something I haven't been able to do all summer). I hadn't realized how much violence was bred into her bipolar problem.

School is almost ready to start. I can't wait. Writing time. I hope. LOL We are the most ready for school than we've been in five years :) I haven't got new backpacks because they were on sale for 18. I have a first grader and fourth grader who drop their packs and run to the nearest playground. NOT spending 20 bucks on their book bags. I also have to buy a ruler cuz I stepped on the only 12 inch ruler we have and it broke. Big surprise there.

Although, I didn't buy ALL their supplies. I refuse. Four big boxes of Kleenex AND four boxes of wipes???? My child wouldn't use that in a year at home. Hello. So, I'm sending two boxes of each. One for my child, one for someone who can't afford it. I can always send more after Christmas.

The other extravagance that I see is the dry erase markers. 5?? really? of the same color??? Yeah, I don't think so. Plus, I know my child. Having five will cause him to lose more and not keep track of the one he's using. I'm sending two. Again, I can send more later if the marker is actually for his use. (They don't ask for a board, just the markers and erasers??? Maybe school has boards??) Anyway, except for a few refusals on my part, and binders that I'm getting next weekend when I see how many my teenager needs, we're ready. I love it.

Feels so good to be ready. Now that the bulk of canning is done, just need to do a bit more toms, pears and apples, I'm going to have more free time. I'm going to use some of that time posting pics here and on my friends crochet blog. Plus my writing. I'm so excited. I will have time to myself. And, with my husbands new work schedule, time with him :) Yeah US!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

hello again

Well, one week later and a year older, I'm back :) I've been busy since the last time I was on. Two of my kids became violently ill, if only for the short term. One was the baby :( I prettymuch held him all day Thursday. Since I still had a low grade fever, it was probably a good thing.

The bad thing was all the lost fruit from all the illness :( Well, also all the backed up housework!

I entered a "So You Think You Can Write" contest and made the first cut :) I've been so busy canning and cleaning that I didn't even get on to ask you all to vote for me! Next week I will that's for sure :) It's a line by line contest. You build on each line and people vote for their favorite. Last week, the bottom 3 were cut. OUCH> Three at a time! Harsh.

We shall see what next week holds...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

bits & pieces

Here's the opening to new paranormal I started. What do you think?

His black fur rippled in the wind, gleaming under the blue rays of the full moon. He lifted his nose in the air, sniffing for hunters. Getting caught in wolf form was not on his list of things to do before he died. In fact, being caged might kill him.

He put his nose down to the ground. He had her scent. At first, she had been hard to follow, but her scent had grown stronger the deeper into the evergreens they were. As soon as he realized it, he slowed down his hunt. His instincts told him it was a trap. He still had to track her down. She had killed three pregnant women in his pack.

Here's an excerpt from the thriller Winds of Fire:

"Who would want to hurt either them or Eagle Claw? Perhaps they, whoever ‘they’ are, are trying to bring down all of us." Definitely something she planned to look at more closely. "I don’t like this." She repeated.

"Don’t like what?" a male voice intoned.

Victoria whirled around at the sound of his voice and was unprepared for his impact on her. She felt like someone punched her in the gut. It was Mario da Vinci. The one who got away. He had lost much of his accent, but none of his deep timbre. His golden brown eyes were harder than she remembered, and his short-cropped hair had grown out long enough for his natural wave to be noticeable and for the wind to have ruffled it out of place.

Not now, she thought. Out loud she said, "What are you doing here?"

"Hello to you too, Victoria. See you haven’t lost any of your cold shoulder since we last talked." His brown eyes were laughing, although the edge in his voice belied the joke.

Feel free to comment on likes/dislikes and any and all grammatical errors you might find. I'm seeking perfection. Haven't hit it yet.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Yep, again already

I am bouncing up and down as I came to a realization. I have written three COMPLETE Novels in two and a half years. I'm still editing on a couple, but I've done it. Word count is something like this:
Rebellion on Piza 7: 71k+
Quest for Riverhand: 85,721 so far (this is one adding back in my adjectives, and world building and--you get the idea)
Winds of Fire: 59,800

Plus I've written a couple of shorts and had a few fals starts on a short I need to turn into a novel. Plus, I have about 15k on the sequel to Rebellion on Piza 7

Last night, I told my husband, "I finished a novel!" He was sorely underappreciative of what an accomplishment that was. He apparently can't decide whether he wants me to succeed sooner or later. See, I have a a few advantages.

One, I type, tested, at 69 words per minute. That's copying some unknown, usually foreign subject/names out with 1 or fewer mistakes while being timed. When it's the words coming out of my head? Wowzers. Believe me, being able to type fast is a HUGE deal for getting writing done.

Two, I have a vast array of general knowledge. This cuts down on research time for two reasons--I may already know, and if not, I have a good starting point for getting that knowledge.

Three, I have a good grasp on the English language and know most of the general rules. Some of the tricky ones I've learned from networking. I'm always learning more, but it helps to have a good grasp of grammar from the beginning.

And four, I have so many story ideas, they are fighting for supremacy. I can't quit writing. It's like once I decided to open that damn, it flooded. Not a trickle or controlled flow, it just goes. If I don't get it written down, I may not get it back.

Anyways, he seems to think it should take me years and years, yet doesn't want to wait that long for success. *Sigh* I'm simply going to keep on going and trying the way I've been doing. Learning, over learning, learning, making mistakes, learning, networking, and most of all, writing to my heart's content.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Has it really been that long?

I am trying to do this AT LEAST once a week. Honest. I'm trying to not play on internet as much and get more done. I did get lots done. I printed out Winds of Fire up to the point I had finished (about 5k shy of the end), hand punched holes one by one on 180 pages to fit into three ring binder, and edited said pages. I will let someone else do the math as my head hurts just writing it :)

I have input all the changes into the computer, finished the story and wrote the query. It already needs help. *Sigh* I've thought of this query for a year. No joke. A year. I started this story last March, did a large chunk last July, a bit in October, pre-Nano, and another chunk this July. (Thanks Tami and Traci for your July challenges!) I have now officially finished the story. I am sure I will make changes here and there, but it is time to query. I sent my query to query shark. I felt all good and self righteous. You know, cuz I'd read everything, knew what not to do, etc. I even refreshed my memory right before hitting send. Guess what jumped out at me immediately? I put in too many characters in the first paragraph. Groan, GROAN, GROAN! Well, I'm not sure how to fix it. I mean there are two main characters, the bad guy and a strong supportive character who is the main character in the next book. Also, I repeat myself. I don't say the same thing exactly, rather different things the same way. What can I say? Apparently not the right thing LOL

Happy days, another novel finished. Now to go back and ad the adjectives and world building back into the story. *headpalm slap. Have a great week!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Today is another day

So, if anyone sees my handy dandy notebook with everything important in it, please contact me *looks around beesechingly* No? Well, on with it then. Update on Family:

Eldest going through a "Black Manic" No, that is not a technical term, it is my term for it. An Angry, Dark, Evil state. Instead of hyper-happy we get Doomsday-darling. UGH None of the stages are fun, but this one is hardest for me to cope with. Even when she thinks she's being nice, she's being critical.

My eldest son will be 80 before he's off grounding. Sneaking out, lying, and disobedience are not the way to mother's good graces.

My next eldest is doing better today. At least he didn't procrastinate today, so his half hour chore didn't turn into three hours.

My second-to-the-last is doing very well today. Happy change from yesterday. He is doodling away and painting with paper and left over modeling paint. Should be interesting to see the results. :D

My youngest is doing very well. Happy, not being bothered by his teeth at this moment *knocks on wood* and is extremely curious and active. A blessing every day to us. Especially since we were warned that he might not do so well when they diagnosed him with Downs Syndrome.

Writing update: Much more fun to talk about than the family angst.

I have to, as said in previous post, PUT MY VOICE BACK IN to fantasy novel. *puts head to desk multiple times. I cannot believe I allowed it to happen. And worst, that I didn't notice it happening! I got stuck on rule, rules, rules. Not happening again!

I am currently printing out my thriller that is ALMOST finished. It's been a difficult book to write. I put it away for six months or so and forgot some of the nuances. Before, it was flowing off my fingertips like water over a fall. *sigh* maybe it will come back to me. I will be reading and editing, NOT OVEREDITING, and trying to remember how it was supposed to end. Yep, you heard me. I forgot the ending. It sets up the next book, yet completes this book. I had it well figured out. Now I can't remember. Write it down? Are you crazy? I'm a writer, why would I write it down? Oh, yeah. You got me there. Let's hope that I either have an epiphany, or remember the original plan.

I also have a science fiction darling that needs to be written as it is a sequel and there are people asking for it. Get to work already, woman. *peers over shoulder with slanty eyes to make sure that wasn't hubby talking.* Nope, my inner muse is telling me in no uncertain terms to get to work and quit being so damn lazy. :D

Reminder, I know a few of you were going to try and write. I am giving the bookmarks out to anyone who tried for consistency, despite life's foibles. You know who you are. Give me a color! This includes international people. When I have it done, I will have you email me a physical addy to send it to.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Time to Buckle Down

Yep, I said that. As if July wasn't enough. However, I did fun things in July. I will do a few fun things this month I hope, but nothing like we did so far. I had my 20 year class reunion and it was a blast. I danced the night away and now I am sore... That was Saturday night! Will be catching up on some cleaning and stuff but definitely need to buckle down to writing on computer more.

How is everyone's writing going? don't forget I have a Christie Craig novel to give away. I need people to post who ran the 1k a day or 3k aday (five days a week) with me! Otherwise, this splendid gift will disappear into nothingness!

So fellow writers, Write! Others, how are you doing? What are you doing? Anything fun this summer?