Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pimping the blogs

So CJ Redwine has finally done the much awaited Rachel Vincent interview. I may have helped bring that about in cahoots with CJ's sister @HC_Palmquist. We sort of pestered the two of them so CJ HAD to ask her. Not that it took much arm twisting :D

So I've been politely watching, staying back as i've won so many things I've resisted entering anything until recently. It's been like 5ish months, I think, since I've won anything so time to start playing the rounds again!!!

What's at stake on her blog? The latest from Rachel Vincent, My Soul to Steal, the fourth in the series. You really, really, really, *counts the really's - needs one more* REALLY want to go read it and enter! for one thing, CJ does the most fun interviews I've ever read! Johnny Depp, Were-llama (which inspired me to get my own set of Weretoads which coincidentally enough happen to eat werespiders), and the Spork of Doom are the hosts of the interview and the author gets to choose who.

Let me tell you, it's a load of fantastic fun to read these. Rachel chose the less popular Spork of Doom. I don't know why it's less popular because I think it's something you can really sink your teeth into...

*ducks the rotten tomatoes the followers just threw*

Anyway, you want to go read this post and follow and read past posts. It's a lot of fun.

Some other blogs to take a peek at:

Roni Loren: Her latest is stupendous as always.

She's a fun person to follow. Plus she follows my blog so that makes her made of awesome :D

Next up is another give away, this one 2 hardcovers by Deborah Coonts,

@SuspenseSirens sent this one in :D go to their site and check this giveaway out!

Wanna Get Lucky and Lucky Stiff are the titles. Go here to find all the details.

And lastly for today's pimping of the blogs, I give you my critique partner, Anee-Mhairi. New at the blogging thing, she's already surprised many people's expectations and caused quite a bit of controversy. She must be doing something right! :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Donate Buttons

As I said in earlier post, I've layed back on the posting a bit this month. Will get back to it. I miss it :D I've had an idea floating in the back of my mind since I saw a random twitter comment last month. Once in a while, it would float to the top but I wasn't hearing it. Today, I'm hearing it.

In recent times, there has been so many tragedies and we're all trying to help. That's great. Awesome. Keep it up. No really, keep it up. That's a seperate category, although it does overlap a little with the bit I'm going on about.

The Random Twitter Comment:

I don't like seeing a donate button on an author's website.

I was taken aback and tried to figure out why. The only reason I can come up with is this person didn't like someone asking for money, as if they're a beggar. It's possible someone really is just begging. They may have set up a pretty blog then added the donate buuton and ignored it--no new blogs, no new freebie shorts, no helpful hints, etc. It's possible.

However, I don't believe it's likely. From what I've seen, the people with a donate button were reluctant to put it up but had to do it. Examples:

1. @CJRedwine She put a donate button up asking for help in covering the enormous cost of adopting. In her case it was overseas. Before you get into a hoorah about adopting outside of the country when they're are so many in need here, go online, find your congressman or representative and complain to him. Many agencie make it nearly impossible for people to adopt for so many reasons--gay couple, too old, too young, interracial, etc. The list goes on and the process is arduous before you're even given a chance to see a child. There ar exceptions and there are private adoptions, but keep your soap box away from this issue. She has my full support and this is my blog :D

Anyways, the process keeps getting more and more complicated. And the costs are astronomical. These costs went up for CJ's family. I don't know how much for sure, but I know that it was a taxing load for them. She added a donate button so her family and friends could help out. How's that a bad thing? It's not. It's perfect. She doesn't have to beg, she keeps giving information, providing funny blogs, unique intervies, etc and those who found her story touching or appreciated her things could donate. Perfect in my mind.

The next person who's added a donate button in the course of time I've followed them is @AuthoressAnon.

She is wonderful. She's set up all kinds of contests, submissions for auctions etc. It was on one big auction for an agent that she finally added the donate button. And she waited until she was sure no one thought they had to donate to participate even though she would have had more exposure by putting the button up earlier.

She puts in literally hundreds of hours reading slush piles, making judgment calls that could get her hated, or unfollowed. She went to a lot of work organizing that huge one and it was a fantastic success. She's providing a service and giving up large quantities of time and emotional energy. She provides an avenue that's unique and allows author's voices to be heard who might otherwise have been missed. She's providing a service.

So, rather than charge people to enter, she's asked for donations. The amount of time she puts in, it wouldn't have been unreasonable to charge a small fee to enter. But I think something in the contest and the way she likes to do things would've been lost. And how she likes to do things works. She's proven it. Again, I'm not seeing the problem with the donate button.

The next example is @RCMurphy.

Now her button was up when I first went to her site, but she tells her stories on line and offers them up for free. It's beautiful and her stories are wonderful. I don't know all the details of her life, but I do know she has a kid and she tries to work from home. She's providing entertainment and she doesn't ask for particular payment. She has a donate button on the side, quietly saying, "Hey, if you like it, help keep it coming!"

She's a writer. And, as most of my followers are writers or friends with one, they'd agree that getting paid to write is a good thing. so again, no seeing the problem with the donate button.

If you're out their cruising blogs, before you make a broad sweeping judgment, maybe you should really think about the big picture. Who is the site holder hurting? no one. Are they scamming you? no. Are they providing somethign? Yes.

Think before you say things that might come back and haunt you. And please, if you enjoy their sites and have an extra dollar or two give. Especially since there are so many of us who can't. Help keep people like them doing their services for free.

After all, we don't want everyone ending up like the NYT do we? :P

Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Excerpts

I don't know what to do for today's excerpts. The last time I thought it was Fri, it was like tuesday or something LOL That's when I decided I needed to take some time off. I wrote when I had a post, missed writing a post because of screaming 2 yo. It's not called the terrible twos for nothing.

I've been very busy. I've edited the Damian Series. Again. Will be doing another round soon. I'm going to add about 20k to it. A lot of it world building. We'll see where that gets me. I'm currently working on a short story for Splintered Lands. I've finished it, but now await input from my critique partner and husband. Since it's fantasy, my husband does well as an editor :) When it's posted on their site, I'll post a link on here, and try to remember how to make a permanent link on the side. Carrie made the The Handbook to Writer Secret Society one, so I can't claim credit for it. And if it's not working, it is my fault. Sigh.

I've found a couple new possible homes for stories that need a bit of polishing, but I have this new shiny. Yes, boys and girls, I'm still going strong on my Gal Friday Noir. It's just rolling off the tongue-so to speak :P were at 43865 words, despite the hellacious weeks I've had since starting it. Of course, I wanted it finished by the Ides of March. That didn't happen. I got very sick a week into the whole plan and splat went my plans. I did get a short erotica written for a contest, edits done on both the Gal Friday and the Damian Series, as well as a quick run through on some other things.

So what to post for today's excerpts? Ah, I know. A short story called Ulfric's Mate. I wrote this last summer. This is the first however many paragraphs. enjoy!

The Ulfric's Mate

His black fur rippled in the wind, gleaming under the blue rays of the full moon. He lifted his nose in the air, sniffing for hunters. Getting caught in wolf form was not on his list of things to do before he died. In fact, being caged might kill him.
He put his nose down to the ground. He had her scent. At first, she'd been hard to follow, but her scent had grown stronger the deeper into the evergreens they were.

As soon as he realized it, he slowed down his hunt. His instincts told him it was a trap. He still had to track her down. She'd killed three pregnant women in his pack.

As a detective, Nolan Littlebull needed to do things by the book. As head of the pack, he had other obligations. Nights like tonight brought his dual personalities together. He possessed the evidence against her. Problem was, she'd committed the crime in wolf form. The authorities were looking for a stray pack, or someone with pet wolves. He knew they were wrong.

It wasn't a stray pack. It was a faction that had split from his pack a hundred years ago. She'd crossed their demilitarized zone and killed on his territory. The challenge had to be met. He growled in frustration. If she'd done it openly, he would've personally met the challenge the first time.

Now, the human authorities, animal control activists and half the damn world were aware of the killings. He stopped behind a large pine and crouched down in the undergrowth there. They were on the Yakama Reservation, the restricted lands.

Smart move by Roxy Takheal to lead him out here. If something happened to him, it would be attributed to the wild wolves and coyotes. He'd be found naked and ravaged by canine teeth. He shook his head. How the majority of the human race continued to deny the existence of another realm in their world constantly amazed him.

He had no choice. He had to go on. Watch his step and his back. But he couldn't let her get away with murdering those under his protection. He felt the blood lust of his beast swell. That side had no problem with the plan of chase and attack. It was his human instincts that were calling for caution. Was he thinking too much, or was it a trap set by those who didn't know his kind?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

well hello there

It's Tuesday. For real this time. Yeah, been having issues with that lately LOL When I said I was doing Friday Excerpts a little early, I thought it was the night before. LOLOL Due to family stuff, my computer time has been limited, so I let it ride until today. (Do I get a pass on my week being messed up if I tell you my teenager didn't have school on Friday?:)

This weekend I've spent a lot of time at the inlaws because our water has been out. Try living with three young kids and no water. Not cool. If you've ever been out of water and power for any real length of time, and I've done both, then your compassion level and admiration of those in Japan and Hawaii and other places hit by the Tsunami has to be higher than Joe Blow's down the street. You have an inkling of what it's like.

My Grandma-in-law's house burned down in a recent fire that turned rampant in literally no time due to winds and such. I've written about it, so if you follow my blog you know what I'm talking about. If not, go read about the White Swan Fire from last month. I'll wait. (insert Jeapordy music here :) Anyway, our community really pulled together. There wasn't any complaining. No fighting over the donations. A chain motel even put some people up--free--until housing could be found. I hadn't seen the like before. There was sadness, emotional trauma, but no angry fighting, bullying or any of the things that can happen when humans are hurting and their lives torn apart.

Now, in Japan, you see that same gathering of community. Long lines at the few working gas stations, but no fighting and yelling. No looting. That's the one that has me impressed. How many times is their a disaster of sometime and the stores get looted? Too many in my opinion. The Japanese people have a long row to hoe, no doubt about it. Please, though, remember your fellow Americans who have also been hit and reach out to them with the same love and compassion that we are to the Japanese. Let their example lead us in not only helping those in Hawaii and other places that lost so much, but in helping Japan. Already the outpouring of help and Search and Rescue Teams has been outstanding.

I love you people. I don't know how much money the writing community as a whole has raised but I'm willing to be it's over 10k since someone had over 6k raised within 24 hours!! Good job!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Friday Excerpts--Gal Friday Noir revamped to 1st

I know I'm a little early for west coasters, US, but my other friends in Europe are already into Friday :)

I'd like to thank everyone who helped me in my transfermation from third to first. This is early in chapter one. I think the first paragraph here is about the fifth in chapter one.

I've not started any real edits yet so it's still pretty raw. But the first person is really rockin' in this story. Tell me what you think :)

Gal Friday Noir

The blue suit, as I think of the slightly shorter, more dour of the partners, holds my file. I identify it from my stint in the military hospital after some freak biological substance leaked in my neighborhood. I recognize the special symbol on it.

That was back when I was still married--I put an abrupt stop to that train. It left the station a long time ago. I stub out my cigarette in the small old-fashioned glass ashtray on the desk. They obviously don't have an updated dossier on me or they never would've left me with such a hand weapon, much less matches.

I keep my hand hovering over the ashtray, in a seemingly idle gesture. I resist the urge to blow the hair out of my eyes or any other gesture they may take as nervousness. I listen to his voice drone out the basic facts.

Name, Serena L. Rouge formally Hartson at the time of hospitalization. Age, thirty now. Occupation, writer. I smile wide when he reads that in incredulous tones. I can hear the wheels turning as to how some peon of a writer gave him a black eye and broke his partner's nose.

Black suit, the one with the broken nose and truly atrocious attitude glared at me from behind puffy eyes. He speaks as if he has a bad cold due to my resistance in the parking lot. But really, is it my fault they don't do their homework before kidnapping me?

"Hey, this is serious," blue suit says as he notes my smile.

I only smile wider at his cranky tone. Needling assholes never gets old. "Since you haven't bothered to explain why you've kidnapped a citizen with no outstanding warrants or other reason to be summarily arrested, I'm not sure why you think I should take you seriously. Is that a spot of dirt under your eye?" I ask facetiously.

My anger is barely suppressed as I think of my children at school. Or home for all I know. I don't know what time it is thanks to these fuck heads and I can barely control the urge to hurt them again. It's only my extreme need to keep my secret life a, well secret, from yahoos like these that keeps me sitting in my pseudo-relaxed position.

"If you're so innocent, then why did you fight us?"

I stare at him. Is he really completely stupid? Where did the government get these guys? No wonder the zombies are winning. "Duh. Every woman is told to fight to prevent being kidnapped. You were abducting me for fuck's sake. What did you expect!"

I lit another cigarette for something to do with my hands. Plus to have a weapon ready. I notice that black suit doesn't like it. Definite plus in my book.

I know they can't possibly want the writer person, yet they seem unaware that I possess other skills. I'm confused regarding their intentions. However, any way I look at it, it smarts to be kidnapped by such as these two bumbling idiots. But they'd stuck me with a needle of something and down I went. I need to know what the hell they were using. It's hard to bring me down--ever since the accident.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


As humans, we all have our own opinions on things. Sometimes they mesh with those around us and sometimes they don't.

Since starting to follow a multitude of blogs online, I've found a startling fact. People are willing to be publicly mean, rude and outright bitchy to people they don't even know over the smallest thing.

Granted, it isn't always a small thing, but still, people seem to lose perspective and respond before thinking things through.

I recently heard a friend was having trouble on their blog. I'm not going to mention who that friend was, and I haven't gone and read the trouble yet. I didn't want any specifics to accidently spill their way onto my blog post.

You've all heard me expound to some extent on the greatness of the writing community. I stand behind that. However, not only writers, but readers, read and follow people's blogs. What happen's when a reader sees authors fighting online? My guess is unless their is a clear antagonist, they're appalled with both of them.

Let's talk about conversational etiquette for a moment. If someone says something that hurts your feelings, how do you react? First, do you try to determine if they meant to? Or do you attack back, not caring if there is a misunderstanding? Do you tell them that they've hurt your feelings? Do you ask them to take it back politely? Or do you yell at them how they've done you wrong? Do you try to see where they're coming from or do you assume you are the be all and end all on the topic?

In other words, are you rude and inconsiderate or fair and polite? In a conversation, face to face, people tend to be more politic on how they respond to someone else's opinion. Not always, things are still hurtful and we still do say things wrong on occassion, but we tend to stay more polite in person. There are exceptions to this, obviously, but society on a whole doesn't do that.

But online, it seems that many people who wouldn't think of being rude to someone's face are total asshats via internet. There are ways to express your opinion that is in direct contrast to someone else's view without being rude, inconsiderate, or down right pissy. Yet, even though we have the option of deleting/rewording via the Internet, we still say harsher things than we would in person.

One might think, that since we have time to think of our harsh words, we'd find nicer ways of saying them, but the opposite seems to be true.

Don't be like this. If you want to disagree, do it respectfully. Also, don't take everything so dang seriously. Try to be helpful and informative. Not angry, resentful, and pissy.

As a blog moderator, what can you do if this happens? Delete the entries for one thing. Yeah, freedom of speech, yada yada, but you are in charge of your blog. You can say, hey! be respectful in your differing opinions. You don't have to allow that kind of nonsens on your blog, and shouldn't. Unless you're Rush Limbaugh, people don't tune into your blog to be apart of that sort of controversy. (Again, we're not talking a difference of opinion, we're talking, rude, forceful, hurtful voicing of angry thoughts and emotions.)

All in all, can we make the decision to be respectful to our fellow blog readers/commenters and try to take advantage of that DELETE button whenever possible? Let's all be professional. Would you act that way at a book signing? If so, please don't come to mine...

And that's my personal opinion. Everyone should be courteous when commenting. If not, I won't allow the comment to stand, and neither should anyone who doesn't want their readers to be exposed to that kind of angry hate.

Feel free to expression your opinion on the matter in the comments--in a respectful manner of course!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Yikes it's Monday!!

Wow, I just realized it's Monday and I have a post to write :)


Quest for Riverhand our to 2 betas now. This is the one that I edited my voice out of and am now trying to get all the lovely detail and voice back in.

Damian series: Ghost of Kristen's Past is now out to my critique partner who is helping me get past the stilted OMG an editor IS going to see this shit I had in there :) It's been back from a beta reader who is fantastic (@techsurgeons on twitter and he's a cool beans tech guy. If you need one go "see" him) And I finally incorporated the things he said--or tried to. Still have a ways to go from what I'm getting back from the CP

Gal Friday Noir series is about a third of the way finished. I'm so far behind!!

Also, I have a short to write! I sent in a query to Splintered Lands and now I get to write a short for them. I'm so excited!! Lot's going on :)

I also beta read a short this weekend which was over due by at least a week!! Between getting sick and remodeling, and my flipping internet, I feel like the universe is working against me lol. But I finally got it out to her.

One thing that cropped up in the short I read, is passive voice. I've helped other's on twitter on how to add passive voice "marking" in Word. What's funny is I can't remember off the top of my head. I have to open up a document and walk myself through the process.

These kind of self-help mechanisms are good help to the writer. I think I'm going to start another series on the mechanism of using particular programs, even bringing guest bloggers on for others that I don't use.

There are so many other ways to make mistakes, that we need to use all the help available to us for free. :) I'll let you know when I get the first few ready to go. They'll be on word as that's what I use.

What programs do you use and do you know any fancy tricks you could share on my blog in the future? Comment here and share with us which is your favorite program to use.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Gimme a Break

I took yesterday off and boy do I feel guilty. But I also feel rejuvenated. I have to run errands today before my husband takes the car, but all I want to do is sit down and write. As physically sore and tired as I am, my mind is ready to write the next installment. I'm also ready to finish my edits.

My super uber awesome Critique Partner has been patient with me as I deal with sickness, children and remodeling. I've only written just under 7k this week. I should have been about 10 or more by now. I will be making that up tonight when my husband goes to work.

Sometimes, in life, whether it's mothering, working, writing, remodeling, you have to have a break. A sick break doesn't count because your mind and body is busy fixing that. I mean a real break.

My goal in this blog is to help encourage others who are working, or full time moms or have other responsibilities that make it hard to find the time to do what you love--namely write. It can be applied to all things, but that's my focus here. But what happens to your writing when you don't--or can't-- take breaks? Also, what should you do on these breaks?

Number one thing you need to do is drink lots of fluids. It's easy to get caught up in your writing and forget to drink. Lot's of peeps drink caffeine, I am the caffeine high priestess so that's okay, but don't forget to drink other liquids.

Number two is exercise. This envigorates the mind. I'm bad about this one. Right now I'm doing fine because I have lots of physical housework to do. But I don't live in an area where I can pop up and take a good walk. So I have to be more creative. May have to invest in a Wii or kinect.

Number three eat. Sounds funny in a way, but your brain uses up carbohydrates as much as your muscles do. Healthy snacks and meals are the best thing for your mind.

Number four socialize. I can almost hear your minds coming to a screeching halt at this one. But let's think about this. You need to stay up on current events. Maybe not as informed as a news anchor or anything, but find a way to stay connected.

Recently there were earthquakes in New Zealand. Pretty serious ones. I have a few friends over there. I popped onto twitter and bugged the heck out of them until they popped up and said I'm fine. One person's house was damaged. Also, although I missed this, one was also looking for his fiance. My other twitter friends did catch it and retweeted for him. That's the awesomeness of the writing community at work there!

And then there's encouragement. If that chapter 6 (hehe hi Tina Lynn)is really chomping your hide, you can get on and commiserate with hundreds of other writers who understand your frustration. If you've conquered that chapter six that's been giving you hell, plenty of good for you's to be had.

Then there's the business end of getting social. Developing your brand. There's a hundred thousand rules to this and I'm probably breaking them all. LOL just do your best and keep going. As I stated here and as you can see under my title, my blog is not only about my journey as a writer, but as a mother. I hear a lot of people who say they can't find the time, but they want to.

If you don't take a break your writing suffers. Pacing, characterization, word choices, all of it is influenced by how tired your brain is. I know it's hard to find time to write, much less take a break, but you need to.

This blog is supposed to help them find the time and encouragement even as their emotions and responsibilities take them in a hundred directions. But that's my hook, so to speak. That's what makes my blog different and stand out. Hopefully better than a sore thumb!

So give yourself permission to take breaks now and then. You may find that you're better, faster, more creative and enjoying yourself again.

PS One word of caution... Taking a break is not an euphimism for stopping. Putting it off cuz you're afraid, or making excuses. Be honest with yourself. If you find yourself slipping out of the habit of writing ruthlessly get your arse back in the chair and do something!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March's Featured Writers

A day late but hopefully not a dollar short, we have March's Featured authors. A little update on last month's featured authors. Kait Nolan has received an agent offer of representation based on her platform. From an agent who hasn't asked her to take her books off the market--quite the opposite in fact :) I don't think it's because I featured her here, although one never knows, but it is because of the principle of the thing.

Not all the authors I featured last month were self-pubbed. That's not the criteria. The criteria is epubbed, which doesn't exclude print publications. What happened in Kait's situation can be found on her blog, but basically the agent loved how hard she's working to build her own platform. :) Congratulations Kait!!!

Today's post is brought to you by the letters, G, and K.

For this month, my first up is LK Gardner-Griffie. I "met" her on twitter through the zombie awesomeness I'm involved in. Let me tell you something, this lady is a whiz and a half. We laughingly-scarily call her The Oracle. Yeah. It's almost not a joke :) She's helpful, and kind. She unfailiningly supports all writers that she sees needs a boost. And volunteers lots of her time to The Zombie Survival Crew, which will be a post for another day :) Her provided bio is after her book links.

Her books are wonderful. I'm ordering mine on Friday :) They're for Middle Grade, if I'm not mistaken. I asked her once about 2 months ago for my 9 yo old who reads above his level. I believe her answer was 10-12 yo level, but she can correct me in the comments if I'm a dunce. I plan to order both in the next weeks for my son's birthday.


Misfit McCabe - Book 1, Misfit McCabe Series

When Katie McCabe accidentally burns down a neighbor’s shed, she thinks it’s the worst thing that could happen. Boy is she ever wrong. Hustled off to live with her Uncle Charley, Katie struggles with the changes in her life. The only bright spot is making a friend who wants to be more. But the first person she meets is an enemy with ties to her past who believes in dangerous retribution. How far is he willing to go? Katie wonders if she has the strength to survive.


Kindle version:
Smashwords version: (9 different ebook formats)

Nowhere Feels Like Home - Book 2, Misfit McCabe Series

Stuck in bed with a broken ankle and reeling from the loss of her father, her home, and life as she knew it, Katie McCabe must deal with her anger toward the town bully and a world that's fallen apart. Being cooped up in the house with Uncle Charley and three overprotective cousins isn't helping. Despite her new family's good intentions, Katie feels like a lonely outsider. Will she ever be happy again?


Kindle version:
Smashwords version: (9 different ebook formats)


Daughter to a rocket scientist and an artist, LK combines the traits of both into a quirky yet pragmatic writer. She began to foster her love of writing after reading Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women and discovering she had a great deal in common with the character Jo. The making up of stories, dramatic feelings, and a quick temper were enough for her to know she and Jo would have been kindred spirits. Her love of writing has grown over the years, along with the list of projects she plans to tackle.

In addition to writing, LK holds down a full-time job with an international transportation company as a process and efficiency expert. Her leisure time is spent with her husband sharing a love of music, singing, and college baseball. She writes into the night with the help of her three long-haired miniature dachshunds.

My next guest is Kimberly Kinrade. We met on twitter where I got to be in on the beginning of her love affair with the man who now lives with her. The story is beautiful. I've cried over some of her blog posts and his responses. She's a lot of fun. She's moved from California to Washington and that news came at a dark period in recent times. I smiled and grinned and danced. She's only a few hours away!!

Okay, I'm doing the dance again lol. I'm so excited she lives close. I'll be visiting her when the passes aren't a zone of trickery and death for my little car. Oh and if the tranny doesn't start working better (I don't think it's lack of fluids here, 3rd seems to have gone out) then I will be borrowing a car, I'm that excited to have her around.

If you want your faith restored in the power and magic of love, get this book and read her blog, and the one they started together.

Bits of You & Pieces of Me

A collection of short stories, poetry & essays on life. While each piece stands alone, together the chapters tell the story of an idealistic girl in love with love who discovers the demons of a splintered heart when that love turns violent. Through it all, she climbs her way back to Hope and finds that in the end her True Heart remained Unbreakable.


Author of "Bits of You & Pieces of Me"
“She has learned to love. To fear. To hate. And then to love again. Through it all, she writes.”

Buy "Bits of You & Pieces of Me" on Amazon


AUTHOR BIO: Kimberly Kinrade has been doing the writing thing professionally since she was 18, but managed to sell stories to unsuspecting neighbors when she was 10 and ran out of teeth to use as trade for Tooth Fairy money. (A girl has to fund her life somehow.) She’s a young adult fantasy author in search of the best publishing options for her future work. Author of “Bits of You & Pieces of Me” ~ Author, Editor, all around Awesome

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My car, My writing.

I'm going to put off my author feature one more day as I have two authors whom I'm waiting on. I will do the two I have tomorrow even if I don't get the other's stuff.

In the meantime, I'll do tomorrow's post today :) See how flexible I am?? Now someone besides my husband knows. Er, TMI? Anyways...

We have bad luck with cars. Maybe it's because we're poor and can't do everything the minute it needs done. Maybe it's my karma. IDK, but it's bad. How bad? Well, back when I had a good job, I had a newish mustang. Good condition, convertible, 6 years old. Green awesomeness. I loved that car. My sister in law saw it and asked if she could borrow it to go to Seattle (We live on east side. Anywhere in that area is "going to Seattle" and sometimes even literally.) She said her car wasn't working so hot, but it was fine locally.

I looked at her quizzically. May even have tilted my head. I said, "You're car has something odd happening. Something you can't get checked out right now and you want ME to drive your car?"

Her eyes widened and she looked at her coworker and said, "Oh. No, nevermind. We'll find something else."

That's how notorious it is. I'm not a mechanic, but I can get in a car and tell if something's wrong. I just don't have the words to express it correctly.

Well, on Saturday night, I drove home from inlaws where we went to console me on not seeing my family or being there for funeral. Hot tubs are very good for consoling. As I'm going down the road I said something was wrong with the car.

A mile later I said to my buzzed/drunk husband, "Did you feel that?" Turns out it had been doing it for week and he'd bought transmission fluid and oil but couldn't get to it without tools. Sunday was crazy and Monday I had an appointment with the baby.

On the way to the appointment, the car does the hesitation thing worst.

I try to get it taken care of in town but first the damn hood wouldn't pop open. I go to McDonald's and get my 2 yo fries to placate him while I'm working on the sucker. Finally, I get the hood thingy to work again. I put my hand in but can't get any torque on the lid. It's place under the manifold and air filter. How stupid can you be. And usually, when it's that hard to get, there's like a dipstick check. No. Nothing. I finally curse and slam the hood back down.

My kids screaming and I'm freezing. I think it was colder in the day yesterday, than it was at 530 this morning. I decide to try to go the ten miles back home and work on it there where the kiddo can at least go in the house.

I didn't make it a mile. I get on the highway and it's very bad. I pull over and work on it somewhere, this time burning myself to heck and gone. After multiple burns, only one bad, I remember my husband has heat resistant gloves he left in the car. I get them on and try to turn it. I still can't. I'm getting nervouse because the semitrucks are passing me like I'm a plague they're running from.

I move the car, using the emergency shoulder the short distance to the next road and pull off. I start making phone calls and texting. I need strong hands and a long funnel. And pliers. Or something. LOL I put a quart of oil in while I'm waiting cuz I see it's also low on oil.

I finally get help and they are able to turn the damn thing. And they had tools, so we took of the airfilter. It worked for a bit. But it's still doing it a little bit. Especially in one particular gear. Suck suck suck.

This long story does have a writing moral to it. What could it possibly be???

Well, it's this:

How many times do you have a great idea for a story? Or a great idea on how to fix something in your book but don't have time to write it down? Or maybe you think you'll remember it? Or maybe you don't have the tools ready--no pen, paper, computer, handy cassette recorder, nothing that you need. And you look. You try. Maybe you even write it on your arm, but it's not quite enough.

For whatever reason, it's lost. Or when you do get around to applying it, it's not quite as good as it was. Or there's something not quite right.

Two things, my friends. One, try to have all your tools handy. If, when you get those tools together, or apply your brilliant idea, things still aren't quite right, you need a friend. A friend can help a) say yep, there's no dipstick handy. How odd? Thus confirming you do have to do things the hard way, even if you don't want to. And b) they can help you get those brilliant ideas working so you can bring your book on home :)

So have your tools handy, and keep a friend along for the ride. You never know what you might need.