Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Excerpts

I don't know what to do for today's excerpts. The last time I thought it was Fri, it was like tuesday or something LOL That's when I decided I needed to take some time off. I wrote when I had a post, missed writing a post because of screaming 2 yo. It's not called the terrible twos for nothing.

I've been very busy. I've edited the Damian Series. Again. Will be doing another round soon. I'm going to add about 20k to it. A lot of it world building. We'll see where that gets me. I'm currently working on a short story for Splintered Lands. I've finished it, but now await input from my critique partner and husband. Since it's fantasy, my husband does well as an editor :) When it's posted on their site, I'll post a link on here, and try to remember how to make a permanent link on the side. Carrie made the The Handbook to Writer Secret Society one, so I can't claim credit for it. And if it's not working, it is my fault. Sigh.

I've found a couple new possible homes for stories that need a bit of polishing, but I have this new shiny. Yes, boys and girls, I'm still going strong on my Gal Friday Noir. It's just rolling off the tongue-so to speak :P were at 43865 words, despite the hellacious weeks I've had since starting it. Of course, I wanted it finished by the Ides of March. That didn't happen. I got very sick a week into the whole plan and splat went my plans. I did get a short erotica written for a contest, edits done on both the Gal Friday and the Damian Series, as well as a quick run through on some other things.

So what to post for today's excerpts? Ah, I know. A short story called Ulfric's Mate. I wrote this last summer. This is the first however many paragraphs. enjoy!

The Ulfric's Mate

His black fur rippled in the wind, gleaming under the blue rays of the full moon. He lifted his nose in the air, sniffing for hunters. Getting caught in wolf form was not on his list of things to do before he died. In fact, being caged might kill him.
He put his nose down to the ground. He had her scent. At first, she'd been hard to follow, but her scent had grown stronger the deeper into the evergreens they were.

As soon as he realized it, he slowed down his hunt. His instincts told him it was a trap. He still had to track her down. She'd killed three pregnant women in his pack.

As a detective, Nolan Littlebull needed to do things by the book. As head of the pack, he had other obligations. Nights like tonight brought his dual personalities together. He possessed the evidence against her. Problem was, she'd committed the crime in wolf form. The authorities were looking for a stray pack, or someone with pet wolves. He knew they were wrong.

It wasn't a stray pack. It was a faction that had split from his pack a hundred years ago. She'd crossed their demilitarized zone and killed on his territory. The challenge had to be met. He growled in frustration. If she'd done it openly, he would've personally met the challenge the first time.

Now, the human authorities, animal control activists and half the damn world were aware of the killings. He stopped behind a large pine and crouched down in the undergrowth there. They were on the Yakama Reservation, the restricted lands.

Smart move by Roxy Takheal to lead him out here. If something happened to him, it would be attributed to the wild wolves and coyotes. He'd be found naked and ravaged by canine teeth. He shook his head. How the majority of the human race continued to deny the existence of another realm in their world constantly amazed him.

He had no choice. He had to go on. Watch his step and his back. But he couldn't let her get away with murdering those under his protection. He felt the blood lust of his beast swell. That side had no problem with the plan of chase and attack. It was his human instincts that were calling for caution. Was he thinking too much, or was it a trap set by those who didn't know his kind?

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