Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pimping the blogs

So CJ Redwine has finally done the much awaited Rachel Vincent interview. I may have helped bring that about in cahoots with CJ's sister @HC_Palmquist. We sort of pestered the two of them so CJ HAD to ask her. Not that it took much arm twisting :D

So I've been politely watching, staying back as i've won so many things I've resisted entering anything until recently. It's been like 5ish months, I think, since I've won anything so time to start playing the rounds again!!!

What's at stake on her blog? The latest from Rachel Vincent, My Soul to Steal, the fourth in the series. You really, really, really, *counts the really's - needs one more* REALLY want to go read it and enter! for one thing, CJ does the most fun interviews I've ever read! Johnny Depp, Were-llama (which inspired me to get my own set of Weretoads which coincidentally enough happen to eat werespiders), and the Spork of Doom are the hosts of the interview and the author gets to choose who.

Let me tell you, it's a load of fantastic fun to read these. Rachel chose the less popular Spork of Doom. I don't know why it's less popular because I think it's something you can really sink your teeth into...

*ducks the rotten tomatoes the followers just threw*

Anyway, you want to go read this post and follow and read past posts. It's a lot of fun.

Some other blogs to take a peek at:

Roni Loren: Her latest is stupendous as always.

She's a fun person to follow. Plus she follows my blog so that makes her made of awesome :D

Next up is another give away, this one 2 hardcovers by Deborah Coonts,

@SuspenseSirens sent this one in :D go to their site and check this giveaway out!

Wanna Get Lucky and Lucky Stiff are the titles. Go here to find all the details.

And lastly for today's pimping of the blogs, I give you my critique partner, Anee-Mhairi. New at the blogging thing, she's already surprised many people's expectations and caused quite a bit of controversy. She must be doing something right! :)


  1. Dudes, I badly need new glasses. My critique partner is ANNE-Mhairi UGH I'm getting frustrated with it LOL I can't remember the last blog with no typos!!!! Sorry lol

  2. I thought maybe you were being affectionate :D