Saturday, April 2, 2011

April's Featured Writers

Okay, for what seems to me to be obvious reasons, I chose not to run this on the first but on the second. Will be posting midnight my time tonight.

The first two authors aren't people I personally know but are for a friend of mine who represents The Zombie Press. Although I know him more for his fodder chasing as a zombie on twitter, he's a good guy *waves hi harry! and was kind enough to give me these two authors for this month:

1) "Dead Stay Dead" by Paul Jessup.

What do you get when you cross Buffy the Vampire Slayer with equal parts Shaun of the Dead? Well… we’re not sure, but Paul Jessup’s Dead Stay Dead does an admirable job of trying!

Natasha is a ghost whisperer. Her roommate is a gypsy able to explode heads Scanners style with her mind. And campus has been overrun by zombies. What’s a girl to do?

In Jessup’s fast-paced, gore-packed novella you’ll follow Natasha as she attempts to save her school (and humanity, she supposes) from an impending apocalypse. Funny, bizarre, and even a bit sad, fans of hardcore zombie fiction will find plenty to enjoy in Dead Stay Dead.

A little about Paul:

Paul Jessup is a critically acclaimed writer of fantastical fiction. He’s been published in many magazines, both offline and on, with two books published in 2009 (short novel, Open Your Eyes and the short story collection Glass Coffin Girls) and a third in 2010 (the illustrated book, Werewolves). You can visit Paul’s web home at

Links to eforms and trade paperback:

2) "Asylum" by Mark Allan Gunnells


Curtis, a young college student is dragged to his first gay club by his best friend Jimmy for a night of dancing, drinking and sex…at least until the dead start to rise and attack the club. Trapped inside the Asylum are a small band of survivors, including a drag queen, a male stripper, a Vietnam vet bartender, a pretentious gay couple, and an unstable DJ. Will this motley crew survive the hungry undead rattling the sealed-off doors? Will they survive each other? Will they survive their own personal demons? Asylum recalls George Romero’s classic Night of the Living Dead–except with more gore and a more current social message.


Mark Allan Gunnells is thirty-six years old and holds a degree in English and Psychology. He is the author of the chapbook A Laymon Kind of Night and the upcoming Whisonant and Tales from the Midnight Shift, Vol. I, all from Sideshow Press. His short story “Dancing in the Dark” was recently released through Darkside Digital. A small-town boy at heart, he still lives in his hometown of Gaffney, SC, with his partner of nine years.

Again the link is for eforms and the trade paperback from The Zombie Press

The Zombie Press is a neat small niche press that has unique stories and their site is a lot of fun! Go check them out!

And a reminder of the anthology I've contribute to, put together and edited by my friend the Peevish Penman printing under the Peevish Penman Press aka Carrie Bailey:

The Handbook of the Writer Secret Society

Amazon link:

Lulu Link: (psst it's on sale for $6 on this link as of right now :D)

Blog owners note: I've contributed to The Handbook of the Writer Secret Society. I'm a small contributor, but love this book. It has on old world feel like all secret society books should have!!

Enjoy your reading and please support our authors and small presses!!

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  1. Please note: Peevish Penman has informed me of issues with the Kindle format. Please use Lulu and btw the price has already moved to 8 something. Unless I misread it the first time with my non prescript glasses.