Monday, April 11, 2011

Me, I guess

It's been a long rough week. Most of you know why I disappeared, only posting medical updates on daughter with little in between on twitter. But here's a short synopsis of what's been happening.

MY MIL wakes me up Sunday morning. My ex and Ashley, my daughter, her boyfriend, has tried to call me. Ashley's in hospital. Severe blod clot. The ER doctor had admitted her and the plan was to keep her on cuemadin (god knows the correct spelling. I think I used about 100 different ones during my updates!) let the blood thin until it flows through the clot. She presented with a PURPLE LEG SWOLLEN FROM THE HIP DOWN. *breathe*

Pause for a bit of info dump here: My daughter is 19. The ER doc and the one that came in the next day in the afternoon(that was a bitch for us. Mamma grizzly was getting frayed along the edges.) were going to leave her with a huge clot with risk of stroke, yada yada, and just try to move a little blood. The hospitilist even said, the clot won't go away, the blood will just move through it. Let's just say by the time the hospitilist arrived, they had a consult request.

I asked the doctor about the results of the ultra sound and she was like I didn't see that part. I just smiled with a lot of teeth when she said she'd look again as she got ready to consult. See, I happen to have an uncle who's specialty is in vascular field. She was forced to consult. That evening she came back and said a surgeon would be in. He came about a half hour after her.

You could tell it was one doctor coming in as a favor for another at first. Although he never treated us like idiots. His questions seemed more, "If we do surgery, what are some of the risk factors," that kind of thing. Then he looked at her leg. The if became when (tomorrow, which was Tuesday) and he started going over stuff with us.

She had four surgeries (which are actually called procedures cuz they never used a "knife" lol but same difference to my daughter. They were doing stuff inside her body with things that didn't belong there...) and it turns out she has May Thurners (again with the spelling) and the thinning process they were originally using would not have helped her half as much and likely would have resulted in something bad happening and the inability to have children. After two days of ultra sound being used at the heart of the clot, they still had to use two stents to get clear through the clot part that wouldn't go away, even with thinnners.

The treatment as she ended up getting will give her a chance at having kids in the future, and resolved the problem as best as modern medicine is capable. She's recovering nicely to the point that she's back at arguing with her mom :D

Believe me when I say this is a quick synopsis. So much drama happened... Oh well. For now, there's the update LOL

Hopefully, I can get back to my writing.


  1. Holy crap could it be any harder to comment here? Sign in twice then a captcha code! GEEZEEEEEEE

  2. um, there shouldn't be a captcha code?? I haven't put any restrictions on sign in. Must be blogger basic. Thanks for the comments anyways my Wulfie :D

  3. Blimey!

    My thoughts are with you and Ashley, I went through something similar with my right leg when I picked up a serious infection (if a Dr ever asks "can you wiggle your toes" hope the answer is yes).

    Really glad she's OK :)

  4. Thanks Andrew! She's going through a series of headaches but it's so much better than the alternative that I hope she realizes it... :)

    Totally agree. If a doctor asks if you can wiggle your toes, the answer one hopes for is yes!!