Sunday, April 24, 2011

A true story

For my brother Timmy who would've laughed :D

Here follows a true story that we all are going to pretend happened to someone other than me, okay? :D

Once upon a time, a harassed, stressed out woman was driving. Her car has more than one color of doors, can't find third gear to save her life, and needs a new U-joint. Or maybe it's the Cv joint. Her leather coat needs the pockets fixed and has paint on it. She's a mother and an artist and she doesn't care about the above problems except when she has to fix them.

This woman, closer to forty than thirty, was driving along the highway where it splits. A sleek, silver, hot rod car whips around her. She shakes her head, thinking what a rash person it was to fly around people at high speeds where the free split. She was also wishing she had her mustang back so she could've given him a run. As they near an exit, he slows. She figures he probably has radar detector because everyone slows down there.

She passes him up this time and looks in the window, yes it's a him. A young, golden skinned him. She's in a pissed off mood due to family stuff that causes her to tightly clench her jaw and her hair's up in a pony tail and makeup hasn't seen her face in a month of Sundays. Oh joy.

She just shakes her head. A minute later, a white four door nothing whips past her in much the same way the sporty car had earlier. Really? Some old guy with his beard whipping in the wind out of the opened window is now passing her? She sighs then grins when she sees the silver car get into a pissing contest with the old geezer and lose.

Having laughed at him, she no longer pays attention until she ends up behind him on the off ramp. Then she passes him again as she comes up on the other lane as the light turns green. He grins like it's some sort of game. For about half mile to mile the game goes on. She just shakes her head and has a little ego inflation. Until the turn.

She's headed to McD's to pick up a quick burger on the way to the hospital. The little sporty car follows behind her. Her breath hitches. OMG the young guy thinks she wants his number! She whips into the drive-thru from the back area, the guy following her. No, wait, he goes around the drive thru down the side of the parking area.

After she orders, and pays, she sees the car. It's parked. Holy cow, is he waiting for her to leave. Dusk is dropping rapidly. What had seemed a harmless game is now fraught with worrisome possibilities. One too many CSI's seen in the last week.

She gets her food and cautiously peers into the car, looking for the driver. No one's there. She peers back into the window and sees him heading to the back. He works at McDonalds.

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL cackling with laughter, she rolls her window back up, getting a funny look from the one who gave her the drink. It's okay, she tells herself. Your imagination is why you can write so well. And speeds off into the sunset...


  1. YES,yes, you said that by twitter :D

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I totally missed hearing about this!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  3. :D lol I know, such funny things happen to me. Sometimes I can even write it so you understand how funny!