Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Winners and spammers

So, I announced the winners on Facebook and posted comments. Kiersten and DJ Shaw, Congratulations again!! I hope you enjoy your free books. It feels really good to be giving things out. Will have to continue that habit. :D Maybe when I get my tenth contract...I'm on five with Breathless Press :D Perhaps I'll give away a miniature painting. I picked up some canvas material and envelopes to make artist trading cards. A little art, a lot of fun!

However, after a particular person posted on my Birthday Bash, I began getting hundreds of spam comments. I'm sorry for anyone else receiving these in follow up comments. Somewhere, I have to find our where, there is a way to change it to no open comments after 24 hours so no one else will get the follow up emails.

Also, I think I may start going to these spammers websites and posting links to every single book I have for sale in every possible place I know of. Then, my friends books. Then my acquaintances books. Then links to an interesting book. But I'll start with mine. Maybe my sales will go up? Maybe the spammers will hate getting spammed and freaking quit spamming me the, the, evil spamming spammers!

I've been REALLY busy since my birthday :D Not only did I have drawings to do, I had children to get into school, a Christmas story to write (One of those five contracts :D) things to edit, covers to approve, and MORE writing. I'm getting back into the swing of CP work and editing. Hopefully, we'll get ourselves moving like we're supposed to.

My youngest just finished his evaluation with the psychologis and speech therapist. :) They meet next Friday then will let us know when/which classes, which therapies he needs. I'm so glad. He's so smart, and learns so much. The extra stimulation will be excellent for him.

How have all of you been? PLEASE share anything at all :) As long as you're not a spammer...