Saturday, July 7, 2012

Another milestone

This blog is, and always has been, about the journey of becoming a writer, and the steps/phases we go through all while wearing other  hats (in my case, a full time mom that sometimes has to work outside the home) and trying to achieve the dream.

I've been accepted (you have to have not seen my blog at all in the last 7 months to know this!) by Breathless Press and yesterday, my book was released. Huge milestone!! It's out in ebook only formats, at this time, but I'm hoping to make it to print :D That would be aweome.

But, today, the milestone I cross, is this: I sent off my first interview!! My stomach is fluttering and I can't believe it's happening. I have others who have said they would interview, I have reviews on the way, and I still CAN'T BELIEVE IT. LOL not sure how many books it'll take for me to actually believe this is happening to me!!

I've worked and dreamed of this happening. But it's only the beginning of the dream. Eventually, I want to make a living wage with my writing, so no resting on the laurels!!

But one question was asked, which reminded me it couldn't hurt to say it again. Question was something about what one piece of advice would I give to aspiring authors. My answer: well, I'm not telling you here! LOL I'll link the interview when they get it online :) Should be within a week. :D

How's your day? Did you pass a milestone today? Wrote your first short? Finished your first novel? Figured out what in the Hell a query letter is? What have you done today towards your goal of being a writer?

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