Saturday, July 21, 2012

What a Week

Crazy crazy week :) My first blog tour (shared with the other Breathless Press new releases) and it's crazy crazy :) I also had an interview, a review, and lots of people who bought my book. I'm obsessed over numbers :P Trying to write, even had this awesome dream last night which I'd better write down. Okay, I wrote down a bit, but can't remember it all. Damn it.

We made our last payment on an OLD motorhome. It died when we turned into Safeway less than block away. Probably needs new battery. Then as I followed him home AFTER picking up all the groceries for camping, I saw that the tail light was out. So, instead of camping this weekend, I'm going to be doing laundry and pouting.

I did get line item edits last night for the book due out in November (yeah, we're on this one!) last night, and I had to write new scene (which I did) which then means I have to subtely alter the next scene (which I haven't) and then do all the other suggested changes. Sigh. LOL good thing I love editing. (well, I love the results of editing...)

I did managed to get over 1k words last night. It used to not be such a chore. I think the heat is really getting to me this year. But I'm plugging along :) Also, the marketing/networking takes up a lot of time that I'm not used to. I thought I was spending loads of time before...with a new release it's crazy.

And, my eleven year old, who's been gone to grandma's most of the week is being crappy about helping out with chores. Making me crazy. He hates doing dishes...well don't we all LOL And he's hardly done any this week! Like one sinkful. Sigh. I have to do the laundry the next few days because I have to sort out towels, sheets, etc that need to go in our camper and I'm putting away the dishes because I'm doing the same thing with them. Some things will be going in the camper. Then I have to make a list of things we need to buy.

These days, folks, were suppposed to be my get away to the cooler mountains and write while the kids play in the creek. I'm not in a good mood. It's a very good thing there is caffeine in the house. *searches for it* Ahhhh. Now, maybe, I'll get things done.

What are you doing this weekend?

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