Thursday, July 12, 2012

My First Review and how my kids lost their hearing

:D This has been an exciting week. One week ago my book was released out into the world. Excitement, relief, nervousness, wanting the best, expecting...? That's part of the problem. I really didn't know what to expect. My poor stomach!

But what has happened has been even more than I could have imagined. People, some publicly, some privately have spoken such words of my writing, that I'm in awe. The comments are, well, I told you that yesterday!!

Today, I got my first review. And I screamed in relief, joy, wonderment, and because it seemed so unreal! I made my husband read it as soon as he got home from work. Had to explain to my kids why I was screaming like a banshee. They alternately laughed and held their ears. And yes, in case you're wondering, I scream at baseball games or football games, or basketball games, or-you get the idea.

I think I've mentioned this, but it's surreal to me, still. I sometimes wake up and try to count the days until the release is here. Or, keep thinking of myself as unpublished. I've been contracted for many months. You'd think I'd have had time to prepare myself. Well, I don't know that you can :) Especially when lovely things like that review come in :D I couldn't have imagined a better one.

Please, go read the review and follow her blog. She gave a fair assessment (the good and the not so good) and I completely agree with it :) Thank you for all your support.


  1. I came from K. Victoria Smith's Storyteller's Grove blog. A wonderful review. Best wishes and lots and lots of sales!

  2. As I say in the review. Love it can't wait for more

    1. And you've inspired me to work harder :) Thanks!! PS I promise, we're not finished with Nolan :D