Friday, July 6, 2012

Today Is A Magical Day For Werewolves

*cue Mr Rogers music* No wait, cue Underworld music. Time to go kick some ass and read my story, The Ulfirc's Mate. There's werewolves. Oh, you want more? Fine. There's fighting, sex, romance, intrigue, and the start of a series of tough weres who don't give up. A nasty female for the bad guy. What more could you want?

Seriously, I'm so stoked about this!! I'll keep you all posted on guest posts and reviews as they happen :) They are happening! Things are just moving a little slow on that end. :D

The next one out in the series, which is actually a bit of prequel in time, is in the Ravaged anthology, due out August 3rd :) I'm nearly finished with another novella in the series and about halfway done with the next full novel in the series. Finally getting some writing done. Even 500-1000 a day helps move things forward!!

:D *dances* come party with me :) Lots of virtual chocolate everything and lemon bars :) Also, I'm willing to guest post/do interviews for anyone who doesn't bite, or only bites a little. :D

I hope this excitement of having a new book never ends :) I love writing and it's great fun to see it for sale through such an awesome company to work for!! Seriously, love my fellow authors and my editors. They've really come through for me with my crazy schedule, the memory issues, and making my book look GOOD. :D Love you guys!!

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