Saturday, July 14, 2012

Dark Dealings by Karen Victoria Smith

I have said many times in many ways, Merry Christmas... OH wait, wrong. Sorry, started singing :D For, getting new books, really is like Christmas! Not only did I win a new book from Diana Paz in her contest but I got a new one from Karen Victoria Smith.

I have had back problems for ages. It's been way better of late, which I credit my yardwork and running too. In fact, it happens so rarely anymore that I've lost my pain tolerance for it. However, this past week, I must have slept wrong or something cuz it's been giving me fits.

The only good thing about it is that I READ. I LOVE to read :) And last night, I read Dark Dealings and was delighted! I'm a sucker for anything Irish or Scottish, basically Celtic in any way. I mean, true sucker. Speak to me in Gaelic and I drool on myself.

Hang on to that hanky cuz I'm going to need it when I re-read Dark Dealings. Karen's book had intrigue and we got to go on a discovery with the main character who has tried to deny who she is since she was a teenager. A good strong character who built a good life for herself despite losing her parents at a young age. (This is not a review. I'm not a reviewer. But I did say I'd read hers and this is what I have to say about it :D This is a recommendation! OOOH or we can call her my featured writer for July :D) I hope to see more in this world she's created. There's so much more, but I'm not sure how much is spoilers, so you'll have to discover it for yourself by getting and reading her book.

There was so much in her world, I feel it'll take massive numbers of books for me to satisfy my curiousity :D Hear that Karen? You must also write more. lol It's a paranormal romance with intrigue and a lot of Celtic "feel" lore. I loved it enough I finished it in one night. I'm a fast reader, but as my journey as a writer grows, I'm also easily bored. This book did not bore me. In fact, I want more, as I've said. Good job, Karen!


  1. Love when books hit into rich cultural legends like Celtic lore.

  2. Thanks for your kind words! Working on paraquel edits now, outlined a prequel. Researching and outlining sequel.