Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Blog tour day two

Hi everyone!! I'm so excited!! Lots happening this week! First off, I had made it up to #22 in M/F category as of last night at one all romance book provider site :) Don't forget to check yesterday's post for Day one on the blog tour. Today's is here and you want to comment! All commenters are entered in for a chance at a $20 gift card :)

And don't forget my guest blog post. Today's the last day to enter the contest! Even if you've already bought my book, please comment anywhere you see them doing these interviews/hostings. If you win my book, I will send it to whomever you wish. What a neat gift! I love books. My standard gift is a book--or two. LOL

In fact, I have two book on their way already for Christmas presents :) See? I love books LOL I've had a nutso morning, and not yet had caffeine. Can't there be some universal law which says no bad can happen before morning caffeine? It's absolutely driving me batty.

OY and I've just been reminded we're leaving for the day. But I might not go. I have too much to do. WOW. What a day. When I tried to comment on today's blog tour, I was told my javascript was disabled...WTH??? So I did an update, installed it, (which meant had to shut all internet windows) then rebooted. Sigh. I'd already had all my stuff set up for work for the day. What a headache!

Okay, it's been decided that I'm going. I can run down to hot spot with my tablet if my phone doesn't get working. Sigh. Time to go :) Have a great day!

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