Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Another Milestone with an Interview

And another milestone for me :D This first book will be full of first firsts :) Not just first for this release, but first ever :D

What's up? Well, I sent off my first interview in the last milestone post, and it's up for reading!! Now everyone can read all about me... LOL or rather, about the questions she asked :) I'm giving away a copy of The Ulfric's Mate, so hop on and comment over here .  I'm so excited... You just can't believe it!! I can't wait to share this with all of you!! And I can't wait to see more of my friends as this happens for them!

I've been running despite the heat. Although, did go back to running in morning. That last run Saturday afternoon about did me in. I also did some weeding. But I am behind on other work. It's just been too hot and wall AC units can't keep up with the heat like this. But, I've done a bit of editing and filled out ANOTHER REVIEW :D:D I'm so excited. Tomorrow, I'm guest blogging so I'll have to blog here for that as well LOL

A blog two days in a row... too bad hell isn't freezing over. Might cool things down on this plane of existence. LOL I was thinking of a few good blogs. Will have to mull them over during a time when my brain isn't slow roasting. Sigh. Maybe I'll go sit in the kiddies pool with them LOL

How is everyone else handling the heat? Got a pool? I want a big one. A real big one. I would do many things for a big one... and that sounds like... um, yeah. LOL I am a romance writer. I may have to start doing the "over 18" thingy of googles. hmmm something to ponder as I sit in my big, oh wait, the little pool.


  1. Your blog very cool and exciting to be a published writer thats a goal that every writer wants to accomplished , you are a very talented painter and writer i hope the best in future adventures