Friday, July 27, 2012

Barnes and Noble has it now

Happy days :) I've been invited to participate in another anthology, and this one really has me thrilled :) Okay, I admit, they all have me thrilled. I can't wait until the Splintered Lands anthology is out. :D Also, Barnes and Noble FINALLY have The Ulfric's Mate for sale!! About freaking time LOLOL I don't want to know how many impulse buys I've lost cuz they're so dang slow.

In other news, my 13th anniversary is coming up on Tuesday. It'll either be the best year ever or the worst. We tend to do things bass ackwards so if 13 is unlucky well, we have a chance at awesomeness :D My 3yo (With Down Syndrome) talks more and more every day :D Love watching his discovery of words and hearing the phrases (appropriately used) coming out of his mouth.

I think my favorite is "love you too" to his grandma :D It's so awesome! My 8yo has a mouth on him, wooo. LOL but he's also developed a very quirky sense of humor and it's not quite the same as the quirkiness of his brother and I love it when they're telling me stuff :)

Been prepping fruit for freezing and drying when not writing and editing and cleaning. Still have lots of crocheting to do but in this heat, I can't do it without making the blanket stink of my sweat or dirty from my sweaty hands and I REFUSE to do that. The customer shall get a new product. Not stinky nasty. Anyways, How's everyone week been?


  1. Congratulations! On, well, everything! And B&N how exciting!!!