Wednesday, August 15, 2012

yay! I have power again and a new release

Well, it's been an interestign 2.5 weeks. We *tried* to go on an anniversary camping trip. Our new to us motorhome broke down. While it was sitting on the side of the road overnight by Gleed, a tiny little town, (The lock wouldn't work and it was too dark to see. We finally figured it out later but it was a little like closing the barn doors after the horses escaped.) someone got in and stole our chainsaw, other items, and more importantly to me, the last really nice thing I owned from when I had a good job--a full set of Rembrandt soft pastels in a hardwood box with brass fittings that retails at over 1000 bucks. I'm heartsick about it. I still cry like a baby when I think about it. I loved that set. My stomach is churning just writing this and it's been two weeks. I don't know if I'll ever get over the cruelty people have to pull over to a broken down motorhome and just help themselves. What if we'd been in there? It just makes me depressed and angry.

So we came home to try and get one night to ourselves, and the next morning our power was shut off. It's a long story and I'm not going into details, but we got power back last Friday. But, by then, my fruit had gone bad and all the freezing done up to this point was wasted. We did manage to eat through more than half of it before it went bad, but it's still heartbreaking. This was to be my stores for healthy snacks for the winter.

But the worst part of being without power was the inability to effectively promote and write. I have a tablet and tried some writing, but I'm still learning it's quirks and I lost 500-1k+ words straight up, because I clicked to a different window without saving. I also haven't been able to figure out how to copy and paste links on it. I finally found out how to highlight links (on purpose) but still couldn't get it to copy. So, on top of everything, during this time without power, I had another release :D
LOL silver linings and all that.

It's the anthology, Ravaged and it's already getting some good reviews so check it out!! It is classified as erotica. My particular short introduces the werebears and a couple of characters that will appear in other shorts and novels. Not a necessity to have read it, but helps to fill in the gaps a little bit :) Also has dolphin shapeshifters!! I can't wait to read the rest of them :)

I've done it. I've written my first historical and it's been accepted into another anthology, the Crimson anthology. It's a vampire story. Love the world I've created around it and am also excited to join a couple of my favorite authors from Ravaged in it. It promises to be another scorcher!

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