Monday, March 7, 2011

Yikes it's Monday!!

Wow, I just realized it's Monday and I have a post to write :)


Quest for Riverhand our to 2 betas now. This is the one that I edited my voice out of and am now trying to get all the lovely detail and voice back in.

Damian series: Ghost of Kristen's Past is now out to my critique partner who is helping me get past the stilted OMG an editor IS going to see this shit I had in there :) It's been back from a beta reader who is fantastic (@techsurgeons on twitter and he's a cool beans tech guy. If you need one go "see" him) And I finally incorporated the things he said--or tried to. Still have a ways to go from what I'm getting back from the CP

Gal Friday Noir series is about a third of the way finished. I'm so far behind!!

Also, I have a short to write! I sent in a query to Splintered Lands and now I get to write a short for them. I'm so excited!! Lot's going on :)

I also beta read a short this weekend which was over due by at least a week!! Between getting sick and remodeling, and my flipping internet, I feel like the universe is working against me lol. But I finally got it out to her.

One thing that cropped up in the short I read, is passive voice. I've helped other's on twitter on how to add passive voice "marking" in Word. What's funny is I can't remember off the top of my head. I have to open up a document and walk myself through the process.

These kind of self-help mechanisms are good help to the writer. I think I'm going to start another series on the mechanism of using particular programs, even bringing guest bloggers on for others that I don't use.

There are so many other ways to make mistakes, that we need to use all the help available to us for free. :) I'll let you know when I get the first few ready to go. They'll be on word as that's what I use.

What programs do you use and do you know any fancy tricks you could share on my blog in the future? Comment here and share with us which is your favorite program to use.

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  1. Yep it's Monday. That's "out to beta readers" not "our" ugh! I even checked this one!! LOL