Monday, January 16, 2012

follow up

So, my husband and I are in Seattle for the final time :) His burn is looking excellent and there's no more open sores/scabs, so he should be good to go. For our part, it's a long haul of super careful, keep it covered with sunscreen to keep from discoloration, worse scarring. I'm making soap from scratch to help, and he's using a "pour * mold" shea butter soap that I've added lavender, etc to until the other soap can be used.

I've also discovered some clay/minerals that'll help with scarring/burns, and another that will help with arthritits. My husband's family has arthritis from the time they are kids, and my kids have inherited that. I've been looking for something that will help that a) doesn't involve ingestion, and b) they'll use (doesn't stink) and c) is natural. Some nights, my boys cry in their sleep from their pain. Anways, I found what I need and next paycheck, will hopefully be able to get them as well.

I really wrote a storm of words, then this past week, nada. Zip. I'm feeling stressed about money now that I can't get internet, nor do I have phones. It's very frustrating. Things are getting better, but I can't find a decent internet service for a price that my family can handle :( I've read through some things I need for my writing, done a little thoughts, etc. which is good. I did some reading. Being stressed/depressed is when it's the hardest to do things, but I make myself do them. Soap making, drawing, coloring, etc. And then, I also do a lot of reading!! It's great for future writing.

Have a few ideas that's are percolating. We'll see what brews :) Hope everyone's new year is going well, and thanks for reading!

Friday, January 6, 2012

First week of the new year

It's been a crazy week to start off the new year. We've been to Seattle, Isaac checked out as doing wonderful, we're doing a wonderful job and we need to buy copious amounts of sunscreen because even when it's "just bright out" he needs sunscreen to help keep from scarring. We do have to go back in two weeks.

For last week and a half, our water situation has been a pisser. It's on between 2-5 hours a day. Will go off with no warning. It's very frustrating. Doing laundry for family of five is nearly impossible on that, especially since there's no notice that the water's on. So, when we got back from Seattle, we just stayed at our inlaws until last night.

On top of all of this, I started another short based on Rebellion on Piza seven as the world and it's stuff will fit in for another site. I've also added word count to a novel for Splintered Lands. Had to erase a bunch cuz I killed off a character that can't show up in later chapters now. I've also finished my "pre-edits" for Ulfric's Mate and sent them off. Filed out the cover art form for same MS, and sent it to the art director. All in the last week and a half. There's more, but, yanno, I can't remember everything LOL

We ordered internet today, so starting on Tuesday, we should have consistent internet. I'm so excited! The boys can do more of their school work online, I can get better teaching aides, writing research etc. Plus, my boys are excited about xbox live LMAO goofy kids. :D

Anyways, things are looking up, but if ya want to buy a painting from me, now would be a good time as we're really not set up for three trips to Seattle in less than a month. :) Thanks to work for an anthology, I'm not going to freak about the money any more, but would like to have more than just enough for gas and a pop :P But if not, I'm happy that we were able to go at all.

How exciting has your new year been? I hope things are going well for you all :D I'm looking forward to a MUCH better year than the last!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Thanks for a thanks :)

This linke will send you to Robin's blog. She's encouraging everyone to buy home crafted items, to support families like mine, and thanking me for the items she has received.

This woman has, even through her own personal turmoil, helped me when I most needed it. We lost a lot of money when my daughter was in the hospital. My husband didn't lose his job, but he was only 6 months in and had already used most of his sick/personal days up. He had to take the one extra day he had of personal time before FMLA kicked in, so he did get a bit, but other than that, he didn't. Between the extra gas, money for me in the hospital, his time off work, and a medical garnishment that started that month, we were down about 3/4-1month's pay. That may not seem like a lot, but to hurt. So I started trying to sell my paintings. My friend told me about etsy, how to go about everything, was my first customer and told me so dos and don'ts.

I didn't make much, but I did get enough to get gas money for my husband to get to work before the next payday. What I gained though, was confidence. Confidence to put my stuff out there. I still haven't made as much as we lost at that point, or enough to pay for any of my other medical bills, but I have had that little bit come in when I needed it most. Almost *all* of my money I earned has gone to gas and groceries. Very little back into my art. I need to do that now and my next sell, I'm buying yellow and green paint LOL She's also been encouraging in my writing and a fellow groaner as we cut/edit/look for just the right word, and dream!

Between her and my MIL, I can believe in myself even when I don't.

Thank you!!