Monday, January 16, 2012

follow up

So, my husband and I are in Seattle for the final time :) His burn is looking excellent and there's no more open sores/scabs, so he should be good to go. For our part, it's a long haul of super careful, keep it covered with sunscreen to keep from discoloration, worse scarring. I'm making soap from scratch to help, and he's using a "pour * mold" shea butter soap that I've added lavender, etc to until the other soap can be used.

I've also discovered some clay/minerals that'll help with scarring/burns, and another that will help with arthritits. My husband's family has arthritis from the time they are kids, and my kids have inherited that. I've been looking for something that will help that a) doesn't involve ingestion, and b) they'll use (doesn't stink) and c) is natural. Some nights, my boys cry in their sleep from their pain. Anways, I found what I need and next paycheck, will hopefully be able to get them as well.

I really wrote a storm of words, then this past week, nada. Zip. I'm feeling stressed about money now that I can't get internet, nor do I have phones. It's very frustrating. Things are getting better, but I can't find a decent internet service for a price that my family can handle :( I've read through some things I need for my writing, done a little thoughts, etc. which is good. I did some reading. Being stressed/depressed is when it's the hardest to do things, but I make myself do them. Soap making, drawing, coloring, etc. And then, I also do a lot of reading!! It's great for future writing.

Have a few ideas that's are percolating. We'll see what brews :) Hope everyone's new year is going well, and thanks for reading!


  1. I have found that when I am stressed or worried, I put on some music, dance it out in my living room, and then I can get back to creating/writing. The nice thing is, it is free.


  2. :D oh yes, I love doing that. And it does help! Thank you for commenting. ;-)