Sunday, January 1, 2012

Thanks for a thanks :)

This linke will send you to Robin's blog. She's encouraging everyone to buy home crafted items, to support families like mine, and thanking me for the items she has received.

This woman has, even through her own personal turmoil, helped me when I most needed it. We lost a lot of money when my daughter was in the hospital. My husband didn't lose his job, but he was only 6 months in and had already used most of his sick/personal days up. He had to take the one extra day he had of personal time before FMLA kicked in, so he did get a bit, but other than that, he didn't. Between the extra gas, money for me in the hospital, his time off work, and a medical garnishment that started that month, we were down about 3/4-1month's pay. That may not seem like a lot, but to hurt. So I started trying to sell my paintings. My friend told me about etsy, how to go about everything, was my first customer and told me so dos and don'ts.

I didn't make much, but I did get enough to get gas money for my husband to get to work before the next payday. What I gained though, was confidence. Confidence to put my stuff out there. I still haven't made as much as we lost at that point, or enough to pay for any of my other medical bills, but I have had that little bit come in when I needed it most. Almost *all* of my money I earned has gone to gas and groceries. Very little back into my art. I need to do that now and my next sell, I'm buying yellow and green paint LOL She's also been encouraging in my writing and a fellow groaner as we cut/edit/look for just the right word, and dream!

Between her and my MIL, I can believe in myself even when I don't.

Thank you!!

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