Thursday, November 25, 2010

Days 21-25

If you 're my nano buddy, You will notice very little word count change. I have discovered that I do not write well when I am very cold. A little cold is invigorating! But we got extremely cold here.

I'm not sure why it's so bad. My MIL lived here before us. Everytime we visited, it was WAY too hot. I finally picked up two space heaters--one for each bathroom. I'm warming up. Our pipes froze to the laundry room and one bathroom. Today, in middle of Thanksgiving turkey dinner cooking and giving boys baths (it was finally warm enough!), the water quit working. Just like that. I went to wash off eggs I had peeled, and in the time it took to peel 2 eggs, BAMN the water was gone.

My husband managed to reroute the water. We have water back in kitchen, 1 bathroom (thank god!) and the laundry. Will have to have pumpkin pie tomorrow since the water going off put me behind. I'm thankful we didn't take our friends up on the offer to go to their house. It would have been dark when we got home and NO WATER> Instead, it was a minor inconvenience that will repeat tomorrow, but hopefully be over then.

Word wise, I've gotten about 100 or so. I was going to write a lot yesterday, and I tried. I was able to work a couple of things out in my mind, but I was too cold to do more than a little bit. Warmer today, so maybe tonight will get a chance to write. I've already warned everyone, that I am doing very little over next three days but write. Maybe five days.

My husband had to stay home yesterday to try and deal with the frozen pipes and his car didn't start in morning. Result? He lost 12 hours of work, and the paid holiday. If you don't work the day before and the day after, you don't get the holiday pay.

Result of that? total loss of 28 hours of paid time. Result of that? I don't get to go to Ocean and paint. My MIL was going to take me to ocean next weekend (after Nano ended) so I could spend 5 days painting. Instead, sigh. Oh well. Maybe another time.

I'm really bummed about it. :((((((

Okay, pity party over. At least until day I was supposed to leave. So, I managed to make two more hats for baby (two I already made are somewhere...) one for busband, and one for my other two boys, scarf for husband, hats and scarfs for friend's kid's birthday. Need to make hats and scarfs for nieces for Christmas, and re-make me some. I don't know if I have enough yarn because the mice took over myart room. I'm taking it back, but I lost more yarn :(

In some ways, a very trying week. However, it should help me to go fresh at the writing tomorrow while it was swirling in my mind these last fiew days. I will make the 50k. I will be struggling to make the 70k. It's possible. I've written that much in a week before. Let's hope life cooperates!


Sunday, November 21, 2010

days 19-20

I'm at 42,598 Word word count :D Did about 2k last night. And was apparently wrong on ending word count or something, idk because I did over 2k yesterday. Of course, I did have low day on Friday, so maybe it's right.

I'm writing a love scene which is helping my word count, but sounds silly to me. I have found that while I don't mind readingt he love scenes, that writing is a much harder task.

How do you make it sound sincere, not crass. Loving yet hot. Sensual and sexual yet not crude. All of these things and more keep running through my head. They are psychic, one more than the other, and Soulmates. So there's the paranormal aspect that should be blended it. It slowed me down considerably.

Of course, having a 6 and 9 yo buggin me for computer time every 5 secs did not help. Also, in between writing times, I clean, play with kids, etc. One of my clean times I found evidence of long term mice STUFF.

I have barely had my art/craf room set up for maybe six weeks. Yet, the mice have made new hole in wall, nested in three yarn cubes and ruined a ton of my string yarn and squatted on other stuff on top of the cubes. I mean hard core.

One of my costume tubs in my closet popped its lid and the mice have been using it for a luxury spa I think. I swear, if I had not seen this cat eat three mice with my own eyes, I would think he wasn't even trying!

Good part is that the mice are no longer sauntering across my living room and kitchen like they own it. I caught one mouse that used to walk between TV stand and next bit of hide out space. It would stop and look at whoever was sitting on couch and chatter at them. I kid you not.

Now, it stops at end of TV stand and sits and shakes before trotting itself out. I'm afraid to look in my paper stash after what I found in my yarn stash, though. They are eating through everything to make quick escape routes, even my lacquered drawers made out of real wood. Pine dressers. And the mice are ruining them! UGH LOL. I'm thinking I may have to right a farce about my micecapades :D

Friday, November 19, 2010

Day 18

I posted yesterday, really I did. However, my internet card over heated. Anyhow, My word count end for last night is 39,770! Yehaw and all that jazz. I'm terribly excited. I was so far behind this time last week (for personal goal. I don't beilve I've ever fell behind Nano's suggested numbers) and now, I will make it to 70k if I do 3k a day everyday. So that means I need a couple of 5k days to make up for Thanksgiving! lol

Also, saw a few of my Nano buddies do some awesome catch up. A few more are on their way to the goal, and a couple have finished! Funny thing is, one is a buddy from last year who had not finished at all, much less early!

I love our group of writers :D Have a great weekend. I plan on blogging this weekend, but I will be sans husband and teenager to help! Wish me luck in my writing and craft endeavors!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

day 16

It's easier for me in the morning, so I may be blogging the day before's info every morning. Please note that that is MY morning. Which today is 1015 only because my husband can't be awake by himself apparently. LOL He says I simply woke up but...

Any hoot, despite many attempts at sabatoge by my 6 yo and quite a few by my other children, minor emergency of my teen (I'm all set to go, I just need my ASB. 25 bucks. Cash.), my husbands bad day at work which meant I needed to spend some extra time letting him vent, and the regular household chores, I passed my daily quota and moved into make up time.

New word count is 34,694! Can I get a big Hell yeah! (That's Word word count. Nano is about 20 words shorter. Which is weird because last year it gave me ten words more than my count. Go figure.)

Wish me luck today. Also, feel free to share your writing experiences here as each day goes by--even if you are struggling or doing Nano. Like exercising, writing is better with a buddy.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 15

Wow, what a day! My 2 yo is quite the handful. He has to dump out everything and anything he can get his hands on. Drinks are the worst problem. But lately, he's been having a go at the litter box. Whatever it is that gets him into the most trouble, that is what he repeats the most often.

I know, kid wants attention right? Well, sort of. He wants to get you playing with him with whatever he's not supposed to be doing (Ie turning on off TV/VCR/game system) and make you laugh. Problem is, he is so darn cute that it is hard not to!

Anyways, we played and wore him out. He's asleep right now. I'm afraid he will wake up soon :(

In the meantime, I am up past 29,600! yeah. Did a little catch up anyway. Now I'm only down 5,400 from my personal goal. Which is good! I don't remember where I was at last year, but I ended with 64k, so I'm slightly behind the pace set last year. However, this year, the story has given me fits and I'm having trouble turning my inner editor off. Means less problems editing later, but my word count is starting to suffer.

One thing that is good though, I put in a short chapter introducing the villian about four chapters sooner to up the ante a little bit. I mean, there's a murder in the first chapter, but we don't get much of a glimpse of the bad guy until later. I realised that would not do, so I put in a little voyeurism at the murder scene, and sent her off to have sex with her cohort in crime.

Here's a small excerpt from the last few days...

She felt that burning now, and touched herself quickly despite the public venue. She needed relief. She took one more look at all the faces, their fear and panic, the emergency workers who looked sickened.

Power hummed in her blood. She went around the back way and went home. He was there waiting, hard, wanting her as much as she wanted him. He was in it up to his eyeballs.

What was that called? She had seen it on television. Oh, yes, she remembered. Accessory after the fact. Same penalty. She smiled a pouty sexy smile at him. But, not as much fun.

She grabbed his hair and kissed him hard, then lost herself in the moment.

She had no idea how many witnesses were there. How many other world creatures rode the high with her.

If she had known there was a demon riding her as hard as she was riding her lust companion, that he had control over her, she would not have believed it. The power blinded her to all but her own needs and feelings.

She loved the kill. She was in control. She knew it.

The demonic laughter floating around the room was not heard by her or him. They didn't know it, but their time was up. Soon, very soon.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 14

Holy cow. I forgot that I had internet troubles so the friday one did not post. I completely spaced it yesterday. Was busy coming out my ears. However, despite the business of grocery shopping, clothes shopping (which I hate!), and dating and all that entails (my husband got me clothes and hair dye LOL) I still managed to write Fri-Sat. I'm just getting started for tonight, so not looking to accomplish a huge amount.

I did, however, have a good date with my husband :) We have been doing better at making time for each other than in the past decade. Maybe we will truly make it to the next decade marker.

My current word count is 26,663 and my heroine is recovering from her demon induced heart failure. What will she find out? First person she sees is the hero's mother. Will she figure out the true evil before it's too late???

Can the hero save her from a fate that makes death look like a walk in the park? Stay tuned for next time on what's my story :D

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 11

I didn't get far yesterday. I only did about another 500 words before having to stop and take care of baby :) I did get over 2k done today. So from last nights 20900 I am at 24153! Most of which I wrote today. I'm going to try again real quick, but I have 2yo complaining mightily already!

My word count is behind my personal goal, but I am days ahead of the rest of Nano's goals...
According to my stats, despite 3 days of virtually nothing, I still average over 2k a day and only need 1362 a day to finish. Well, as everyone knows, I have a family. I heartily doubt I will get to write everyday. So here's me, off to snag a few extra words before my other life rushes in!

How are you all doing??

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 10

I have a few hundred words in, even though I had to take it easy today for health reasons. I currently left my heroine with the medics rolling her in to the ER, ready to do defib. My hero following close behind, not knowing what the hell caused her to drop so badly and fast, and our detective trying to avoid being discovered by angels and demons fighting over her.

Whoo! this scene is hot. Hopefully, I don't kill it in my current lethargic mood.

Word count is roughly at 20900 thereabouts and I obviously have a good many to go. I want to be at 25k tonight. We shall see...

I think it's excerpt time. Here's a sample of the fifth chapter.

[Damian}He heard the commotion before he saw it. One EMT was holding an IV bag, the paramedic was getting ready to shock with the defibrillators. She had obviously taken a turn for the worst. He looked around for Kenny and saw him trying to look around the workers and get a glimpse Kristen.

Damian felt his heart in his throat. A large demon was fighting with an angel, moving right through everyone there. The temperature in the emergency room dropped ten degrees in a split second. People felt the cold even though they couldn't see the demon or angel the way he could.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 8 and 9

As I said in yesterday morning's blog, my son burned his hand. If you've ever gotten a cut or sore on your hands, particularly the forefinger and thumb, then you know that it makes it difficult to impossible to snap/button jeans. What did that mean to me/us?

It meant my 9yo couldn't do his own pants anymore, so I spent day sewing yesterday. I made him two pairs of pants with elastic waist and pockets. I now have orders for plenty more for rest of fam who are a bit jealous lol

Today, I wrote 2k words. Then went grocery shopping, made dinner, etc. I came back to do a bit more work, but uploaded my nanowrimo. When I got there, is saw my word count was over 18k!! I almost cried. My WIP is now a little over 19...

Sigh. Oh well. Maybe I accidently erased more than I thought... Or maybe I'm crazy and can't remember. After all, it has been 2 days o.o.

As of this time, my word count is at 19528. I'm ahead of nanowrimo schedule, but way behind my personal schedule. I need at least 21k to be on track of the 3k a day, 5 days a week. More if I want to make the 70k mark. Sigh.

dkjklsdfajkl;sdfajkl;sdf;sdfajkl;sdfajkl;sdfajkl;sdfaj'sdfakl'sdfa'sdfa'k'sdfa'sdfasdfa sdfakl;sdfa'kll

There, I feel better. Thank you. I have like thirty funny stories I thought to tell then forgot. Maybe I'll remember them soon :) Well, off to write some more. How is everyone else's week going?

Monday, November 8, 2010

day 7

My husband came home sick yesterday. So you know what I did? I went to the book store :) I got a book written in multiple POV and some christmas presents :) Here comes christmas here comes christmas.

I have large family so have to buy christmas over the course of few months/year. Plus, our health insurance is going to start in dec but so is the payments which will run us 400. about 25% of our take home pay. REALLY sucks. Anyhow,

Word count is around 17,400 right now. I'm hoping to wrap a good 20-23k before bed tonight. Would prefer to be at 24 k, but I doubt it.

My youngest son threw up again today. He throws up like 3 times a week now. Sometimes from coughing. Ususally just because, I guess. My husband said he threw up everyday before school when he was growing up. UGH

Then, my son lost the tums after taking one. He wanted one more and in the course of looking for them, tripped on hearth, caught himself with hand--on very hot wood pellet stove (our highs are expected to get to 40's this week--and had a burn. Husband was on his way to doctor and turned around to come get him.

My life is like that almost every morning (replace burned hand with asthma some days, or something else--fights, rebellion, etc--and you get a life in the day of me. It got old long time ago. And the doctor's wonder why Down Syndrome didn't worry me?? Scoffs. I am prepared. LOL

How did everyone else's weekend go?

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Day 6

I don't know what to say. Uber efficient today, despite my to elementary kids trying my patience beyond belief. This on top of a horrifyng spider incident which I shall relate another time.

I made awesome dinner, steak, peppers onions, corn, cheesy mashed potatoes, beer bread. Yep, my husband had a bad day and needed some loving.
My start numbers were weird, gonna take a stab at saying about the same as what I posted last night. (I forgot to look:( and I'm crazy you know)

I erased lots of the other projects word count (seriously, lots) and made myself go until I was still over the minimum word count needed for each day. Worked out to close to 3k for me today.

I also sent off more queries. One had a mistake in it. Way bummed. Oh well. Can't ignore that part of the business as lots of agents close up after Nano.

Good news? At my current pace, I'll be done by November 17 with the minimum word count. However, I'm containing my excitement as I know that if one of the queries I have out request a partial, then I'll be putting in more editing hours. (I do not track editing hours! Why do I want to give myself that kind of headache????)

For now, my word count stands at an official 18480. I hope to write more tonight, but there it is. Here is an excerpt from my paranormal work called "Ghost of Kristen's Past"

As soon as she said the words, she felt an intense evil looking at her. She whipped her head around to face whatever was coming at her and gasped.

Its one eye was big as the palm of her hand, and its lopsided grin showed rotted teeth-like objects in what she assumed was his mouth. Fear gripped her as panic numbed her mind. It lumbered toward her and she reacted instinctively.

Her mind exploded out psychic energy, narrowed in on the Ogre's eye. She watched as a hole appeared dead center and wisps of smoke circled the eye. The Ogre dropped the club-like weapon it was carrying. It put both hands over the eye and screeched.

She had no time to savor the victory though because more were headed here way. Detective Damian stopped a large portion, but there were too many for one—person?—to fight.
She felt Kenny at her back and smiled grimly. At least he was able to fight. Maybe this one would end better than their last fight. She took a step forward and punched the next lavender creature in the eye before focusing her energy on it. The two hurt Ogres screamed and danced around in pain, getting in the way of the oncoming demons.

Kenny stepped in front of her and picked up the two dropped clubs. He handed one to her. She nodded gratefully. They stood with their backs together. They kept moving, never exposing their backs as the demons tried to encircle them.

Kristen wished for her Guardian Angel. She had lived most of her life without ever knowing that she had one, but had come to appreciate hers real quick during the first battle against the demons.

She heard her blood pumping in her ears and felt the adrenalin coursing through her. She felt like a warrior. Except for that ball of fear in her gut. Then again, maybe that is how all warriors felt. She batted at the arm of an Ogre reaching for her. Surprisingly it shattered and bits flew into the air and spun around and around.

She ducked instinctively. She grabbed at Kenny pulling him down next to her as the pieces flew by their heads. She had no idea what would happen if a piece of demonic flesh were to hit them. Furthermore, she had no wish to know!

She watched Detective Damian cut off a green demon's head with his fingernails and gulped. She never wanted to get on his bad side. The demons were hissing and snarling and she felt overwhelmed by it all. She reached back and grabbed Kenny's free hand. It helped her focus and steadied her fears. She let go of his hand and gripped her bat with both hands.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Day 5.

I almost forgot to post this! Day five did not go quite as well as planned, so I incorporated the writing I've done on many projects today. I realized that I was hurting myself by spreading my words so thin. So, after the end, I am keeping track of other things I write, as of yesterday.

It's more to help my morale than anything. I am also querying and editing on two other books as I undertake this nano project. Today, I passed over 3k on other projects and decided I needed to track it better.

Start totals: 10865
Day end: 12230
Total words written on projects: 16772

You can see why I needed to start tracking it together. So, if I remember, I will be posting these three totals from now on.

In other news, I guest blogged on the Peevish Penman. It's great and re Nano. I love the linked post. After all, I'm married to a Native... LOL Go read. I'll post address tomorrow. However, I've had two hours of sleep and the baby has woken up after only being down an hour!!!!

TTFN wish me well tonight.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day four

Yep, the fourth day already.

Stats for day four:

Start: 9100
current: 10235
also found a good plot element to make Hero more likable and stronger. He was kind of washy. Most of my male characters start that way. It's my women characters that come out of the box knowing what they want :)

Also added nearly 1k to fantasy and sent off query. Found few small errors and fixed them. Keep your fingers crossed. I'm starting to feel down. Means I need to eat something and play with my kids :)

Target word count for nan is around 5100 for the fourth day, but I want to be ahead! I want to take a day off here and there. Plus, 70k isn't going to happen without some serious word count sessions.

I'm having a lot of trouble turning off the inner editor on this one. I keep stalling. I may go back to the end and start writing it backwards again! Who knows. For now, I need sustenance.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 3

Day 3 rocked for me. As I posted earlier, I finished my other assignment. I received news as to when my "guest blog" will be posting (Friday, I will post a link here :) and heard feedback on my Forever Nocturne story and artwork. I had a good writing day and it isn't over.

I pulled what I'd like to call reverse psychology on my characters and this story. The paranormal I've been trying to pin down for year? It's here and it rocks. Only thing is I wrote the last chapter before finishing the first chapter. Turned out to be the second to the last chapter. 5-6k words in a little over 24 hours (some last night, some this morning/afternoon) and I wrote the end. Now my characters know I'm not going to hurt them-much. And there is kissing involved. Maybe they'll get it together and tell me how they want to handle the rest of the first chapter?

See, I don't have the middle-slog problem a lot of writers seem to have. My problem is the beginning. I end up telling too much too soon. Or too much backstory that I then have to cut and add in by bits and pieces later. Nope, for me it is not the middle that perplexes me. It's how to keep the story interesting and give out the right amount of facts and backstory from the first.

I need to get back to it while I have the impetuous. So without further ado, here are my up -to-the-minute stats.

Starting count: 6112
Right this minute count: 8756
Chapters finished: 2 the LAST 2 lol.

If you haven't been following along, then you might not realize that I am well aware that my start numbers are NOT the same as my end numbers. I don't quit writing after I post. I write and write and write... you get the picture.

Oh, and in case you missed it, (or I didn't post this?) the working title for the book is Ghost of Kristen's Past :D I know I want to read it. Now, to get the words down on paper so that I can print, print, print.

PS My goal is to do a MINIMUM of 3k a day, 5 days a week. However, my long term goal is to have more than 70k written by the end of the month. This book has had many false starts and lots of research. The only thing stopping me has been this silly mental block because of a sillier outline. Now, muse, drink up and taste the Pepsi. It's time to roll out the words!

bonus post

I ended yesterday with over 6k words. I've started today by writing 800 words on other assignment. It's finished now and needs only to be emailed :) Yeah me!

Also, the chest pain has abated, so must have been a bad asthma issue. Usually, I have more warning than that. It's possible I've been to busy to pay attention to those warning signs. You think so? :P

Wish me luck on today's word count (no I'm not counting the assignment!) and go read my horror short story I linked to in the last post! TTFN

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Squee It's up!

so first ever scary story is up! is the link.

My art work is on page 6 and that is where the story begins :) Lots of good reads in the magazine.

Day 2

So, day 2 started out ingloriously for me. I woke up, pushed the kids out the door to the bus, and tried to sleep for another three hours hoping eyes would quit feeling like sandpaper. What happened was my left arm went numb and I had chest pain. When this continued for half an hour, I started getting worried. I'm still not sure if I'm ripe for heart attack (I sure hope not because traditionally it has been the only organ not giving me fits!) or if it was a combination of asthma and carpool tunnel. My inhaler helps, but since shortness of breath is also a sign of a heart attack... Yeah, if it's not better, completely, tomorrow, I will be seeing a doctor. If it starts hurting worse, I'll be going in to the hospital. I don't have health care though, so the thought of going to hospital is stressful enough to cause the very thing I fear.

I ended up sleeping until 1 with multiple interruptions after taking benadryl, ibuprofen, and albuterol inhaler. I've been struggling the whole day with not letting fear stress me out beyond reason.


Start: 2425 (I did write a bit more last night :)
Word count as of time of this post: 4623

I have nearly 1400 more words before I'm at my personal goal level, but it is time to put boys to bed and take more aspirin. I'm having fun with this work in progress. Finally! lol. It's been very hard to get anywhere with this book.

I am writing the book backwards. LOL started first chapter, got frustrated, so went to last chapter. AND IT'S WORKING :) Plus I wrote on the fun article type assignment I have. It's at the minimum word count, so now it's all gravy :)

How are you all doing on your personal goals :)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Day one

I'm writing this now because it is my youngest's birthday, and I want to be sure and get this in before the craziness begins.

Tentative title. Ghost of Kristen's Past
Genre: paranormal romance
Quick log line: A half-demon half-human fights his nature and tries to help fight for the humans he comes in contact with. He also makes it a personal quest to get together as many soulmates as he can as it upsets the demon world the most.
Day1 start: 0
Day1 at time of this post: 2,156 just 844 words shy of my 3k goal.

I'm still not done for the day--at least I plan on writing more. How are your goals for the day?