Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 11

I didn't get far yesterday. I only did about another 500 words before having to stop and take care of baby :) I did get over 2k done today. So from last nights 20900 I am at 24153! Most of which I wrote today. I'm going to try again real quick, but I have 2yo complaining mightily already!

My word count is behind my personal goal, but I am days ahead of the rest of Nano's goals...
According to my stats, despite 3 days of virtually nothing, I still average over 2k a day and only need 1362 a day to finish. Well, as everyone knows, I have a family. I heartily doubt I will get to write everyday. So here's me, off to snag a few extra words before my other life rushes in!

How are you all doing??

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