Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day four

Yep, the fourth day already.

Stats for day four:

Start: 9100
current: 10235
also found a good plot element to make Hero more likable and stronger. He was kind of washy. Most of my male characters start that way. It's my women characters that come out of the box knowing what they want :)

Also added nearly 1k to fantasy and sent off query. Found few small errors and fixed them. Keep your fingers crossed. I'm starting to feel down. Means I need to eat something and play with my kids :)

Target word count for nan is around 5100 for the fourth day, but I want to be ahead! I want to take a day off here and there. Plus, 70k isn't going to happen without some serious word count sessions.

I'm having a lot of trouble turning off the inner editor on this one. I keep stalling. I may go back to the end and start writing it backwards again! Who knows. For now, I need sustenance.

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