Saturday, November 6, 2010

Day 6

I don't know what to say. Uber efficient today, despite my to elementary kids trying my patience beyond belief. This on top of a horrifyng spider incident which I shall relate another time.

I made awesome dinner, steak, peppers onions, corn, cheesy mashed potatoes, beer bread. Yep, my husband had a bad day and needed some loving.
My start numbers were weird, gonna take a stab at saying about the same as what I posted last night. (I forgot to look:( and I'm crazy you know)

I erased lots of the other projects word count (seriously, lots) and made myself go until I was still over the minimum word count needed for each day. Worked out to close to 3k for me today.

I also sent off more queries. One had a mistake in it. Way bummed. Oh well. Can't ignore that part of the business as lots of agents close up after Nano.

Good news? At my current pace, I'll be done by November 17 with the minimum word count. However, I'm containing my excitement as I know that if one of the queries I have out request a partial, then I'll be putting in more editing hours. (I do not track editing hours! Why do I want to give myself that kind of headache????)

For now, my word count stands at an official 18480. I hope to write more tonight, but there it is. Here is an excerpt from my paranormal work called "Ghost of Kristen's Past"

As soon as she said the words, she felt an intense evil looking at her. She whipped her head around to face whatever was coming at her and gasped.

Its one eye was big as the palm of her hand, and its lopsided grin showed rotted teeth-like objects in what she assumed was his mouth. Fear gripped her as panic numbed her mind. It lumbered toward her and she reacted instinctively.

Her mind exploded out psychic energy, narrowed in on the Ogre's eye. She watched as a hole appeared dead center and wisps of smoke circled the eye. The Ogre dropped the club-like weapon it was carrying. It put both hands over the eye and screeched.

She had no time to savor the victory though because more were headed here way. Detective Damian stopped a large portion, but there were too many for one—person?—to fight.
She felt Kenny at her back and smiled grimly. At least he was able to fight. Maybe this one would end better than their last fight. She took a step forward and punched the next lavender creature in the eye before focusing her energy on it. The two hurt Ogres screamed and danced around in pain, getting in the way of the oncoming demons.

Kenny stepped in front of her and picked up the two dropped clubs. He handed one to her. She nodded gratefully. They stood with their backs together. They kept moving, never exposing their backs as the demons tried to encircle them.

Kristen wished for her Guardian Angel. She had lived most of her life without ever knowing that she had one, but had come to appreciate hers real quick during the first battle against the demons.

She heard her blood pumping in her ears and felt the adrenalin coursing through her. She felt like a warrior. Except for that ball of fear in her gut. Then again, maybe that is how all warriors felt. She batted at the arm of an Ogre reaching for her. Surprisingly it shattered and bits flew into the air and spun around and around.

She ducked instinctively. She grabbed at Kenny pulling him down next to her as the pieces flew by their heads. She had no idea what would happen if a piece of demonic flesh were to hit them. Furthermore, she had no wish to know!

She watched Detective Damian cut off a green demon's head with his fingernails and gulped. She never wanted to get on his bad side. The demons were hissing and snarling and she felt overwhelmed by it all. She reached back and grabbed Kenny's free hand. It helped her focus and steadied her fears. She let go of his hand and gripped her bat with both hands.

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