Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 10

I have a few hundred words in, even though I had to take it easy today for health reasons. I currently left my heroine with the medics rolling her in to the ER, ready to do defib. My hero following close behind, not knowing what the hell caused her to drop so badly and fast, and our detective trying to avoid being discovered by angels and demons fighting over her.

Whoo! this scene is hot. Hopefully, I don't kill it in my current lethargic mood.

Word count is roughly at 20900 thereabouts and I obviously have a good many to go. I want to be at 25k tonight. We shall see...

I think it's excerpt time. Here's a sample of the fifth chapter.

[Damian}He heard the commotion before he saw it. One EMT was holding an IV bag, the paramedic was getting ready to shock with the defibrillators. She had obviously taken a turn for the worst. He looked around for Kenny and saw him trying to look around the workers and get a glimpse Kristen.

Damian felt his heart in his throat. A large demon was fighting with an angel, moving right through everyone there. The temperature in the emergency room dropped ten degrees in a split second. People felt the cold even though they couldn't see the demon or angel the way he could.

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