Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 2

So, day 2 started out ingloriously for me. I woke up, pushed the kids out the door to the bus, and tried to sleep for another three hours hoping eyes would quit feeling like sandpaper. What happened was my left arm went numb and I had chest pain. When this continued for half an hour, I started getting worried. I'm still not sure if I'm ripe for heart attack (I sure hope not because traditionally it has been the only organ not giving me fits!) or if it was a combination of asthma and carpool tunnel. My inhaler helps, but since shortness of breath is also a sign of a heart attack... Yeah, if it's not better, completely, tomorrow, I will be seeing a doctor. If it starts hurting worse, I'll be going in to the hospital. I don't have health care though, so the thought of going to hospital is stressful enough to cause the very thing I fear.

I ended up sleeping until 1 with multiple interruptions after taking benadryl, ibuprofen, and albuterol inhaler. I've been struggling the whole day with not letting fear stress me out beyond reason.


Start: 2425 (I did write a bit more last night :)
Word count as of time of this post: 4623

I have nearly 1400 more words before I'm at my personal goal level, but it is time to put boys to bed and take more aspirin. I'm having fun with this work in progress. Finally! lol. It's been very hard to get anywhere with this book.

I am writing the book backwards. LOL started first chapter, got frustrated, so went to last chapter. AND IT'S WORKING :) Plus I wrote on the fun article type assignment I have. It's at the minimum word count, so now it's all gravy :)

How are you all doing on your personal goals :)

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  1. You are my Hero, you know that. I can only write when it is quiet, with no distractions. Usually in the mornings when I am fresh. I get that you are a parent of 5, one with special needs, and have to deal with all the distractions and still manage 1500 word plus days. If is quite and I am health I can put out 4500 words but hold around 1500 word averages. But when there are distractions the average goes down to nothing. I admire the fact your you can write under figurative gunfire. Keep your head down and keep on writing.