Friday, November 5, 2010

Day 5.

I almost forgot to post this! Day five did not go quite as well as planned, so I incorporated the writing I've done on many projects today. I realized that I was hurting myself by spreading my words so thin. So, after the end, I am keeping track of other things I write, as of yesterday.

It's more to help my morale than anything. I am also querying and editing on two other books as I undertake this nano project. Today, I passed over 3k on other projects and decided I needed to track it better.

Start totals: 10865
Day end: 12230
Total words written on projects: 16772

You can see why I needed to start tracking it together. So, if I remember, I will be posting these three totals from now on.

In other news, I guest blogged on the Peevish Penman. It's great and re Nano. I love the linked post. After all, I'm married to a Native... LOL Go read. I'll post address tomorrow. However, I've had two hours of sleep and the baby has woken up after only being down an hour!!!!

TTFN wish me well tonight.

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