Sunday, November 21, 2010

days 19-20

I'm at 42,598 Word word count :D Did about 2k last night. And was apparently wrong on ending word count or something, idk because I did over 2k yesterday. Of course, I did have low day on Friday, so maybe it's right.

I'm writing a love scene which is helping my word count, but sounds silly to me. I have found that while I don't mind readingt he love scenes, that writing is a much harder task.

How do you make it sound sincere, not crass. Loving yet hot. Sensual and sexual yet not crude. All of these things and more keep running through my head. They are psychic, one more than the other, and Soulmates. So there's the paranormal aspect that should be blended it. It slowed me down considerably.

Of course, having a 6 and 9 yo buggin me for computer time every 5 secs did not help. Also, in between writing times, I clean, play with kids, etc. One of my clean times I found evidence of long term mice STUFF.

I have barely had my art/craf room set up for maybe six weeks. Yet, the mice have made new hole in wall, nested in three yarn cubes and ruined a ton of my string yarn and squatted on other stuff on top of the cubes. I mean hard core.

One of my costume tubs in my closet popped its lid and the mice have been using it for a luxury spa I think. I swear, if I had not seen this cat eat three mice with my own eyes, I would think he wasn't even trying!

Good part is that the mice are no longer sauntering across my living room and kitchen like they own it. I caught one mouse that used to walk between TV stand and next bit of hide out space. It would stop and look at whoever was sitting on couch and chatter at them. I kid you not.

Now, it stops at end of TV stand and sits and shakes before trotting itself out. I'm afraid to look in my paper stash after what I found in my yarn stash, though. They are eating through everything to make quick escape routes, even my lacquered drawers made out of real wood. Pine dressers. And the mice are ruining them! UGH LOL. I'm thinking I may have to right a farce about my micecapades :D

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