Thursday, November 25, 2010

Days 21-25

If you 're my nano buddy, You will notice very little word count change. I have discovered that I do not write well when I am very cold. A little cold is invigorating! But we got extremely cold here.

I'm not sure why it's so bad. My MIL lived here before us. Everytime we visited, it was WAY too hot. I finally picked up two space heaters--one for each bathroom. I'm warming up. Our pipes froze to the laundry room and one bathroom. Today, in middle of Thanksgiving turkey dinner cooking and giving boys baths (it was finally warm enough!), the water quit working. Just like that. I went to wash off eggs I had peeled, and in the time it took to peel 2 eggs, BAMN the water was gone.

My husband managed to reroute the water. We have water back in kitchen, 1 bathroom (thank god!) and the laundry. Will have to have pumpkin pie tomorrow since the water going off put me behind. I'm thankful we didn't take our friends up on the offer to go to their house. It would have been dark when we got home and NO WATER> Instead, it was a minor inconvenience that will repeat tomorrow, but hopefully be over then.

Word wise, I've gotten about 100 or so. I was going to write a lot yesterday, and I tried. I was able to work a couple of things out in my mind, but I was too cold to do more than a little bit. Warmer today, so maybe tonight will get a chance to write. I've already warned everyone, that I am doing very little over next three days but write. Maybe five days.

My husband had to stay home yesterday to try and deal with the frozen pipes and his car didn't start in morning. Result? He lost 12 hours of work, and the paid holiday. If you don't work the day before and the day after, you don't get the holiday pay.

Result of that? total loss of 28 hours of paid time. Result of that? I don't get to go to Ocean and paint. My MIL was going to take me to ocean next weekend (after Nano ended) so I could spend 5 days painting. Instead, sigh. Oh well. Maybe another time.

I'm really bummed about it. :((((((

Okay, pity party over. At least until day I was supposed to leave. So, I managed to make two more hats for baby (two I already made are somewhere...) one for busband, and one for my other two boys, scarf for husband, hats and scarfs for friend's kid's birthday. Need to make hats and scarfs for nieces for Christmas, and re-make me some. I don't know if I have enough yarn because the mice took over myart room. I'm taking it back, but I lost more yarn :(

In some ways, a very trying week. However, it should help me to go fresh at the writing tomorrow while it was swirling in my mind these last fiew days. I will make the 50k. I will be struggling to make the 70k. It's possible. I've written that much in a week before. Let's hope life cooperates!


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