Thursday, December 2, 2010

The last days of Nano

I DID IT!!! I made it through the hellish month, sans thyroid meds, which affects my energy and memory, and still wrote 50k!

I wrote at least 4k on other projects as well! I finished on the second to last day. Last year, I finished a while before, but kept writing until I had 64k and more on other projects.

But this year, I had to struggle to write. It has been the paranormal that has been really sticking it to me. Turning off the inner editor completely ended up being impossible, which slowed me down. And, I'm trying to write it for a specific house/editor that really liked the premis of a short story I wrote last year (one of the projects I was working on during Nano last year!) and I have really struggled with many issues, from boredom because I outlined too much detail and wasn't happy with the main character's state of being. It is a series so I felt he needed a better hook.

I finally found it, but my laptop was stolen :( I had about 100 words in seperate file on my computer from the original writing of the scene, so was able to save that. Plus, I knew how I wanted the first scene to go, so I was able to do it. I have more words that will be copied in, now that Nano is over. That way, I can work it into the scenes better.

Otherwise, I have previously thrown out like 60k words on this particular project making it hard to write with abandon as I had done the past year.

However, I did it :D

In other news, one of my twitter friends posted about a contest the Knight Agency was sponsering, It was held on the last day of Nano. I still made myself be up and commented. I was one of the first 125 so I got in. And I made the first cut. They ended up taking 175 entrants and I made the cut down to 30 finalists! I will find out sometime on the 8th if I made the next cut :D

I'm thrilled to have made this first cut. It is the fantasy story that I entered. One I have futzed with. The one I wrote my voice out of. Well, in putting my voice back in, I had an epiphany. After writing in the changes, I ignored those few weeks of Nano. When I re-read it, I really like my revisions! Not only did I put a voice back into my MS, I rearranged a couple of scenes and I like the impact.

So did The Knight Agency. Here's to hoping they keep liking it!


  1. oh, hun...laptop stolen? that would piss me off sooo bad. devestating...\did you get it back, or hear anything about it? *hugs* maybe they'll do what that theif did in...cali or florida? sent a usb drive witht he files from the laptop he'd stolen to the original owner...Lol

  2. Oh honey, you have no idea. I have research and notes, and stories and pictures on there that are not replaceable :(

    No one was quite so nice to me.