Friday, December 17, 2010


So, how many of you eavesdrop? Come on, be honest. Your mom isn't looking. Yep, if you're a writer, I can almost gaurantee you eavesdrop, even when you don't mean to. Take me the other day.

Finally, I get out. The aforementioned Christmas bonus. Yeah, that day. I'm determined to enjoy my time out with my husband. First derailment? Migraine. okay, i have meds. Oops. left them in car. We are at Costco. I sit down at Costco's little white tables and hold my head in my hands while hubby checks out with our two items and goes to the car for me.

I am trying not to listen, honestly. It makes my head hurt to listen. But, I hear them. Everywhere. Women who are lovers that are pretending to just be friends. Old men married to their wives forever and showing that love in every look, touch, and word. Young kids ramped up about Christmas. So much there.

My husband brings in the meds that I have (not prescription. Just some "headache medicine" that I found with aspirin, tylenol, and caffeine. Lots of caffeine. my migraines are not hurt by caffeine. Thank. You. God. I've heard rumors...) and brought me food to go with it.

I finally start feeling better. and then the caffeine kicks in. Hubby leaves to get us pop or something and I tune in (again, NOT ON PURPOSE, I SWEAR) to the couple next to us. She is probably 55ish, died (pun intended) auburn hair (I WISH I could dye my hair that color though!) with a blue tooth sticking out her ear.

She is animatedly telling her older husband about her trip through the snack bar.

Ginger: There was one reeeeaaalllly long line but they had more than one cashier open.
Gingerman: Really. His tone of voice said fascinating. He is a good man.
Ginger: No one is moving to the open cashier. The cashier person is standing there twiddling her thumbs. Yet, they all stayed in the long line.
Gingerman: Huh. More of a grunt while eating.
Ginger: So I move and go to the front of the line.
Nosy Writer: Laughing in delight. Good for you!
Ginger: Looks over to see if nosy parker was talking to you. Yep, she was. Oh.
Nosy Writer: Seriously. Good for you. If people are going to give you dirty looks because they were too stupid to do it, then you derserve a thumbs up.
Gingerman: Blinks. Stares at this woman who has now said more words to your wife than you have in three days.
Ginger: Beams, but looks uncertain of the person next to them. Thank you.
Nosy Writer: I'm sorry. I'm a writer. I'm terrible about eavesdropping even when I'm trying not to. Winning smile. Just had to say that.
Ginger and Gingerman: Nod appreciatively. Thanks. Smiles.

Seriously, as soon as they heard I was a writer, I was no longer the crazy person interrupting their talk. I was somebody. A somebody that it was okay to listen and give approval. LOL

Have you ever done that? Not give dirty looks. I won't ask you to fess up to that. Not here, anyway. You can do that to yourself and fix it later. I mean, have you ever heard something and felt the urge to cut in?

We all do it on twitter. Not only that, we retweet and invite the whole world to do it with us lol

I have had people give me dirty looks for being the smart one, going to the head of the line, rather than be cattle and wait in the line "everybody" is in.

This episode made me think of JK Rowling and Stephanie Meyers. Or is it Meyer. I have a book here somewhere I could look at, but that's not the point. How many times have I heard either one of them eschewed for something? Really, what did they do? Something different.

Whether or not you like sparkly vamp in the rainforest as a concept, a huge chunk of the world did. Whether or not you like the witch stuff about Harry Potter, a really huge chunk of the world did. (BTW I'm huge fan of one and not the other. *Shrugs* I couldn't tell you why. I suspect its the POV issue for me, however.)

I do not complain about other books getting popular. I wish I were that popular. I don't care if you personally appreciate the writing. Why be a schmuck to those that like it? You never know, it might be the same schmuck of people that likes your stuff. I mean, take me for example. I'm not a huge YA fan. Yet, I do like some things.

But I'm also the same person who loves hard hitting thrillers and romantic comedies. If I see you belittling an author (I do not mean disliking a book for personal tastes. I mean the rude s***) and I remember your name, I am not going to buy your book. I. will. not. buy. your. book. Period. Okay, rant over. For now.

Still, don't be like all those standing in line because that's where everyone else is. Follow your heart. Write what you love. Go to the head of the line when the opportunity knocks.

And for pete's sake, don't give others dirty looks for getting there first. Applaud them and follow suit. Be a leader. Be different. Be yourself.


  1. lol I do it all the time without meaning to. =]

  2. I am notorious for jumping into other people's conversations. Or starting weird conversations with strangers. My kids just love that, let me tell you. Especially when those people don't get my jokes. Ack!
    that's why I love twitter so much, I think. I mean, if you don't want someone to respond or cut in to your conversation, then have it over email, fer crissakes! And if you are annoying someone, they can just ignore you, right? It's not like they are stuck next to you in line at the grocery store!

  3. @Danni lol people do. How can you not? I mean, people are always talking as if no one can hear them :) I find it fascinating.

    @ Teri LOL me too! My kids are always rolling their eyes, or telling their friends that their mom will say something. Their friends never believe them... I love twitter. I'm so glad that I found you :) you should have gotten a follow from me. If not let me know cuz my dang computer UGH. Internet was slow when computer was working well. Now... Yep.

    Sometimes I swear that people KNOW I'm a writer and are purposefully staging things for me :) It's so much fun.

  4. I love this post. I think it's mandatory to both eavesdrop and observe. People (me included) have the oddest mannerisms, tics, responses to the conversations they're having. It makes it so much easier to write a character if you know the way they would react, and therefore anticipate their inflexions.

    As long as you don't do it while we are having a conversation with someone else (hubby's have a particular dislike) it's all good fun. I mean, research.

  5. @Patricia Hey sweety! Thanks :) And, of course, you're right. So much easier to write a realistic character if you observe people and learn how they react.

    And hubby's getting used to it with me. Partly cuz he's guilty about doing it as well! LOL It's very good fun. Er, research...