Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Year

The new year is coming. Right now, most of the people I follow are slowing down, taking time to have fun. Especially since the publishing world seems to grind to a near stand still at this time of year. I say near because they do still push new releases and stuff.

So, what do you do for the New Year? Party wise and goal wise. The last few years, I've made it a point to get old projects finished. And I've succeeded :) I'm thinking, that I will have to do so again. I've found more projects and started others. Some I can't finish until I replace my glasses.

However, I'm going to add a new one. I'm going to have a book scheduled for publication. There. I've stated my goals. Now, if only I could see to edit...


  1. Well, 2011 is going to be a big year if i actually manage all of this:

    Right...(not necessarily in order)

    1. get an agent
    2. get to WFC2011 in San Diego (I'm in New Zealand so this is a big undertaking)to...er...get an agent or a publisher.
    3. Polish book one
    4. Finish book one
    5. Actually these are sort of going in reverse
    6. Plot out book two

  2. I'm going to finish something. It might be my NaNo novel, it might be another one, it might be a short story, it might be a paragraph. Really, I just want to be farther along on my writing journey than I am now.

    We are having friends over who love us enough (or are just desperate) to come to our house even though we have that certain "family with an elderly dog" aroma about us.

  3. I'm going to publish this year, I am leaving old baggage aside, So I can feel so light. Even if I have be self-published. I love cake, so I might need to make some of that. Then I must add a little dieting top it. I will continue my friendships and stay upbeat. I will shoulder my successes as well as my failures and not loose sight. I will be that friend that everyone needs and will try to like myself for it. Oh please, hold me to it.

  4. @Andrew Nice list! I love it. Knowing you're making it down makes me want to go to the WFCcon 2011 just to meet you :)

    @Teri Anne FINISH something is excellent goal. Let's go for the bigger one, broken down into smaller parts. I did a post, I think it was October in prep for Nano. I think it's called, My brother, my writing. Talks about breaking bigger goals into smaller steps and overcoming adversity.

    @notjustjay go for your writing goals! as to being the friend everyone needs... be the friend you are, and you'll be more successful. Good luck with the dieting. I suck at it :D
    continuing your friendships and staying upbeat should help you in your other goals.

  5. By the way Happy New Years a little late but....I am also stopping by here because I have nominated you for an award on my blog!
    Have a good night!

  6. @Danni SQUEEEE Really??? yeah LOL Thanks so much!!!