Friday, December 10, 2010

From mush to plush

Yeah, that was pushing it :P

As I think I stated here before, I had a very hard time turning off the inner editor in this year's go around of NaNoWriMo. This story has been in the works for sometime. As I had already written more than NaNo's requirement and thrown it out, I suppose I already had my mush pile.

Realistically, I have a great story. I'm working on pulling all the POVs together. I have an umbrella story (think Acheron from Sherilynn Kenyon) and the lovers story, and the demons in the back ground. There will be one big bad ass demon that is there for a few novels before I do something about her. Yes, the biggest bad ass demon is a female.

I believe women are as capable of men at things and vice-versa. I know there is some physical differences, but as I have a 5'8", or maybe she is up to 5'9" now, daughter as sturdy and strong as you could ask for, I do not see those limitations as much as others. Of course, I'm only 5'3", but I'm tough as nails. Or, I used to be before I got old :P

I was a firefighter, EMT, Search and Rescue Worker. My husband, who was also a firefighter, EMT (it's how we met!) is also a great sewer and cook. I never like to limit my characters.

How about you? Do you find yourself, in your writing or real life, limiting people unconsciously because of their sex? Take a close look, and let's be honest, this if for posterity's sake, how does it feel? Okay, that went off on a Princess Bride tangent :D What I was starting to say before my brain so pleasantly interrupted, is take a close look at your MS and your life views. How are you limiting yourself or the people around you? Or are you? You may be surprised at your answers.

For me, I forget to toughen my men up in my WIP. I forget some of the things that need to be said "out loud" so to speak. In my books, it is assumed (by me, the author) that men have a strength of character or a strong woman would not like them in the first place.

I forget to show that strength. What does that mean? It means I need to go about showing those characteristics in a positive way. What is it you do, or don't do, as the case may be?


  1. This is good stuff to think about. I don't know what my answer is, but I'll sure be thinking about it as I work.

    One thing that has been a catch-22 for me is that I was told I could do anything if I just tried hard enough. That let me to try alot of things I might not have otherwise done, but it also left me with a feeling of "Well, I'm just not trying hard enough" when I failed at something.
    So learning about accepting limitations (and being grateful) is a big theme for me.

  2. @teri Anne I do not mean to imply that all people can do all things. I mean that we should not limit ourselves b/c of gender. If we are good at something, we are good at something. If we want to try something, we should be able to try it, regardless.

    We may find we a) don't like it, or b) are no good at it, or c) we are good at it but REALLY don't like it :)

    Accepting your limitations is a good way to think of it. No need to feel like a failure. Those who don't try are the ones who truly miss out. Try your best, be your best, enjoy life. :)

    Keep up the writing. Whether you ever become published or not, it is good for you. I can see it in your blog.

  3. I am a strange character I blame this on my father who was a Jack of all trades and a master of none. That really isn't true either about him. He was a master mechanic and a master carpenter.
    I grew up cooking and help in the kitchen, my father showed me how to sew, he also taught be not to judge a book by its cover. I have been known to cut hair and haven't paid for a hair cut sense the first Bush was in office.
    My point is I have had days when I have has to clean grease off my hands from working on the car to make dinner and then make quilts from Christmas.
    Characters are like real life people. Sometimes there are not enough words on the page to explain that my solder in my story sews in real life back home.