Tuesday, December 14, 2010

new day

Well, it is a new day. Now, while reading the following, please keep in mind that my spirit is in a better frame of mind then yesterday. Also, writing does come in somewhere... *G*

My 2 yo fights sleep like some people fight each other in boxing rings. He will actually scratch/slap himself to wake himself up. Some nights are worst than others. Last night was a bad one.

Well, okay, I wanted to do some more baking. I had made chocolate cake and cupcakse and frosting earlier and wanted to make more frosting and cookies. One, small problem. A single solitary beater has gone missing between the kids lick the frosting off and the dishwasher stage.

I have looked everywhere. I'm afraid the 2 you may have gotten it and thrown it away. I'm afraid to look. But I ended up making frosting with my bread beater attachments. Worked okay. It was more work. No way am I going to be able to make any sort of whipped things like meringue etc.

Now, this morning, after being up until close on 6, I got up at 5 to 7 and woke up 6 and 9 yo and got them moving. Told them they had better make it to bus stop or else...

About 10 am I heard someone messing with our electronics and thought we were being ripped off (wouldn't be first time!) so I was startled awake. I turn over and jump up. One small, teensy, itty bitty problem? There was no more bed to turn over to. Yep. That's right. I fell off the bed. I hurt my whole left side, my back and neck.

Well, turns out to be my boys. I went out to the living room seeking blood. Well, turns out, my 9 yo turned wrong on his bad ankle (He hurts the same one over and over again. Yes, he is most definitely NOT adopted. #co-ruler of Klutzville here.), twisted it, fell, and 6 yo tripped on him and fell on the ankle. I.kid.you.not. All on their way out the door to bus.

I tell him find the brace and I turn around and go back to sleep. Around noon, I here my teen. I'm thinking, wow, I slept til 3? Sweet! Why don't I feel any better. Oh yeah. fell off bed. I get up check my thousand tweets on my phone and go. Um it's not three. I go out there and he's couging to beat the band again. We've got some sort of bronchitis going through the house and it can take months to go away. I may be stuck home schooling my kids for rest of year. Which really sucks as my teen only needs 5.5 credits to graduate!

When I started this, I still had not found the beater. My 6 yo finally understands WTH we are talking about, runs to his room, and comes back with it. LOL

Someone said I live on the edge of the Chaos Vortex. I'm starting to think my family is the epicenter and inner winds! We have our moments of ultimate togetherness then all hell breaks loose :D The calm and the winds, yep, that would be us. Although, maybe I should buy stock in Duct tape... and ace bandages!

So, after hearing this story, why would anyone in their right mind think that I could possibly be in better spirits then I was yesterday?

For one thing, I have an EXCELLENT Beta Reader, @Techsurgeons on twitter. Who gave me excellent advice. I feel freer now due to his advice. I am one of those people who read everything and try to do it by the book. One of those fallacies is not using contractions in good literature. I have spent so much time going through manuscripts and it has turned out to be good as I have occassionally been lazy and used it's inappropriately. I do know the grammar, just would type like people speak.

However, I went too far to the extreme. What has this baking time done for me? Even with all the setbacks? I can sit back and think of plots and my brain can work on it without the pressure of ME and all the damned rules floating around in my head. I know how to tell a good story. I have a natural instinct for plot and clues etc. It's all the stinking rules that trip me up.

So, yeah, despite all the stuff, things are starting to look up again. My beater is found, my tree has beautiful ornaments that my husband bought me as a gift to help me feel better from my loss. (that is a whole other story that would make the most hard hearted person cry, so I am not going to tell it until I have some objectivity back) My kids are enjoying the whole baking process, I made really, really good cake for first time in my life, and we are making gingerbread houses tonight.

And I'm going to sing happy things whenever I want to get down. Everyone laughs at my singing... Even the dog.

In the meantime, I'm going to plot away, enjoy my kids, and be thankful for friends and family that have all helped me get through this.

PS my online friends have been there. It is you I am thankful for, right now.


  1. Woman, you need to add the sharing button thingies to your blog. How am I supposed to tweet or FB this? =p Oh fine, I'll go RT it. Sheesh.


  2. Thank you :) One of the many things I'm trying to learn. Also tried to add the RS feeds, etc. Sigh. I'm learning. I was going to try that this past weekend, but, um, yeah. :D

    Maybe tonight? LOL

  3. Ah, life. Got an email from my 17-yo yesterday with the subject line "oops", and the first line is, "so, I checked my blind spot..."

    Yeah. Everyone, including the car, is fine. But I thought yesterday was TUESDAY, not monday!

    It's all good. And more stuff to write about, eh?