Thursday, December 9, 2010

She Can Be Taught!

As it turns out, the whole site was redesigned. That's right, folks, SHE CAN BE TAUGHT!

LOL I have been trying since last summer to post pics off of my computer on to my site. Ask @tamiklockau as she "showed" me where the picture button is. Now that I have added one as gadget, next will be on on the blog post itself. :)

I just read an interesting post by @jamigold about regular blogging. She pointed out that maybe I could do posts ahead of time. Now, I have tried it more than once. The last time it worked. I like the idea. I'm thinking about Wednesday as it seems to be slower blog day for a lot of people I follow, as well as Sunday.

Now, if I'm doing this ahead of time, I could easily do three a week. I think. I have noticed I either have plenty of time, or no time to give to my blogging on any given day.

I am getting closer and closer to publishing. I have many agents who have passed on something I sent them, only to ask me to please send me other work. I mean, outside of the form rejection. It's time to up the notch a bit on my blogging.

So, to all my faithful blogger followers, new and long term, what days would you like to see me do this? And would 3 days be a good number? As this is about my road to publishing while being a full time mom, I'm thinking two about how writing is going and one about family life. Or one of each and one being whatever has a point to me that week. I am open to suggestions!


  1. HI

    I found you through another post in another blog. Time permitting, I'd blog something each day to get out there more. Also, might I suggest you double check your spelling in your blogs--especially since agents/editors seem to be interested in your work.

    While I'm the queen of the typo-I'd hate for an agent or editor to see a "two" where you mean "to" and think you're going to need a LOT of edits should they take your work on.

    Congrats on the agents/editors liking your writing! If you're getting more than form rejections--you've got something going right!

    One more comment--it might just be me, but I'm really having trouble reading your blog with the background. I have horrid eyes, though--but the white letters are getting lost in the light background on my puter.

  2. Thanks so much for your input. You are so right! I used to not worry about it because I was using this as my own personal warm-up for my writing, so to speak. However, I am trying to catch my mistakes sooner rather than later :) sigh.

    The type color is auto chosen with this background. I may have to change it. We shall see. The comments show up nicely though. :D

  3. If you ever need help on your blog let me know. I have helped design my neighbors blog and my best friends blog and of course mine too. I think one about writing one about your family and the third maybe something in the middle of both?

  4. Thank you, Danni :) I may take you up on that! We shall see.

    I'm still playing with ideas. I usually find a way to make my family stuff applicable to my writing, so... I don't know :D Will take this week to write down blog ideas. I've lost a large number of good blogs because I did not take advantage of the save and post later aspect available on blogger.

    But, I think I will need to do 3 a week, at least. :D good to hear from you!

  5. I'm pretty new to the blogging thing, too. I did write a monthly column in a magazine for about, gosh, 5 or 6 years, and that was way harder to do than the blog thing. And it was only once a month. I think it was because it was on my "Have to" pile. Blogging is on my "good practice and it's fun and I like it when people comment because it means I might have something worth saying, or at least that there are just alot of nice people out there and that's nice, too" pile.

  6. @Teri I like your piles:D Now, if that was a line in a book, I would have to strike it because there are so many wrong ways to interpret that!

    I have been invited to write articles for a family magazine, but it is non-paying and I have not done it. I should. I have a Down Syndrom child who blows everyone's mind away.

    Our family loves him to death and treats him like a "normal" child and the relust has been a very definitive personality that is not afraid of expressing it. He is such a joy. I am trying to find a way to make a weekly or monthly article out of our experiences and keep it interesting.